Numbers Series:  Number Forty-Seven

Title: Numbers Series:  Number Forty-Seven
Author: Terri
Rating: NC-17, gratuitous sex
Disclaimer: I don't own them.  Rats.
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Summary: Marie can touch Logan.  Lucky guy.........
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It happened on an otherwise ordinary Tuesday.  Of course, Tuesdays had never quite been kind to Rogue in the past - her mutation manifested itself on a Tuesday, Magneto kidnapped her on a Tuesday - but she wasn't on guard when it finally did happen.  When she realized much later, and with more than a little irony, that it had come on a Tuesday, she laughed a little about it. 

It didn't start out as a good thing at all.  She'd been on a routine mission, the first that Logan had let her go on alone (meaning - without him - she was partnered with Bobby).  When she was just about to turn the key and start the school van up, when she was just about to drive off with her adolescent mutant charge safely in hand, Magneto appeared in the windshield view of the car. 

He'd wanted her for another attempt at the machine, as it turned out, and had been coordinating his escape from prison for some time.  To her credit, this time, she put up quite a fight.  Bobby did too, but in the end he was knocked unconscious by a levitated lead pipe.  Rogue suffered serious injuries via knife wounds and blunt trauma, but she managed to subdue Magneto with a touch in the end.  She'd had the benefit of him needing her alive, and it gave her the barest of advantages in the fight. 

The X-men responded quickly, but Rogue had already lost a lot of blood.  Magneto probably hadn't intended to puncture her lung, but he had, and Jean and Hank struggled to save her as they boarded the plane and flew back to Westchester.  Logan had come along for the rescue, of course, and he alternated between pacing the plane and growling and swearing at an unconscious (but mostly otherwise unharmed) Bobby.  When Rogue's heart suddenly stopped and all manner of medical machines began beeping, Logan gave up pacing and threats for action.  He sprinted across the small plane, grabbed onto Rogue with bare skin (his hand to her cheek) and hung on until well after he lost consciousness.  It was only when his heart stopped beating that Jean was able to pry him loose.  Oh, Logan's heart began beating again almost immediately, but Jean still had a fit.

Rogue awoke a few hours later, having completely healed.  Logan sat by her cot, holding her bare hand in his.  It seemed that once she'd drained him to the point of death, she'd not only taken on his power permanently, but her skin had also stopped reacting to his.  It made sense, Hank had conjectured, because in many ways Logan was a part of her now.  Logan had put it to the test when he tried touching her again immediately upon regaining consciousness, fearful that she had not been completely healed.  Now, he gently rubbed at her palm as she slowly emerged back into consciousness. 

Huge brown eyes fluttered open, then found his own.  He smiled at her and watched as her face turned from disoriented to anxious to relieved.  She simply lay there and beamed at him for a few moments, but then she abruptly jerked her hand from his. 

"Logan - what - what - "

"Shh, calm down," he urged as she scrambled to sit up a little.  "It's OK."

"Touching - I was touching you.  On your skin, I was touching you.  With my skin.  I was - " 

"Shh.  Relax, Marie."  Logan took one wide step and seated himself on the edge of her bed.  Slowly, deliberately, he lowered his hand until it lay atop hers.  Looking back up to check her expression, she appeared on the verge of hyperventilating. 

"Am I dreaming?" she asked breathlessly.

"No, darlin'.  I got some - some hard news."  He'd actually given a lot of thought to how to tell her that she'd permanently absorbed his powers - he guessed she'd have some idea from the aspects of him in her head after the event, but Hank had cautioned that, since he was already in there, it may not be so readily apparent to Rogue what had happened.  It was decided that Logan would be the one to tell her if she didn't get it on her own.

"Hard news?"  Marie's eyes were still glued to their hands.  She held herself perfectly still, as though moving even a fraction of an inch might change everything. 

"Yeah.  I'm sorry, but - but somethin' happened, and you got me, my powers and me, permanently now."  Logan had decided to leave out the part about him dying.  It would only upset Marie, and besides, he hadn't really died for good.  "It also means that your skin - your skin won't hurt me no more.  You can touch me now."

She let out a jubilant, short laugh and turned a thousand-watt smile on him, but, in the next second, her expression crashed.  "Oh, God, you - you held on a really long time, didn't you?  You got hurt, didn't you?"

"Nah," Logan demurred, flipping her hand over and taking it in his.  "Wasn't nothin'." 

"Oh, Logan.."  Tears sprang to her eyes and her head tilted in sympathy.  "I'm so sorry."

"Nothin' to be sorry for.  Was glad to do it.  Plus, we put that asshole Magneto back in jail.  You did good, Marie.  You did real good."

"But I hurt you."  She leaned toward him, reflexively stopping short of contact.  Their eyes met and held each other's for a long while.  Finally, Marie leaned back again a little, wearing an apologetic smile.  "Could I - could I touch you a little bit?  It's OK if you say no, I - "

"Yes," Logan murmured huskily.  He'd never made a move on Marie in all the months he'd been back.  It wasn't that he hadn't wanted to.  Marie never seemed interested in that kind of relationship, and she very actively dated other boys her age.  Logan had long ago resolved to give Marie what she wanted out of their relationship, even if that was only a big brother or a shoulder to lean on.  He'd never cared for anyone in his life before Marie, and he was determined not to lose that relationship.  But now, with her touching him and with her so close, some of the feelings of desire he'd harbored for so long were surfacing and he could not repress them. 

"Thank you," she responded, with grave sincerity.  For the first time, she moved her hand against his, intertwining their fingers.  A delighted smile slowly spread across her lips as she lifted her other hand to caress Logan's cheek.  He was sorely tempted to close his eyes at her touch, but he forced them to stay open, wanting to savor her every reaction.  She ran soft, delicate fingers across his forehead, then the bridge of his nose, then up his cheek to his temple.  She seemed fascinated, eagerly drinking in every bit of sensation.  Her fingers lingered, then wound back down his cheek, lapsing into his sideburns, and finally finding his lips. 

Logan unconsciously leaned in to her touch and parted his lips for her further exploration.  "So soft," she whispered, almost absently.  Slim fingers found themselves tracing both lower and upper lips and it wasn't long before Logan instinctually took a finger in his mouth, sucking on it gently.  That elicited wide eyes and a small gasp from Marie, but she didn't remove her finger and her other hand tightened its grip on his.  He swirled his tongue around her finger and she nearly moaned.  Looking back, Logan would think that this was the point from which there would be no return, that this was the exact moment when all that followed had become inevitable. 

Marie fanned her other fingers out to cup his jaw as Logan began sucking on her finger in earnest, making small, rhythmic movements in and out.  Marie tried to form some words, but failed, settling for erratic sighs as Logan slowly unwound his fingers from hers.  He finally released her finger from his mouth, and took her face in both hands.  "Touch me," he urged.

Marie complied, tangling both hands in his hair, massaging his scalp, and nuzzling his face with her own.  Somehow, her lips found his and opened to them.  She felt his hot tongue slide deftly inside her mouth and felt his hands begin to roam her body, caressing her sides and bottom as he incrementally pulled her closer into his embrace. 

Marie didn't quite know what to do in the kiss.  None of her boyfriends had attempted anything beyond a chaste peck on the lips behind cover of a scarf for fear of their own lives.  Now, with Logan's tongue sliding over her own, she was overwhelmed with sensation, but hesitant nonetheless.  Logan sensed her trepidation and pulled her flush to him all at once.  Cupping the back of her head with one large hand, he tilted her until they met at a perfect angle, then he wiggled his tongue against hers while gently sucking with his mouth.  She copied his actions, and sighed with pleasure.  They went on that way for quite a while before Logan gently parted from her. 

"Touch me," he urged again, in a raspy voice, hands already moving to unzip his leather uniform jacket.  "With your hands, with your mouth, with - Marie, just touch me."

She watched with innocent but consuming curiosity as he divested himself of the jacket, exposing his bare chest.  Her hands flew to it, combing through his thick chest hair and mapping every muscle with her fingers.  His hands returned to her body as well, skimming over her breasts occasionally as he caressed her entire torso.  Marie was lost in exploring him, and didn't seem to pay any mind to his roaming caresses. 

Logan was breathing heavily by now, and, once she had finished exploring his chest with her small ivory hands, Marie pulled back a little, transfixed by the rise and fall of his body with each breath.  Her eyes crept up to his and she found them on fire, burning with strong emotion swimming against a wave of feral lust.  Her mouth fell open in wonder that she was producing this response in him, and that was all the encouragement he needed to lunge in for another deep kiss. 

Marie luxuriated in the slick yet rough feel of his tongue and found her own breathing and heartbeat pick up.  At length, she broke the kiss, and gave him a questioning look.  A moment later, his confusion was erased as he felt her slim, soft fingers brush against the waistband of his pants.  "Let me?" she asked. 

Logan nodded, letting her unfasten the buttons and hopping from the bed for a moment to help her ease the pants off.  Marie's eyes remained fixed below his waist the entire time, shining with that improbable mixture of innocence and heat once again.  Logan let her stare for a few minutes, then gently took her hand and placed it on his erection. 

"Hot."  Marie murmured, as her fingers danced along his shaft.  "Smooth."

"More," Logan panted.   His hips had begun to thrust against her hand a little, and he wasn't concerned with whether he'd come or how soon, but only that Marie keep on touching him. 

She did, gripping him more firmly and moving her hand faster.  "Like that?"

"Mpph!"  He bit back another savage grunt to give her some encouragement.  "Just.  Like.  That."

"What does it feel like?"  Marie asked even as she continued. 

"Good," Logan spat out between clenched teeth.  "Warm.  Unh!  All over, warm, and it's - fuck!  Fuck! It's instinct.  Can't stop, can't stop, can't - fuck!"  Marie watched in rapt attention as he twitched and convulsed.  When his semen spurted out a split-second later, she let out a surprised, 'oh!', and he let out a resonating growl. 

Marie's hand found the pearly white liquid, and she experimentally squeezed some of it between two fingers.  Suddenly, as though struck by a thought, she turned her eyes on Logan.  "Can I?  With my mouth?"  Again, Logan only nodded as she lowered her head to him. 

She licked and nipped kisses along his shaft, very tentatively for several long minutes.  Logan, growing harder by the moment, took himself in his hands and gently guided the tip of his erection inside her mouth.  Caressing her hair and whispering words of encouragement, he urged her to mimic how he'd sucked on her finger earlier.  She complied, and in just seconds, before he quite knew it was coming, he released himself in her mouth.  He felt her startle and flinch, but she didn't back away.  He felt her swallow before slowly easing him out. 

"Sorry," he breathed. 

"You taste salty," she observed.  Her fascination and absorption in him lifted for a few moments as she observed him with clarity, sweaty and disheveled and naked, leaning back against the headboard.  Her eyes roamed his sweat-covered form and when they found his gaze, she had no doubt about what would come next. 

Without words, he gathered himself and reached around her back to undo her hospital gown, kissing and licking at her face and neck the whole time.  She was naked now, and he drew back to take the look of her in, just as she had when he'd undressed.  His gaze and bearing were frankly appreciative, and the intensity of it made her skin flush with heat.

Large, rough hands encircled both breasts, cupping them, then languorously moved on, caressing them and lightly squeezing.  Marie watched his hands move on her body, her attention finally diverted by his once-again obvious erection.  She reached out her hands to touch him there, but he quickly trapped them in his own, shook his head once, and then put a hand to her stomach, gently laying her back on the bed.  She felt the bed shift beneath her as he eased himself off of it and slid her around until her bottom was flush with the edge of the bed.  She wasn't sure what he was doing for a moment, but as he ran his hands over her body, it dawned on her.  She wasn't surprised when he finally did separate her legs and anchor them around his hips on either side. 

He stared at her as intently as she had at him.  First, he lightly petted her, occasionally drifting a finger across her sensitive spots.  He then began dipping a finger between her outer lips, stroking her there and mingling her wetness with the dark curls hiding his fingers.  Finally, he began focusing his caresses on her soft entrance and the small bundle of nerves that made her begin to writhe and moan. 

He kept touching her, using both hands now, letting her legs clench themselves around his hips of their own volition.  He delighted in drawing reactions from her and adjusted his caresses to repeat what she responded most to.  When he was hurriedly sliding fingers in and out of her, when her back was arched, when her head turned to the side and her eyes closed as she bit down on her lip, he gave a firm, sure stroke to her pleasure center and watched as she convulsed and gasped out moans strangled by the force of her climax. 

As she went limp, he couldn't wait to follow the path she'd chosen after his first orgasm.  He lowered his mouth to her, tongue running everywhere along her thighs, her damp curls, and inside her, eager to lap up her taste.  He heard her gasp in surprise then felt her relax against him.  He had no intention of stopping until he'd made her climax again, but when he felt her move to try to sit up a little, he paused and looked up at her.  Seeing that she was only curious, not wanting to stop, he tilted his head to give her a better view of his ministrations.  Soon, he felt her plunge one hand into his hair and guide his mouth to what she desired.  He happily obliged, and joined her in pleasured moans when the rush of slick wetness that accompanied her second climax poured into his mouth. 

Logan knew what he wanted to do next.  He rose, and positioned himself to enter her, winding her legs around his hips as he stood at the edge of the bed.  Marie, sunken deep beneath a haze of satisfied passion, didn't quite notice what was going on until he was poised at her entrance.  She didn't have time to get any words out before he made his initial thrust, and her intended warning turned into a short, clipped yipe of pain. 

"Marie?"  Logan stilled, confused.  She forced out a smile.  "Hurt ya?"

"A little.  I - I've never done this part before."  She smiled again, this time with some embarrassment. 

"Shit.  Sorry."  Logan moved back, beginning to withdraw, but Marie's surprisingly strong legs held him in place. 

"Just - just let me get used to it.  Give me a second." 

Logan did as she asked, but leaned over to kiss her stomach and breasts.  When he was sure she was beginning to relax a little, he looked up to meet her eyes.  "Sorry," he repeated.  "I kinda thought that you and one of those kids"

"No."  Marie blushed bright red, all over now.  "Not - I kind of wanted to with Bobby, but - but he was scared."  Logan's hands found her face, tracing gentle paths across her flaming cheeks.  "I'm sorry.  I should've said something." 

"It's OK," he soothed, inwardly not at all displeased with this turn of events.  "You just tell me when you're ready." 

"Now.  It's OK, now.  It feels - it feels stretchy and there's pressure, but I think it's OK now." 

Logan gave one tentative thrust.  Marie nodded.  He began a slow, almost lazy rhythm, penetrating her a little more deeply with each thrust.  When she seemed well-accustomed to him, he shifted her so that he slid against her most sensitive spots with every motion. 

"God," Marie gasped out.  She drew both hands over her head, digging her fingers into the other edge of the bed as Logan increased his pace.  Soon, watching her squirm and moan in response to him, he lost all restraint and quickened his pace.  Marie fought against closing her eyes in pleasure, fascinated by Logan's wild and feral thrusts.  She watched as his hands left her thighs and firmly grabbed her hip bones, forcing her to still her own movements and give herself over to his rhythm.  She had no complaints; her pleasure escalated as did his. 

She watched his shoulders tense and his back hunch as he moved ever-faster.  He was emitting low growls and she was breathing and moaning frantically as well.  She felt it building, the coiling pressure and tension that ran all through her body but that was controlled by the sensations Logan was producing inside her.  She felt her back begin to arch and the last thing she saw before her head snapped to the side and her eyes closed of their own volition was Logan baring his teeth at her. 

She came, hard, and didn't quite feel him pouring into her for a second or two.  When she did, she realized he had penetrated deeply inside and was releasing a large amount of semen.  She could feel it squishing back out of her all along the inner length of her channel.  She sighed in deep contentment and found Logan's face reflecting that same expression back at her. 

He didn't disengage from her for a while, he just stood there, rubbing his hands over her thighs, hips, and stomach.  Finally, he eased out of her, then shuffled her over on the bed to lie beside her.  He wasn't sure what to expect now. 

"Can you make me do that all the time?" she asked in a whisper. 

"Yes," he answered confidently.  "Even better than that."

"Would you?"  She turned her eyes to lock on his.  "Is it OK now, now that I can touch you?"

"Marie?"  He didn't understand what she meant by the language of the question but he was beginning to understand what she felt when she asked it by the wet brightness in her eyes and the trembling of her small, naked body against his. 

"Is it OK for you now?  Do you think we could - we could - "  She broke off in frustration, unable to find the right words. 

Logan had hit upon her meaning at last, though.  "I was gonna ask you that.  I didn't think you wanted this, not with me.  Is it 'cause I can touch you now that - "

"No," she interrupted in surprise.  "I've always - "

"Me too."  He returned the interruption and sealed the words with a lustful, wet, open-mouthed kiss.  Marie reciprocated, then parted from him.  When she had, there was a mischievous gleam in her eye. 

"I had a list, you know."

"A list?"  Logan brushed a tendril of platinum hair out of her eyes.  It was covered in sweat - mostly hers, but a little of his - and he resisted the urge to sniff at it. 

"Uh-huh.  A list of everything I'd do if I ever got the chance to be with you."  She nipped a quick kiss from him, then continued.  "We haven't covered it all yet.  Just one through twenty-four and number forty-seven." 

"You have a list of forty-seven things?"  Logan teased, his hand snaking around her back to pinch at her bottom. 

"Oh no, I have a list of a hundred and twelve things.  So far.  I'm just saying, we covered number forty-seven."  She ground her hips against his, painting him with her dampness.  She blushed a little, but she did it twice. 

"Better get to work then," Logan rumbled, parting her legs with his knees and rolling atop her.  "I'm a curious man."  Marie giggled in reply, and it took many, many hours before anyone could venture into the medlab again. 

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