Dear Dr. Love:  Logan's Letter

Title:  Dear Dr. Love:  Logan's Letter
Author:  Terri
Rating:  PG (it's Logan)
Disclaimer:  I don't own them. Darn.
Archive:  Sure, why not?  Just let me know where......
Feedback:  And an answer from Dr. Love, please.
Comments:  This fic is part of a round robin at DeadDolphinFloggedHorse where various x-men (and x-objects - way to go, Caroilne!) write in for advice to the mysterious Dr. Love, who is being played (in a manly way) by David.  I envisioned this as the first in a series of letters from Logan, with more to follow as he tries to implement Dr. Love's advice. 


Dear Dr. Love -

I got a problem.  Here it is.  See, there's this girl I met.  I like her, and I need to find out what she's thinkin about me.  She's not just any girl - she's, you know, a real good one.  And there's a coupla reasons why she might not like me back.  For one, I usedta fight for a livin and do some other stuff that wasn't exactly legal.  For two, there's a big age difference.  I dunno exactly how much, but it's a lot.  Three, she almost killed me twice and I know she feels kinda bad about that, but it wasn't even really her fault either time.  It was kinda by accident.  Plus, you know, I almost killed her once too.  That was an accident - I'm not a weirdo or nothin.  Anyway - four - I got amnesia a while back and I don't really remember most of my life.  And five - she might think I like this other girl cause I flirt with her a little, but it don't mean nothin, really. 

But then again, there are a coupla reasons she might like me.   She's givin out a few signs she might.  She wears the dogtags I gave her all the time, she spends a lotta time with me, and she knows me really, really well - she'sactually got me in her head - and still seems to like me anyway.  I can tell she wants me, that's kinda obvious to a guy like me, but I can't tell if she's thinkin about me seriously or if she's in love with me or what.  And I gotta know.  Soon.  She just turned eighteen, so she's old enough now and I really can't wait to find out any more.  So what do I do?  I know I gotta come up with somethin better than just comin out and askin her.  There's gotta be a better way to go about it.   I can't think of nothin and I'm sure as hell not askin any of the people around here.

Wonderin in Westchester

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