Good Girl

Title: Good Girl
Author: Terri
Rating: NC-17
Archive: Dolphin Haven, Peep Hut  everyone else, please ask.
Disclaimer: Nope, don't own them. Sure wish I could borrow that Logan one for a little while.
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Summary: You're listening to your favorite characters go at it like bunnies here at KPWP, featuring all smut, all the time..
Comments: After the latest fandom brouhaha, Keli's mom's stroke, and taking care of a surprise seven-year-old, I was in desperate need of smut. I wouldn't mind more (hint, hint, you other authors out there). Muchas, muchas gracias to Alyx and Jenn S. who have bravely accepted beta duty in Keli's absence, exposing themselves to my fic in its raw state.


"Whatcha doin', darlin'?"

Mmmm. I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing 'darling' fall from that man's lips. OK, we've been lovers for less than a week, technically, but still  I'm sure that particular endearment will never get old. "Painting, sugar. What're you up to?"
God, would you look at that smirk? I swear, he takes everything as some kind of dirty double-entendre, even when I don't mean it that way.

"Up to enough, darlin'."

"Enough for what?" Sure, it doesn't help that I encourage him, but it's so much fun..

"Enough to satisfy you." Mmm.he's touching me. Always a good thing. But that's the third public ass-grab in two days. I've really got to talk to him about that. "Why dontcha take a break?" Well, I suppose I can talk to him about it later. Much later. After all, there's no one in the studio and no one out in the hall to see this particular ass-grab. "C'mon. Enough workin'. Time for a little play."

"Playtime? Whatever will we do to occupy ourselves?" He's told me that giggle of mine gets to him. Let's see how much. "I'm only creative when it comes to putting paint on canvas, sugar. I think you'll have to come up with a few ideas here."

"Got plenty."

"Oooh!" No fair. That's just no fair, pushing me up against the wall like that. Especially since my back is to him. I'm missing out on all that quality chest-time. "Feeling a little dominant today?"

"Every day." Strong hands, moving up and down my thighs and then settling on my rear end  yep, he knows how to get to me. I'm all weak in the knees now. "Stay still." That little bite to my neck gets to me pretty good too. Wait  is he? I don't believe it  he really is going to do it right here. He's taking off my pants.

"Um, Logan  "

"Uh-uh. No talkin'." He stopped for a second but he didn't move his hands. "Unless it's to tell me what you want."

"I want for Bobby never to see me having sex. I want for Scott never to see me having sex. They're both right down the hall, in the garage, you know."

"That's why you're gonna be against the wall, baby. Nobody'll see you, just me. You're tiny, and I got a broad back. No worries." Back to the de-pantsing. Oh, my.

"Logan, I  oh!" Now that's definitely no fair, going right for my  right for my 

"That's your sweet spot, right, darlin'?"

"Y-yes" Sweet spot? It's my 'express train to orgasm spot' and it's simply no fair that he slid his hand in there and went right for it. He knows it just turns me into a big puddle of goo in seconds. A big, happy, satisfied puddle of goo, but still. "Slow  slow down, sugar."

"Uh-uh. Don't think so." Sounds  focus, Rogue  what are those sounds? You know them. Don't let the  oh, God!  impending orgasm distract you. Sounds. There are sounds. That one is a  good LORD!  a  a belt undoing and metal clanking and a zipper  zipper sounds, I know those. He's taking off those jeans and he undid that big belt buckle and I bet any minute he's going to go ahead and take off my - "Hey - it's not Saturday."

"Wha?" And why the hell did you stop what you were doing, dammit? You said no slowing down, ergo, no stopping either. Don't you just hate people who don't follow the rules of logic?

"It's not Saturday, but your little panties here say 'Saturday'."

"You shredded the 'Thursday' ones, remember?"


"On Tuesday."

"Why were you wearin' Thursday panties on a  "

"Lo-o-gan!" I take that back  screw logic. No logical discussion. Need more touching. Bye-bye, bad, orgasm-stopping logic.

"Didja want somethin', darlin'?" Hello, all-sex, all-the-time smirk. May I introduce you to this teeny, tiny (and shrinking as we speak) friend I have called Modesty?

"Yes, I want to go upstairs and  "

"Uh-uh. Here." Oh God, I'd like to argue with him but my panties are gone and his fingers are back. No more rational thought is going to be possible until I  "I want it here. Now. You're mine."

And you want everyone to know that, don't you, sugar? Well, I understand, but I  "Oh!"

"Gonna getcha nice and ready." Ooooh  another neck-bite and now I can't help but move my hips a little. Or a lot. "That's it, baby. You know you like it."

"God.." More. More. Moremoremoremore.

"I'm gonna getcha nice and ready." Can feel him against my bare bottom  already hard, already hot "And then I'm gonna pound you against this wall until we both come."


"Like that idea?"


"Say it, Marie."


"Yes to what?"

"Yes, yes, yes! Anything! Unnnnhhhhh! Aaaaahhhh!" OH GOD! I'd say yes to damn near anything for an orgasm like that. And he knows it too. "Oh, Logan."

"Half the mansion probably heard that, darlin'."

"Wasn'" Must catch breath. Need oxygen for sexy banter.

"Yeah, sure did." Ah! Hey  he usually says something before he, ah, is inside me. He didn't  he didn't warn me he was going to do that! "Fuck, that was a good one, huh? You're damn ready for me."

"Mmmm!" My toes are actually leaving the floor with every thrust and  "Oh!" - from this angle, it seems like he's so deep inside that I  "Uhhhh!"  I think he's thrusting against my g-spot or something because I sure  "Logan  stop! Wait! It's too much, too good! St  aaaaaahhhhh!" Can'tbreathecan'tthinkcan't  "Unnnhhhh! Grrrrr!" WHOA. Whoa. Je. Sus. *Christ*. That was amazing. I've never, not like that -

"God *damn,* Marie!" If my muscles inside are contracting half as hard as I think they are  "With me! Move with me!"

Can do, sugar. "Like this?" I'll take that hand pinning the small of my back to the wall, and the other one tangled in my hair, as a 'yes.' Don't think that'll stop me from moving with you, just like you said, though. I follow instructions, sugar.


"Lo- umph!" All of a sudden, he started going twice as fast and a lot more times as hard  exponentially harder, if I remember my math class correctly. God, he even makes math sexy. "Yes!" I don't think I could possibly come again, but I want him to, I want him to have one hell of an orgasm.

"Fuck!" Now it's all animal, all physical  his body takes over in the final minutes and sometimes I think he really is in another place entirely. All carnal, all primal, all  "Marie!" But I like it that he still remembers my name, remembers who he's with, even in that place.

"More, sugar, more!"

"Fu-u-u-ck!!" There we go and, God, it's going to be a good one for him too. "Umph!" A few more thrusts, I think and then  "Still." Snarling now  if it were anyone but Logan, that would be a damn scary sound. "Stay. Still." More than a few more thrusts, then. God, how long can he possibly  "Aaaahh." Whew. There. And now he's collapsing against me, pressing me to the wall. Not exactly comfortable, but mind you, all things considered, I have no complaints. And that hot tongue on my neck goes a long way toward customer satisfaction. "Fuckin' good one." You can say that again, sugar.

"Good girl."

Now there are two words that make me shiver every time, and in an extremely good way. I don't know if I really do have some latent 'father figure issues,' as Jean calls them, or what, but when he purrs those two little words in my ear, I get excited and settled all at once. It does it for me, no doubt. And he sure has caught on to that. "Say it again." But sometimes I like to remind him. You know, in case the post-orgasmic euphoria clouds his memory

"Good girl. You're a very good girl, Marie."

"Mmmmm.." Yes, I did just wiggle my bottom against you. That's your reward for making me feel so damn good, sugar.

"Better not do that unless you wanna go again. Now." No need to answer in words. Another wiggle will do nicely. "Heh. You're in for it now, girl."

"Really? Because I  hey!" He took both my hands and pinned them above my head, and, oh God, I can feel him starting to get hard again already. Healing factor, the damnable thing. "Oh, sugar." The damnable, wonderful thing. Already hard enough to thrust, and thank *God* I can touch him now, thank *God* I learned to control it, because I don't think I could live without knowing what this felt like. "Logan."

"Not done with you yet." Clearly, sugar. "You're mine."

"All yours." Those are the two words that get him off the best. Yep, just like clockwork, he's going a lot harder now. "All yours, always, sugar. All of me, all yours."


"Come on, sugar, come on."

"You. Too."

"I don't need to, I already  "

"Grrrr!" Whoa. There's no arguing with that growl. Well, if you insist, sugar. I'll just angle my hips a little and  yeah, there we go, nice and deep again. "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, Marie!"

Just going to move with him a little bit. Just going to  oof. Full-body press against me, smooshing me to the wall. Full-sweaty-body press, and he didn't miss a stroke when he did that. Let go of my hands but now he's got one hand slithering underneath my body to grab my breast and one hand on my  "GOD!"

"You're gonna fuckin' come with me!" No argument there, sugar. "You're mine! Mine!"
"All yours!"

"Grrrrr!" Good God, I feel like I might actually split in two but it feels so amazing at the same time and I can't believe how much pleasure he's giving me and I  "First. You. Come. First."

"Logan  "

"You first!"

"Ahhhh!" Not going to be a problem, not at all, sugar. Just a little bit more, just a little 
"Logan! Logan!"

"Yeah, Marie, yeah, baby!"

"Aaaaahhh! Unnnhhhh!!!!" Jesus, that ripped through me like  like  like I don't know what.

"That's it! That's  grrrrr!" And there he goes, so deep, so very deep and so long and hard and so much  "UnnnhhhhGod, baby, so damn good. You're so damn hot."

"Logan, sugar."

"Yeah?" Not letting go of me and now those arms that were pinning me like iron and grabbing at me like a vise are soft and gentle. Caressing me, holding me, but he's not pulling out.

"Let's go upstairs, let's  "

"No." Oooh - growly. "Turn around."

"Ooof." Oh, very sexy, Marie  'oof.' Yeah, I'm a sex goddess. Well, what else am I supposed to say when he thumps me back against the wall again like that?

"I wantcha to do somethin' for me, darlin'." I'm very amenable to discussion on that topic. Yep, sure am. But, um  wait a second. Shouldn't that comment lead to me getting down on my knees, not him getting down on his knees? "Grab on to the window sill and brace yourself with your other hand there. Put your legs over my shoulders." Oh. Oh. We haven't done this yet and I'm a little  I mean, his sense of smell is really good and down there is a little - well, aromatic. "Marie, do as I say, darlin'."

"Or what?" The gleam in his eyes  I don't think I've ever seen him look quite like that. They say curiosity killed the cat, but maybe it does have some upside.

"Or you'll get a spankin'. And then I'll do it anyway. Put your legs on my shoulders. Now."

"But I'm, ah, isn't it going to be a little, er.." I mean, I'm not a prude, but I'm not very experienced at this either and my stuff is down there and his stuff is down there and  well, you know, it'll be, you know..

"Last time I'm gonna ask. Do it."

"Logan, I really  hey!" He spanked me! He really did it!

"Toldya. Darlin', you're deprivin' me here. Put your legs up on me. Now, Marie." Well, OK. Don't say you didn't ask for it. "Mmmmm"

He's  he's enjoying it! Oh my God, he really is enjoying it! I feel like such a  a wanton woman! I've got my legs wrapped around his head  I feel so lusty or something! "God, Logan" Not to mention what his tongue is doing to me! He's kissing me just like he would my, uh, other lips, and using his tongue to delve inside. No wonder this man has a reputation as a sex god! It's so damn good, I think I'm going to have to go tell everyone I know  no, wait - everyone I ever knew, ever, that this man is seriously *good*! "More!" I am blushing all over, but I do not care. I. Need. More.

Hey, wait - I wonder what he's doing now, he kind of stopped or shifted or something. I wonder if he'll go for my  oh, yeah. OH, YEAH! Sweet spot, he's got his tongue on my sweet spot! "Rrrrr"

"Aaaaahhh!" I am screaming like a banshee because nothing in my whole life has ever felt as good as that vibration against me just did, and I'm sure that everyone in the *state* can hear me now, but I don't give a good damn  I'm going to literally die of pleasure, right here, right now. "AAAAAHHHH! AHHHH! LOGAN!!!"



Mmm..coming down now  totally exhausted, totally. Spent. Body like limp noodle.

"Heh." Is he  he's chuckling. Shit, I did something funny. He's laughing at me. "Heh." Better get my legs off his head because I bet that's it  I must look at least a little silly and he has a good view of my, uh, parts, at this angle. "Whoa. Where're you goin'?"

"Um, let go, OK?"

"OK." So very embarrassed, and the way he's just staring at me isn't helping. Geez, doesn't he realize I'm still new to this kind of thing. I can't help it if I do weird things. I don't have it all down, it's only the tenth time we've been together, for goodness sakes, and I know he's used to women much, much more experienced than that, but he *knows* I was a virgin before him, and  "Somethin' wrong?"

"No, no." It's just my extreme sexual incompetence, don't mind that.

"Did I do somethin' you didn't like there?"

"No! Ahem. I mean, no, I liked that very much. I'm, ah, sorry for my part of it there."

"What part?"

"Whatever part made you laugh." Yes, I am so lame that I don't even know what I did wrong. "Whatever was funny or  or weird."

"You didn't  "

"Rogue! Are you  um, oh." Yes, and here's the capper to my sexual embarrassment escapades  Scott has indeed seen me naked. Sure, I jumped behind naked Logan lickety-split (God  must get my mind out of the gutter  out, out!) but he still saw all my important parts. Yay. Now I can never look him in the visor again. "Sorry. We heard screaming. We thought it was, ah, in-trouble screaming, not, er, the other kind of screaming." 'We?' Oh no, he does mean 'we'  there's Bobby, hiding behind him and looking at the floor. Good Lord. Double yay.

"She's just fine. Doin' real good as a matter of fact."

"Logan!" I know he enjoys baiting Scott, but really!

"Sorry to have interrupted. Would you two mind, ah, taking it upstairs? I don't want any children wandering around down here and  and getting a little more of an education than we were planning for them, OK?" Aw, he's actually being decent even though Logan is involved in a Mansion Rules Transgression. He must realize exactly how mortified I am. There was that story about him and Jean being caught a few years ago  the one that has him with his pants down around his ankles and moaning like crazy with Jean in front of him on her knees  maybe he empathizes..


"We're going upstairs right now." No more being Mr. Dominant for you. "Sorry, Scott."
"No problem." Did he wink at me? I think he did  yes, I'm sure he winked at me.

"Grrrr." Oh, don't worry, sugar, he's not after your girl, he's just yanking you. Heh. Yanking. Dammit  what did I say about getting out of the gutter, brain?

"Come on, sugar, let's throw something on and head up."

"Hey  "

"Logan, I know you have an exhibitionist streak, but I really think we should  "

"You didn't do anythin' funny or weird. You know, before."

"Then why were you laughing?" And could we have this conversation clothed instead of naked? Please?

"'Cause you screamed so loud and looked so damn happy. I wasn't laughin' at ya  just laughin' 'cause I did it so good and you liked it so much and you sure as hell didn't mind lettin' everyone hear that ya did. I was pretty damn pleased with myself."

"I won't scream like that anymore. That was  "

"Hot as hell. Sexy. It was.flatterin'."

"Oh, come on, you don't need me to build up your sex ego. You know you're good." There, pants on. I am once again pantsed. Good, that's progress  now  wait  where's my shirt? And my bra? I didn't even notice where they went  sheesh, I barely noticed Logan took them off.

"Hey  Marie  I don't know if I'm good for you, good with you. I haven't been with you any more times than you've been with me, you know?"

Awww. That's just  awww. That gets him a smooch. A topless smooch. "You're good with me. Very good. Superlative."

"That mean I get another go-round?"

"Upstairs." Whew, he's putting pants on too. I think he is finally going to agree to take this upstairs. Privacy, at last. No more exhibitionism, no more danger of someone walking in, no more interruptions, no more former teachers seeing all my private parts in glorious living color, no more experiences fit for the world's most embarrassing moments. Whew. Upstairs. Yeah, that's good. Safe. Tame. Did I say 'tame'  well, OK, not tame, but at least private..

"Hey, darlin'  ever been up on the rooftop?"

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