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Attack Of The Killer Peeps
Attack Of The Killer Peeps VII: The Seventh Peep

In And Out
Outtake: In And Out

Allie's World

Dear Dr. Love: Logan's Letter
Dear Dr. Love: Logan's Letter #2
Dear Dr. Love: Hank's Letter
Dear Dr. Love: Hank's Letter #2
Dear Dr. Love: Magneto's Letter

Night Out
Another Night Out
Night In

Sleep Tonight
Casualties of War

It Happened One Night (by Karen)
It Happened One Morning (by Terri)
It Happened One Afternoon (by Joanne)

First Times & Fantasies 2: Hank's Tale
Uniquely Perfect

Letters To Santa: Hank's Letter
Other Santa Letters can be read HERE.

Rites of Passage


Numbers Series: Number 47
Numbers Series: Number 84
Numbers Series: Number 126

Good Girl
You're A Very Good Girl, Marie (by Jennie)
In Flagrante Delecto (by Heather)
Embers (by Heather)

Air Time
Other Video Camera Fics can be read HERE.

Glimpses Of The Wolverine
Introduction To The Wolverine
The Wolverine Speaks

Prince Logan & The Ballerina
Little Logan

The Writing On The Wall
Written In Stone

Firefly (by Heather)
Chasing Home (by Terri)
The Wind In Her Ears (by CJ)

Little Things
Little Moments (by CJ)

Smutmuffin Applies For A Date
Smutmuffin Gets A Valentine

Dr. Hank Takes A Wrong Turn
Dr. Hank Rides Again



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