Numbers Series:  Number One Hundred Twenty-Six

Title: Numbers Series:  Number One Hundred Twenty-Six
Author: Terri
Rating: NC-17 and then some
Disclaimer: I don't own either of them. Rats.
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Summary: Logan and Marie keep checking off items on
their little list, even though he's in Ohio and she's
in New York.....
Comments: Let me apologize in advance to any Ohioans
on the list. I don't really like your state. Why?
Because I usually have to drive through it to get from
my home in the cornfields of Indiana to anywhere east
of me. And I usually have to take the Toll Road and
pay $8.95. Which used to be $4.10 when I first
started driving it, but I digress. Ohio. I don't
like paying to make an interminable drive across it.
But I'll admit that certain phone calls have been
placed on that drive that turned out to be very
entertaining. Ah, the days when I had a steady
boyfriend.........Anyhow, thanks to my ex-bf, a few of
those Ohio drives, and to Leah, for keeping this plot
bunny firmly attached until I wrote it ;)



"Hey, darlin'."

"Logan! I didn't think I'd hear from you until you
got back in the morning."

"I got one of those pre-paid cell phones. I got 200
minutes. Thought I'd call on the drive back."

"I'm glad you did. I've missed you something

"Me too. No more two day missions, not for either one
of us, OK?"

"Deal. Where are you?"

"Ohio. I should make it back in about ten hours.
Next time, I'm askin' whether the plane'll be around
to fly me back before I agree to go."

"The Professor offered to buy you a regular plane

"Metal detectors, darlin'. My skeleton's a little
hard to explain, not to mention the claws."

"I bet you could've talked your way through."

"Eh, pain in the ass. I actually wouldn't mind
drivin' if I had you with me. We could maybe even
check off a few more things from your little list on
the way."

"Mmm. I've been adding on, you know."

"Yeah, I noticed that."

"Logan - would you - would you want to try one now?"


"Mmm-hmmm. Number 126."

"I don't remember that one."

"It's new."

"Well, whatever it is, I think it'll hafta wait until
I can get there, don't you?"

"Not really. This one - well, this one is meant for
when we can't be together in person."

"Whaddya mean, darlin'? Phone sex?"

"Well, my list said 'talk sexy to each other on the
phone and be together that way' but I guess you could
call it phone sex."

"I like that idea. I like it a lot."


"Oh yeah. But you know what? It might make me a
little later than I planned. Once we, ah, get goin',
I might hafta pull over for a while."

"It's up to you. I want you here as soon as possible,
but - but I wouldn't mind making your drive a little
more pleasant either."

"Go on, go ahead, baby."

"I've never done this before, so - so bear with me if
something comes out a little silly. I guess I'll
start with what I'm wearing."

"That's good."

"I was just changing into my pajamas when you called -
the flannel ones. Usually, those don't look too sexy.
I just wear them to keep me warm when you're not
around to do that in person. But you interrupted me
and I've only got the shirt part on, and my panties.
The shirt - I didn't get it buttoned all the way up -
just one button is done, the one right below my
breasts. I think you'd find it kind of sexy."

"Darlin', you'd look sexy in anythin'."

"What are you wearing?"

"Leather jacket. Flannel shirt. T-shirt. Thermals.
Jeans. Boots."

"Very sexy."

"If I was with you, all that'd be comin' off."

"Do you want me to take my shirt off? Undo that one


"OK. Just my panties now, that's all I've got on.
I'm kneeling on our bed, looking at myself in the
mirror. My breasts look really full, heavy, round. I
know how much you like them, sugar. I'm so glad you

"I love 'em. Touch yourself there, Marie. Put your
hands on 'em."

"Feels nice. Feels - feels good."

"Which panties?"


"Which panties are you wearin'?"

"My white ones, the lacy ones that you like, the

"Fuck, Marie."

"Do you want those off me too?"

"Slow. Take 'em off slow. Those - those really show
off your ass. Love how I can see your dark hair
underneath the lace too. Slow, Marie."

"Slow. I'll just hook one thumb in the elastic and
pull them down a little at a time. God, I wish you
were here, Logan. I'm just on fire for you."

"I know, baby. You've been hot as hell lately, you
know that? Sometimes you just start pantin' whenever
I'm in the same room. Do you have any idea what that
does to me?"

"It makes you hard."

"Hell, yeah."

"I always notice. Every time I see you get excited, I
just want to get down on my knees right then and


"I want to get down on my knees, take you in my mouth,
and lick you and suck you until you come."

"God, Marie......."

"I have to touch myself, Logan, I have to."

"Yeah, yeah, do it. Are you wet, baby?"

"Very. I - I have to touch myself. I have to slip a
finger inside."

"Do it. Do it."


"Feels good, don't it, baby? Feels good inside."

"Yes, God, yes. Not as good as you do, though. Not
as good as you feel inside me."

"I gotta pull over, Marie. I gotta pull over."

"I want you to touch yourself too. Please, Logan."

"Yeah, darlin', yeah. Don't stop - don't stop Marie."

"I wish you could see me, Logan. My knees are spread
wide apart, I'm starting to - to sweat, and I'm so wet
for you - so, so wet."

"Tell me - tell me what you'd wanna have me do. Tell

"I'd want you to take me from behind. Like that one
time that - that you got really into it, really wild.
Remember? I'd want you to grab my hips, push my
thighs apart, and slide inside me. God, Logan, you
were so hard that time, rock hard. I loved it. I
couldn't get enough. When you started........"

"Say it, Marie, say it."

"When you started fucking me, it was so good. All I
could feel was my body, all I could feel was you
inside me, there was nothing else in the whole world.
You made me come so hard, sugar, so good."

"You like it like that?"


"Hard, fast, a real good fuck."

"Yes, a good fuck. God, Logan, I can't get enough
sometimes. I don't know, I don't know......"


"I don't know if it's dirty or wrong or just natural,
but I need you. I need you so bad sometimes. I need
you to fuck me."


"I need you to fuck me and I like it when you growl.
I like it when you lose control and get wild. I like
it when you bite me and grab me all over."


"I like it when you say 'mine' and I like it when you
throw me on the bed and spread my legs apart. I need
to know I'm yours, Logan, I need to feel it."

"Mine. Mine. You are mine, Marie, all mine, all of


"I like smellin' my come all over you. I like it when
you come so damn hard your whole body twists and
shakes. Sometimes I fantasize about fuckin' you in
fronta everybody, the whole mansion, so they can all
see that you're mine, so they can all see what a good
fuck you are, Marie."


"Come on, baby, make yourself come for me."


"Keep goin' baby, don't stop. I wanna come home and
find that bed soakin' wet from your come. Do it,
Marie, do it."

"Unnhhh! Unnnnnhhhhhh!"


"Logan! Ahhhh!"

"That's it, that's it. Good girl."

"Oh, Logan......."

"Yeah, darlin'."

"You didn't - you didn't come yet."

"Just a little more. I need just a little more,

"Are you stroking yourself?"

"Yeah. Real rough, real fast. Just a little more,

"Logan, sugar, I'm going to put your pillow between my
legs. I'm going to rub my come all over it so you'll
smell it in your sleep."


"When you get home, I want you to skip that damn
debriefing and come right to my bed. I can't go too
much longer without feeling your hard cock inside me,
sugar. My fingers aren't a substitute. I need you,
Logan, I need you bad."

"More, baby, more."

"I need you to come in my mouth too, sugar. I need to
taste you, it's been too long."

"Only a coupla days, Marie."

"Too long. I know you love it when I suck you off. I
know you love it that I swallow. You come in fucking
gallons when you're in my mouth, Logan, I know you
love it."


"Getting good for you, sugar? Do you like the idea of
your come in my belly? I like it too. I like it all
over me."


"I only want you, I only ever want you to touch me. I
only ever want you inside me. I only ever want to
taste your come sliding down my throat."


"Because I belong to you. I belong just to you.
You've got me, sugar, body and soul. Always."


"Yes, that's it, that's it."

"Marie, baby.........."

"Oh, Logan........."

"God, darlin', that was so good."

"I'm glad you liked it."

"Liked it? Darlin', we're gonna hafta do this again
when I get home. I love hearin' you talk like that."

"Hurry home, sugar."

"Just gotta - gotta pull my pants back together and
then I'm on the road again."

"We need to talk when you get here, sugar."

"Hell, yeah."

"No, I mean - seriously talk."


"Just hurry home, sugar."

"Marie? You OK?"

"I'm fine. I'm good. Don't - don't worry."


"I shouldn't have said anything. Don't worry.
Everything's fine."

"I'm back on the road now. I'll haul ass back. Marie
- just tell me what's goin' on."

"Not over the phone."

"Are you hurt? Is somethin' wrong?"

"No, no, nothing like that."

"Are you - are you upset about the phone sex thing?
Because if I got a little, uh - "

"No. I'm not upset at all. I - I'm kind of
embarrassed and I'm laying here in one big sticky mess
and I feel a little silly without you, but - but I'm
not upset, no."

"Then what - "

"I *really* shouldn't have said anything."

"Marie, look, just tell me. I'm flippin' out here a
little, OK? I'm in the middle of motherfuckin' Ohio
and I can't see you or smell you. Just tell me."

"It's the kind of thing we should talk about face to
face, not over the phone."

"I don't give a shit 'bout it bein' over the phone,
OK? Just tell me."

"OK. OK. Just try to stay calm. Don't drive off the
road or anything."

"I'm fine, I'm good. What is it?"

"..........I'm late. I'm four days late."

"You mean - late as in pregnant late?"

"Yes. I know it's early, but I kind of had a feeling,
so I took a home pregnancy test and it said pregnant.
I didn't - I haven't said anything and I didn't go to
Jean because I wanted you to be the first to know."


"Yes. It's - it's not really a surprise. I mean,
we've been skipping the birth control altogether and
going at it like bunnies, so it would probably be a
bad sign if I wasn't pregnant pretty soon."


"Logan, you - you're OK with this, right? I mean,
you've talked about wanting to have babies, you know,
with me, and - "

"I'm OK with it. I'm OK with it, Marie, I


"I just - I gotta pull over."

"Logan? Logan? Are you OK?"

"Marie, you're gonna have my baby."

"Yes. Yeah. That's the general idea."

"You're really gonna, you know, have a baby. A baby
that I made with you."

"Yes. Is it freaking you out a little? Because I'd
understand if - "

"It's freakin' me out a *lot*. But in a good way,
darlin'. In a really good way."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh, hell yeah. I'm damn sure. You just - you just
get in bed and rest up. I'm gonna be home soon and
then I'm gonna start takin' care of you."

"I thought you were going to come home and ravish me."

"That too."

"Be careful. Get here in one piece. There are pieces
of you I'd very much like to keep attached."

"Heh. I'll be careful, and I'll be back soon. You
get some sleep. And darlin'?"


"If you dream up a few more numbers for that list, I
won't mind too much."

"Not too much, hmm?"

"Nah. Love you, Marie."

"I love you too, Logan."

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