Little Moments

Author: CJ
Rating: PG
Feedback: If you're so inclined.
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters, don't own the song lyrics,
don't even own the original idea since that came from Terri. Not
sure what I do get to claim.
Summary: "Only mamas have a love that runs so deep; Watching out for
drunks and babies and fools; And castaways like me"
Notes: I loved the story Terri did about "Little Things", where Marie
thinking about all the things that Logan does that bind them. Then I
was listening to an old CD and heard "God Must Be A Woman" being sung
by Travis Tritt and started writing down some thoughts from Logan's
POV, then Brad Paisley released his new CD with Little Moments on it
and then I asked Terri if I could play in her sandbox for a while and
she said yes and this is the result. Thanks Terri. (and Travis and


You know, most of the time I can keep up with whatever Marie takes it
into her head to talk about. Every once in a while, though, she'll
throw something out that takes me a few minutes to catch onto……like
the other night. I'd been out doin' a tune-up on the bike; it was
gettin' late. When I came back in , I couldn't find her in our
room. I finally tracked her down in the study where she was just
sittin' and starin' out the window. She didn't smell sad or
anything so, of course, I asked her what she was thinkin' about
because she's always askin' me that and she's real big on talkin'
about stuff all the time.

You know what she says? She says she's just thinkin'. Well, I
already knew that. I could tell that from the way she was restin'
that cute little chin of hers on one hand and starin' off into
space. The question was: what was she thinkin' about? So I asked
her that. She says she was thinkin' about me. Now that's a subject
that don't really hold a whole lot depth, you know? What you see is
pretty much what you get and it don't take a whole lot of thinkin'

I guess I kind of rolled my eyes and told her so and she informs me
that I'm wrong. She says I'm `amazing'. Don't know that I
necessarily agree with that, but I like that she thinks that way.
Then she says she wants to show me. Hey, I'm on board with that. I
think I can come up with one or two things that'll confirm
that `amazing' conclusion. Then she tells me to sit down on the
couch. Okay, Xavier usually frowns on that sort of thing takin'
place in the study, and we haven't been lovers all that long and
she's still shy about some stuff, so I was kinda surprised, but, hey,
I'll go along with whatever she's got in mind…..

Then she starts tellin' me how good I treat her, that it takes her
breath away and makes her heart beat faster and that she loves me. I
gotta admit it was doin' all kinds of good things for my ego to hear
her say it, but I was still a little confused. I guess it must have
shown or somethin' because all of a sudden she stopped talkin' and
just looked at me with a sort of frustrated look. I still didn't
know what was goin' on in her head but I figured that whatever it was
I was missin' somethin' and she knew it. But when I asked her what
was wrong, she just said, "I mean -- I just suck, don't I?"

Okay, gotta admit, that put me back to thinkin' about the sort of
stuff that Xavier frowns on in the study….

"Uh, what?"

And she starts tellin' me that I take such good care of her and
talking about all these things that I didn't think were that big a
deal, but apparently they were. Hell, I just figured it was part of
takin' care of business. Like that time in Boston -- I just didn't
want her to catch a cold, you know? I mean, with my healin' factor
I'd probably sneeze two or three times at the most and then it'd kick
in and I'd be over it. It don't work that way with her and I just
didn't want her to be miserable for two weeks. She's had enough
being miserable --- some of which I caused --- and she don't need
anymore --- especially not if I can do somethin' about it. Anyway,
she was goin' on about how I make her feel so good but she thinks
she's really bad about doin' the same for me. Now that just sort of
blew me away. I mean, she does a great job takin' care of me.
Heaven knows she doesn't have to -- not after all the crap I put her
through gettin' to where we are today.

So I tried to tell her that she does just fine. That she makes me
real happy, too, 'cause she does. Just bein' in the same room with
her makes me damn happy and that's no lie. But she kept insistin'
that she don't do as good a job at it as I do for her. Finally, I
thought I got it through to her that she's got no worries on that
score. In fact, I was kind of surprised she thought it was the other
way around, especially when you consider all the stuff she does for

Like that time we had to go somewhere, I forget just where now, with
Jeannie and Scooter. It was bad enough bein' trapped in a car with
him for twelve hours but then this real sad song came on the radio.
It was all about losin' somebody that the guy loved and how sometimes
he just couldn't take it anymore so he'd get the pictures out and
look at `em and remember how things used to be. Well, that got me to
thinkin' about how I'd feel if I was to lose Marie now that we're
finally gettin' things together. She looks over at me while the song
was playin' and, I don't know, maybe she was thinkin' some of the
same things but before I knew it she had snuck a Kleenex to me
without sayin' a word about it. She didn't make a fuss about it and
nobody else in the car ever knew -- thank God or Scooter never would
have let me live it down.

Or when there's pie in the kitchen. Now, not everybody knows this,
but cherry pie is my absolute favorite food in the world. I know
everybody thinks it's a nice rare steak and I'm not sayin' that ain't
pretty high on the list, but next to a cherry pie? Well, I gotta go
with the pie every time. The other night there was only one piece
left. Now, Marie, she likes pie almost as much as me but she saw
there was only that one piece in the refrigerator and she looked at
me and said she didn't really have an appetite; that I should go
ahead have it. Well, I knew that wasn't true because her stomach
grumblin' was the whole reason we went down to the kitchen in the
first place, but that's what she says every time. Oh yeah, and in
case you're wonderin', we split it in half.

She somehow never remembers the things I would rather forget. And
that's goin' some to be able to do that. I know she probably don't
really forget some of them. Like the time I all but ignored her when
I went after Jeannie and durin' that time that me and Jeannie were
together. I know she's gotta think about that sometimes, but she
never lets on or brings it up if we're having a `discussion'. When
that whole thing was over and she finally let me get really close to
her again, I told her that she could me anything she wanted to about
that. I'm not big on talkin' and she knows it, but I swear, I would
have talked about that for three days if that's what she wanted. She
just sort of shrugged and grinned and said I looked pretty cute the
way I snored and we just sort of started over again --- only lots
better this time.

You ever stood out in a Heaven Rain? That's one of those rainfalls
where the water isn't cold like it usually is and it's not just
drivin' down on you. It's fallin' soft and warm and makes you just
want to stand in it forever. I don't normally like bein' wet all
that much but a Heaven Rain, now that's different. It's like
somebody up there just has to remind you that rain ain't always a bad
thing -- there's some softness and warmth every once in a while and
you gotta savor those times. Just like it is in life. Most of it's
hard and cold, but every once in a while, you get a soft warm thing
that come along to keep you goin'.

Well, sometimes I think that Marie musta had some of that Heaven Rain
soak right through her and into her brain. It just comes out as all
the sweet things she has to say -- even when I don't deserve `em.
She's always there now to stitch me back up when things in life get a
little too rough, like that time I learned a lot more about my past
than I probably really wanted to know. I wasn't exactly a boy scout
before and this was really bad, but she gave my hand a little squeeze
and I know, even if she wasn't sayin' anything out loud, that she was
sayin' a prayer that we'd make it through. Shit, the "I love you's"
that she's told me would probably stretch to the moon and back and
that was even before I could really say the words myself. She just
takes all the stuff that matters and multiplies it without even
knowin' she does it. And all the pain there is? She divides it
right in two.

She says she's not good at that stuff. She don't know what it is I
live for now. Maybe I haven't been too good showin' her. See, for a
long time what kept me going, what I kept living for was to find out
who did all that stuff to me and take 'em down hard. Now it's stuff

Well, like I'll never forget the first time I heard that pretty mouth
of hers say that dirty word. Now, I'll admit, I'd fantasized about
that mouth doin' a couple of things, but sayin' that word hadn't
really been among 'em. I don't even remember what is was that she
backed my truck into…..the one I'd only had for about three days. It
was the one I'd just bought to replace the one that got blown up.
The way she covered her mouth and her eyes got even bigger and her
face got red, I guess southern ladies aren't really supposed to say
those things out loud. You know, she just looked so damn cute that I
couldn't even act like I was mad, which I wasn't anyway -- I was too
busy worryin' about whether she was hurt.

Or like last month, she decided that I should have a birthday, so she
just picked a day. Said she wanted to celebrate my bein' born
because I made her so happy. Well, that would have been enough for
me right there, but she insisted that there had to be a cake and the
whole thing. Problem was she lost track of time, got involved in
gradin' some papers or something' and forgot about the cake bein' in
the oven. Of course, she burned it. Set off just about every smoke
detector in the whole damn mansion. She was about to cry until I
took in my arms and held her real close and tried really hard not to
let her see me laugh. Yeah, it was loud but you should seen the way
Scooter was chargin' through the halls with a fire extinguisher and
everybody was scrambling' for the exits. It was pretty damn funny.

I know she's not perfect but she tries so hard for me. Thank God
that she isn't. I'm not just sayin' that 'cause I know I'm not
perfect either. You stop and think about it. If she was perfect,
how boring would that be? It's the little imperfections that keep
things interestin'. Like when we had to be somewhere a couple of
weeks ago for some damn thing that Charles wanted and we had to make
a little change in plans `cause she misread the directions and we
ended up lost. I didn't care, and not just 'cause I didn't
particularly want to go anyway. I didn't care because she was
holding my hand.

Or like the other night when we just stayed in and were watchin' a
movie. She was layin' on my shoulder on the sofa and it was dark and
about the time she fell asleep, so did my arm. God, I wanted to move
it so bad. It was tinglin' and goin' numb, but then I looked down at
her sleepin' there so peaceful. She looked so much like an angel
that I just didn't want to wake her up. See, now it's those kinds of
little moments that I live for --- when she steals my heart away
again and don't even know it.

So when she tells me that she's not good at that stuff, it just blows
my mind. Then she says, when she was talkin' about how good I am to
her that she's not gonna give up…..she's gonna keep tryin' to figure
out what makes me as happy as I make her. I told that was good. And
it is. It makes me feel real good that she wants to do that for me
and I know for a fact that I plan to keep doin' that for her, 'cause
even I know that what you need to be happy can change.

What I was really thinkin', though, was that God must be woman and I
think she's probably a lot like Marie. See, `cause even though I
don't remember havin' one, I think only mamas have a love that runs
so deep that they keep watchin' out for drunks and babies and
fools……………….and castaways like me.


Little Moments
Christ DuBois/Brad Paisley

Well I'll never forget the first time that I heard
That pretty mouth say that dirty word
And I can't even remember now what she backed my truck into
But she covered her mouth and her face got red
And she just looked so darn cute
That I couldn't even act like I was mad
Yeah I live for little moments like that.

That's like just last year on my birthday
She lost all track of time and burnt the cake
And every smoke detector in the house was going off
And she was just about to cry until I took her in my arms
And I tried not to let her see me laugh.
Yeah, I live for little moments like that.

I know she's not perfect
But she tries so hard for me
And I thank God that she isn't
Cause how boring would that be
It's the little imperfections
It's the sudden change in plans
When she misreads the directions
And we're lost but holding hands.
Yeah, I live for little moments like that.

When she's laying on my shoulder
On the sofa in the dark
And about the time she falls asleep
So does my right arm
And I want so bad to move it
Cause it's tingling and it's numb.
But she looks so much like an angel
That I don't want to wake her up.

Yeah, I live for little moments
When she steals my heart again and
Doesn't even know it

Yeah, I live for little moments
Like that.


Travis Tritt
God Must Be a Woman
Written by - Vernon Rust
From - Strong Enough

It's the way that you sneak a Kleenex to me
When a sad song gets in my eye
You say it's all right, you got no appetite
When it's down to the last piece of pie
It's the way that you never remember
The things I would rather forget
How you grin and shrug your shoulders
When it's time to start over again

God must be a woman
You're probably a lot like her
Your grace is so amazing
An angel here on earth
You're so much like your maker
She sent you down to lay a crown on me
God must be a woman
Only mamas have a love that runs so deep
Watching out for drunks and babies and fools
And castaways like me

Some heavenly rain must soak in your brain
And come out as the sweet things you say
You stitch me back up when life plays too rough
Give my hand a little squeeze when we pray
And the 'I love you's' that you told me
They would probably stretch to the moon
You multiply what matters
And divide the pain by two



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