You're A Very Good Girl, Marie

Title: You're a Very Good Girl, Marie


In dreams...of silk and adamantium

I own nothing. The idea belongs to the fabulous Terri, and the mutants herein belong to Marvel and Fox.


Well, sure… if you wanna…

Logan and Marie, of course.

This is merely a retelling of Terri’s wonderful story ("Good Girl"), but from Logan’s POV, rather than Marie’s. (You might want to read it first if you haven't yet.)

"In dreams...of silk and adamantium" and "Dolphin Haven." All others, please ask...I'll say yes.

Terri and Heather are fic goddesses in my book. Terri created this great little world and reeled me in…. And then Heather went and expanded on it, with (In Flagrante Delecto), and again, I was hooked. Now, I just hope I don’t mess it up… Thanks so much for the great encouragement, Heather! I am really glad you liked this one. And Terri, thanks for your support and kind words on my effort here. It’s an honor to play in your sandbox!

This one really has to be for my own personal Scott!



"Whatcha doin’, darlin’?" God… She looks hot today. Sure, we’ve been lovers less than a week, but I already know what gets my girl going pretty well and when I call her ‘darlin’’, she lights up like a pinball machine.

"Painting, sugar. What’re you up to?"

Oh, baby… I don’t think she meant that the way it sounded but, I’m gonna have a little fun with her anyway. "Up to enough, darlin’." Heh, she looks a little shocked. Gotcha, ba—…

"Enough for what?"

Nice come back darlin’. My girl catches on fast. "Enough to satisfy you." Gotta start touching her now. She’s got the best little ass… She’s squirming around a little. Betcha she’s a little self-conscious about us being in public and all. "Why dontcha take a break?" Gotta get her to loosen up a little… I mean, no one’s in here with us and there ain’t no one in the hall either. "C’mon. Enough workin’. Time for a little play."

"Playtime? Whatever will we do to occupy ourselves?"

I think she’s onboard with my little plan now… she knows how much that little giggle of hers gets to me.

"I’m only creative when it comes to putting paint on canvas, sugar. I think you’ll have to come up with a few ideas here."

"Got plenty."


Time to get down to business, darlin’. No more pussyfooting around. Just gonna push her up against the wall here.

"Feeling a little dominant today?"

"Every day." Just gonna run my hands up and down her thighs and feel up her ass a little. Oh yeah, she likes that a lot. God, she makes me so hot. "Stay still." Gonna bite her neck a little… I gotta show her who’s in charge here. These pants of hers have gotta go…

"Um, Logan."

"Uh-uh. No talkin’. Unless it’s to tell me what you want."

"I want for Bobby never to see me having sex. I want for Scott never to see me having sex. They’re both right down the hall, in the garage, you know."

"That’s why you’re gonna be against the wall, baby. Nobody’ll see you, just me. You’re tiny, and I got a broad back. No worries." Now, where was I. Oh yeah… pants. Offa her. Now!

"Logan, I, oh!"

I gotta shut her up. I think I’ll just move my hand right over her-- "That’s your sweet spot, right, darlin’?"


Oh yeah, I got her now. Rubbing her clit like this gets her going really good. She’s starting to thrust her hips, starting to ride my hand now. She’s whimpering a little too…

"Slow… slow down, sugar."

"Uh-uh. Don’t think so." No way, baby. This ain’t gonna be slow or nice… this is gonna be fast and a little wild. And I know you like it that way too, darlin’. Just gotta get outta my jeans while I keep rubbing her. Belt… open. Zipper… down. Jeans… off. God, those little sounds she’s making are driving me crazy. I need to be inside her, now! Just gotta take off her panties… wait a minute…"Hey—it’s not Saturday."


"It’s not Saturday, but your little panties here say ‘Saturday’."

"You shredded the ‘Thursday’ ones, remember?"


"On Tuesday."

Well, that doesn’t make any sense…"Why were you wearin’ ‘Thursday’ panties on a…"


Look at that… she’s doing a little dance there, and,… Je-sus Christ. She’s almost touching herself! "Didja want somethin’, darlin’?"

"Yes, I want to go upstairs and…"

"Uh-uh. Here." Just gonna push her up against the wall and start rubbing her clit again. "I want it here. Now. You’re mine."


"Gonna getcha nice and ready." Just gonna bite her neck again, show her she’s mine. Oh yeah, baby, move those hips for me. "That’s it, baby. You know you like it."


"I’m gonna getcha nice and ready." Damn, I’m so hard it hurts! "And then I’m gonna pound you against this wall until we both come."


"Like that idea?"


"Say it, Marie."


"Yes to what?"

"Yes, yes, yes! Anything! Unnnnhhhhh! Aaaaahhhh!"

Oh, yeah, baby! I love to watch you come for me!

"Oh, Logan."

"Half the mansion probably heard that, darlin’."


Musta been a good one for her. She seems a little outta breath there. Heh. "Yeah, sure did." Gotta be inside her NOW! Damn, she’s so wet… "Fuck, that was a good one, huh? You’re damn ready for me."




—I’m so deep inside her that I’m lifting her offa the floor with every thrust.


It must be really, really good for her this way ‘cause she sure sounds and feels like—

"Logan stop! Wait! It’s too much, too good! St—… aaaaaahhhhh! Unnnhhhh! Grrrrr!"

WHOA. Was that Marie growling? She’s never done that before… But, damn, that makes me so fucking hot… "God *damn,* Marie!" Her muscles are sqeezing me so tight… and, god, that feels so good! "With me! Move with me!"

"Like this?"

I can feel the animal rising in me now. She does that to me. I gotta show she’s mine. She’s gotta feel it–I’ll pin her to the wall harder with one hand on her back. She’s gotta submit to me. Gonna tangle my other hand in her hair. Don’t wanna hurt—… I’d never hurt her. But she’s gotta KNOW she’s mine!


"Lo- umph!"

Faster. Harder. Faster. Harder.


I can feel it startin’ now… this is gonna be one helluva good one. "Fuck!" Must make her mine. She’s all mine. My mate. I will have my mate. "Marie!" Gotta let her know, gotta make her know she’s mine.

"More, sugar, more!"

"Fu-u-u-ck!!" Oh yeah, that is so damn good! "Umph! Still." I can’t stop. Damn it, darlin’, quit moving! "Stay. Still." So fucking good! "Aaaahh." Whew. There. That was so damn hot. I’m probably crushing her here, the way I collapsed right onto her there at the end. Just gonna lick her neck a little to get myself calmed down. "Fuckin’ good one."

"Good girl." Like I said, I know what gets my girl going pretty well by now. And if callin’ her darlin’ lights her up like a pinball machine, then telling her she’s a ‘good girl’ turns her into the whole fucking arcade. Jean’s been saying some pyschobabble bullshit about Marie having latent ‘father figure issues’. Well, I don’t know about all that, but I don’t think so. I just think that sometimes the age difference thing turns her on. We both have caught a little bit of shit for that already and probably will catch some more. It really hasn’t been a problem for us though, not with sex or anything else. I just think it gets her off to know that an older man wants her and needs her like that. And there’s nothing wrong with that in my book.

"Say it again."

In fact, I’m happy to oblige. I’m all for anything that makes Marie feel good. "Good girl. You’re a very good girl, Marie."


Oh yeah, baby. I love it when you move your ass against me like that!

"Better not do that unless you wanna go again. Now." Another wiggle, watch out, darlin’, don’t bite off more than you can chew. "Heh. You’re in for it now, girl."

"Really? Because I—…hey!"

Just gonna pin both her hands over her head. That’ll teach her. "Oh, sugar." Gotta love that healing factor! Fucking mutation’s good for something after all! (Oh, that’s good! Fucking mutation…) Speaking of which, it’s a good thing that she learned to control her skin. We would’ve worked around it, but god, I love being inside her without a damn condom.


"Not done with you yet." "You’re mine."

"All yours."

Oh yeah, baby. She knows just what to say to get me off. She’s always giving me just what I need.

"All yours, always, sugar. All of me, all yours."


"Come on, sugar, come on."

"You. Too." Gotta make her feel it too. Gotta make it good for her so she knows she’s mine and I’m hers.

"I don’t need to, I already—…"

"Grrrr!" Yeah, baby, I mean it. There she goes, just move those hips a little more. Oh fuck yeah, there it is. "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, Marie!"

That’s it, Marie. Move with me, baby! God, that feels so damn good. Gotta make it good for her. Gotta make her come with me. Just gonna put one hand on her breast and one hand on her—…


"You’re gonna fuckin’ come with me!" "You’re mine! Mine!"

"All yours!"

"Grrrrr!" I’m so fucking close, she’s so goddamn hot, but I gotta hold on. Gotta make it good for her, so she knows she’s mine. "First. You. Come. First."


"You first!"


She’s real close, I can feel it now. Come for me, darlin’.

"Logan! Logan!"

"Yeah, Marie, yeah, baby!"

"Aaaaahhh! Unnnhhhh!!!!"

Oh yeah, that’s it baby. "That’s it! That’s… grrrrr!" Oh fuck yeah! She’s gonna take me with her! "UnnnhhhhGod, baby, so damn good. You’re so damn hot."

"Logan, sugar."

"Yeah?" Can’t let go of you yet baby. Just gotta hold you a little bit now. Just gotta keep touching you. Love you so much, darlin’. Just gonna stay inside a little longer while I calm down some.

"Let’s go upstairs, let’s—…"

"No." "Turn around."


Sorry, baby, didn’t mean to shove you against the wall like that. Just wantcha in fronta me now.

"I wantcha to do somethin’ for me, darlin’." Damn, she smells so good right now… aroused Marie scent along with our combined scent, always a good thing. "Grab on to the window sill and brace yourself with your other hand there. Put your legs over my shoulders." I know we haven’t done this before and I’m kinda just springing this on her, but I gotta taste her now. It’s driving me crazy. "Marie, do as I say, darlin’."

"Or what?"

You better watch it, darlin’. You should know better than to sass the Wolverine when he’s aroused. "Or you’ll get a spankin’. And then I’ll do it anyway. Put your legs on my shoulders. Now."

"But I’m, ah, isn’t it going to be a little, er..."

I realize she might be a little embarrassed since we haven’t done this yet, but I can’t stop and explain it to her. MUST TASTE HER NOW!!!

"Last time I’m gonna ask. Do it."

"Logan, I really—…hey!"

Told her I’d spank her. "Toldya. Darlin’, you’re deprivin’ me here. Put your legs up on me. Now, Marie."

"Mmmmm" God, she tastes like heaven! So fucking good! I could eat from her all day and not get enough!

"God, Logan!"

Sounds like she likes it. I knew she would. Not that I think I’m that good at what I’m doing. I just knew that once she got over the first-time embarrassment of it all that she’d really like it. I know I’m the only guy she’s ever been with and that things are all still new to her and I imagine that I can be a little, well OK, a lot overwhelming sometimes. But I also know that she really likes sex. I mean really likes it. And it’s not just because she can touch now and she’s trying to make up for lost time or some bullshit like Wheels told me when her and I we first got together. Marie is just a very sensual woman. Some people just are, and others just aren’t, but my girl definitely is.


Damn, she’s hot when she blushes like that, and begs for more. Can do, darlin’. Not a problem. Gotta take care of my mate. I wanna make this really good for her. Wanna make her come so hard she screams. Just gonna run my tongue over her clit and maybe growl a little… "Rrrrr."


That’s it, baby! Come for me, darlin’. She’s so fucking hot, and she tastes so good, spicy and sweet and all Marie, all mine. I can’t stand it! I think I’m gonna come right with her!




Damn, darlin’. She screamed so loud, she almost busted my eardrums. I don’t mind though, guess it means I got the job done right. She looks so beautiful now, so spent and relaxed. Better catch her so she doesn’t fall. "Heh." I’m so glad it was good for her. So glad I did it right for her. "Heh." Wait. Oh shit, I fucked up. She looks upset and she’s scrambling to get back on her own two feet and away from me. What’s wrong, darlin? "Whoa. Where’re you goin’?"

"Um, let go, OK?"


She looks embarrased. I shouldn’ta pushed her like that. Shit, I fucked up. I just wanted to make her feel good. Just tryin’ to show her how much she gets me going. I didn’t mean to fuck up. Gotta try and fix it. Gotta make it better. "Somethin’ wrong?"

"No, no."

I don’t think I believe you there, darlin’. "Did I do somethin’ you didn’t like there?"

"No! Ahem. I mean, no, I liked that very much. I’m, ah, sorry for my part of it there."

"What part?"

"Whatever part made you laugh."

Fuck, I’m sorry, darlin’. I wasn’t laughing at you.

"Whatever was funny or… or weird."

"You didn’t—…"

"Rogue! Are you, um, oh."

Shit, that’s just what she needs. She’s already embarrassed because I fucked up and she thinks I was laughing at her and now Scooter shows up when she was worried about him seeing her in the first place. She sure did jump behind me awful quick, but I bet the asshole still saw her anyway.

"Sorry. We heard screaming. We thought it was, ah, in-trouble screaming, not, er, the other kind of screaming."

‘We?’ Shit. There’s Popsicle Boy hiding behind him, staring at the floor. I know he’s got a thing for Marie. I just bet this little incident will give him jack-off fantasy material for the next couple of years. Gotta say something or they’re just gonna keep standing there looking at us.

"She’s just fine. Doin’ real good as a matter of fact."


Sorry, darlin’ you know I just can’t help fuckin’ with ol’ One-eye a little bit.

"Sorry to have interrupted. Would you two mind, ah, taking it upstairs? I don’t want any children wandering around down here and… and getting a little more of an education than we were planning for them, OK?"

Well, whadyaknow. He’s actually acting civil. He’s probably feeling sorry for embarrassing Marie. Well, he should. I know that he’s just getting me back for me and the yellow one walking in on him and Jean and that little show of mate bonding before I left a few years back. That’s fine, Slim. I can take it.


"We’re going upstairs right now." "Sorry, Scott."

You got nothing to apologize for, darlin’.

"No problem."

Was that a wink? Did he just wink at Marie? "Grrrr." Enough is enough, One-eye. Stay the fuck away from my girl!

"Come on, sugar, let’s throw something on and head up."


"Logan, I know you have an exhibitionist streak, but I really think we should…"

"You didn’t do anythin’ funny or weird. You know, before."

"Then why were you laughing?"

She’s rushing to put her clothes on. Gotta fix this quick.

" ‘Cause you screamed so loud and looked so damn happy. I wasn’t laughin’ at ya… just laughin’ ‘cause I did it so good and you liked it so much and you sure as hell didn’t mind lettin’ everyone hear that ya did. I was pretty damn pleased with myself."

"I won’t scream like that anymore. That was…"

"Hot as hell. Sexy. It was flatterin’."

"Oh, come on, you don’t need me to build up your sex ego. You know you’re good."

Oh baby, don’t do that. I gotta make her see she’s different than anyone else I’ve ever been with. Gotta make her realize that she’s in a whole different league and that I just wanna make her feel good and happy and loved.

"Hey, Marie, I don’t know if I’m good for you, good with you. I haven’t been with you any more times than you’ve been with me, you know?"

I don’t think that came out the way I wanted it too but it must’ve worked because she gave me a kiss.

"You’re good with me. Very good. Superlative."

"That mean I get another go-round?"


OK, darlin’. Just let me get my pants on. Least I can do after I fucked up is take her upstairs to somewhere more private. Gotta make sure I don’t fuck up anymore. Gotta always take care of Marie. ‘Cause she’s mine. She’s my mate. But the way she’s looking and smiling over at me, I think she did like our little sex-capade here. I know she likes it wild and hot and a little dangerous sometimes. Hmm, wonder how we could compromise here. Something with a little danger, but a little more private than here…

"Hey, darlin’…ever been up on the rooftop?"

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