Night In

Title: Night In
Author: Terri
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own them.  Darn!
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Summary: Sequel to Another Night Out.  Logan and Rouge honeymoon ;)
Comments: I blame this on Jenn S., who reminded me about doing a sequel in this storyline, and on Karen, whose Dibs series has had me thinking smutty thoughts ;) It's pretty much all PWP here, but I suspect that most of you won't complain.........


Ya know, when I said that she could do whatever she wanted to me, this isn't really what I had in mind.  "Hold still."  Not that there's not a bright spot or two.  I mean, she does have that flirty look in her eye, the really naughty one too.  And I'm sure that once she's done with me, I'm gonna reap the rewards of lettin' her go on like this.  But still, when you say the words 'Do whatever you wanna, baby,' on your honeymoon, layin' naked next to your recently de-virginized bride, you don't expect that you're gonna get your toenails painted.  "I'm almost done."

"I can't believe you talked me inta this."  If Scooter or Chuck ever saw my feet like this, I'd be the damn laughin' stock of the mansion.  Not to mention some of those guys I fought in the cage.  I can see it now - lovely toenails you got there, Wolverine.  Eh, I'd still kick everyone's ass. 

"Oh, come on, it's sexy.  And black is a manly color.  I still think you should let me do your fingernails too."

"No way."  Toes are one thing - nobody's gonna see 'em under socks and shoes.  But fingers are another thing entirely - I just can't picture bad-ass metal claws shootin' out and havin' nicely painted fingernails at the same time.

"I guess we'll just have to have some more sex then."  Oh yeah, that's the *really* naughty look there. 

"Well, fair's fair.  I let ya do whatever you wanna and you picked toe-paintin'.  I get to pick next."  I'm just gonna give her the naughty look back. 

"What do you think you're going to pick?"  Heh.  Puttin' that little brush back in the bottle.  She's finishin' up, and I get to play now. 

"Got a thought or two floatin' 'round in my head."  But I think I know which one I'm gonna settle on already.  I can get to the others later - hell, we still got a few days of honeymoonin' left, I can get to 'em all later.  "But the one I like best is you doin' a little striptease for me, darlin'."

"Striptease?  But, Logan, I'm already - this bodysuit is pretty much a hundred percent naked - uh, see-through, I mean see-through.  Do - do you want me to put some clothes on and then take them off or something?"  She looks cute like that, all confused, but still wantin' to please me.  She looks hot like that.

"Nah.  I'm gonna put some clothes on and then you're gonna take that off.  Nice and slow.  Just for me."  Heh.  Her eyes got real big and I can smell that she's pretty interested in this little idea too. 

"Then what?"

Hmmm.  Maybe I can squeeze another one of those ideas in here.  "Then we're gonna go out on the balcony, darlin'."  Got a nice one here - walls between ours and the ones next to us, and it faces into the woods.  Don't think anyone'll see us, but -

"Rrrrrr.." Oh, hell yeah, I love it when those little growls get out.  She did it the very first time we had sex and got so embarrassed and upset that she cried.  Once I got it through her head that it makes me hard as hell when she does that, she hasn't been too embarrassed no more. 

"Clothes.  Off.  Now."  That came out a little rough but she's just smilin' and gettin' up offa the bed.  I'm glad she got usedta me pretty quick.  Havin' me in her head probably helps, but she *was* still a virgin until a coupla days ago.  I mean, kissin' - that was pretty much it.  I can be a little, uh, advanced for someone who's just gettin' into the swing of things, and to tell ya the truth, I wasn't expectin' her to go right at it.  I was all prepared to be nice and sweet and to just go with whatever she felt comfortable with.  She's my wife, she ain't goin' nowhere, and I don't hafta be in a hurry.  Plus, I don't wanna scare her or nothin' and it's already a little scary for her with the skin issues bein' what they are.  She got a specially made bodysuit and we've been real careful, but I can tell she still worries 'bout an accident sometimes.  But for the most part, she's been pretty good to go, pretty willin' to try whatever I suggest. 

"Just lie back."  God, this is gonna be good.  She's got that look on her now - not shy at all, but really focused, really curious.  She just watches to see what I like sometimes.  I love that.  I love it so much, I don't think I'm gonna be able to keep from touchin' myself a little while I watch her. 

"Do it, Marie."  Startin' with unzippin' the back - love how her twistin' around pushed her breasts out and presses her nipples up against the material.  Highly fuckable, right there.  "Mph."  Shruggin' her shoulders out, one at a time, lookin' at me, holdin' my eyes.  Yeah, darlin', bite that lower lip a little, you know I love that.  "Take the rest of it off, I want it off now."  So much for the tease part of the striptease.  I ain't a patient guy. 

"Hang on, sugar."  She's movin' a little faster, but not fast enough.  Stoppin' to run her hands over her breasts and her tummy - God, that's so good. 

"Touch yourself.  I want you so wet for me, Marie.."  Gonna come real soon. Real soon.

"Always am."  Oh God, that breathy little voice really does it for me.  "I'm always ready for you, sugar."  Little hand reachin' down between her legs.  Yeah, baby, yeah.  "Whenever you want me, I'm yours.  I love it.  I want it.  I can't get enough of you."

"Uhhhh!"  Fuck!  That - that snuck right up on me. 

"Did I make you do that, sugar?"  Tease.  God, she can be such a tease.  Shit, that was a good one.  But I know I'm gonna be up for her again in a minute.   Gonna just grab some clothes on so that I can grab her, throw her out on that balcony, and fuck the bejesus outta her the second I get hard again.  "I need you to make me do that.  Come on, Logan, please."  God, the way she's touchin' herself and squirmin' all around, right in fronta me "Logan"

Pants - on.  Hole already cut in the front.  Shirt - on, gloves - on.  "Right now, Marie."  Condom - got it.  Gonna need it in a second.  "Get out on the balcony."  Heh - she's practically flingin' that sliding glass door off it's hinges and - shit - shit!  It's rainin' out.  "Marie?"

"Please don't make me wait, sugar, not now, I mean it.  Come on." 

"The rain - " 

"Now.  Now, and like this.  Logan."  Oh hell, look at her.  Standin' out in the wind and rain all naked and touchin' herself and beggin' me.  Yeah, who gives a fuck about a little rain?

"Turn around."  That's how I pictured it - her facin' out, bent over and grabbin' the railing.  Just gonna spread her legs a little more apart.  God, she wants it so bad, she's shakin' all over.  I don't think that's the rain, no sir.  Well, if she wants it, I'm gonna give it to her.  Just gotta get the condom on and then -

"Logan, I - oh!"  Took her by surprise a little.  Shit, never had her in this position before.  It's good, damn good.  "Rrrrrr.."  And gettin' better.  "Harder."

"Yeah."  Gonna hold her in place by her shoulders.  She's grippin' the railing, got her elbows locked, and she's pushin' back against me just enough to make it good.  "You like it, dontcha?"

"Mmmmm!"  I'll take that as a yes.

"Harder?"  I wanna go a little harder, a little faster, a little wilder. 

"Mmmmmm!"  Buckin' back against me now - she's close, I can smell it.  "More!"

"Fuck, Marie - unnnh!"

"Yes, yes!"

"Unnnnhhhh!!!!"  Oh yeah, oh yeah.

"Rrrrrr!!!!"  Love that.  Love the hell outta that.  Made her come so hard she growled.  Heh. "Logan.."  She's gonna lose her feet now - can't usually stay standin' right after. 

"Gotcha."  Look at her - all wet and sweaty and exhausted and satisfied.  "Don't get offended or nothin', but, Marie, you're the best fuck I've ever had, darlin'."  She didn't take it the wrong way, she's givin' me a lopsided little smile.

"My turn."


"My turn to pick."  Now it turned into a naughty smile.  "Get another condom."

"What, no toenail paintin' this time?"  Too exhausted to answer, just shakin' her head no.  Well, I'll just set her up against the railin'.  You know, that's probably a little cold.  Maybe I should get a blanket or somethin' to -

"Now, Logan."

"Bossy little thing, aintcha?"  Not that I am complainin', oh no.  "Be right back."  She thought I was a little nuts when I bought us sixty condoms for this little honeymoon.  Bet now that I hafta open up number twenty-four, she don't think that anymore. 

"Give it to me."  Oh my - she's movin' around to get on her knees.  This could be very good.  Very, very good.  "Get up against the railing."

"Ooof!"  And she's shovin' me over there and pinnin' me to it. 

"Here's what I want."  Oooh - diggin' her fingers inta my hip bones - that's good.  "Let me do all the work.  But when you're almost there, let me know.  I want - I want to taste you when you come."  Holy God, yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah.  I'm on board with that plan. 

"Uh-huh."  And I think she's even gonna roll the condom on with her mouth.  Oh God.  "Mmm, yeah."   Feels so damn good - cold and wet all over except for Marie's hot and wet mouth on me.  I thought I was gonna hafta teach her, you know, how to do sex stuff, but she's a natural.  Either that, or she's got me in her head helpin' her along.  Either way, it makes for some really, seriously hot - "Marie!"

"Mmmm?"    Grabbin' my ass and takin' me all in like that - definitely gotta be from head-me.  She must know that gets to me good.

"More like that."

"Mmmm-hmmmm."  Shit, she's very obliging.  It ain't gonna be long again. 

"Faster, darlin', rougher.  Don't be afraid to - shit!  Yes, Marie, yes!"  Gonna be so good, gonna be so - oh, shit, she said to let her know when I was almost there.  "Cl-close now, close now!" 

Her hand insteada her mouth now, still in gloves, and somehow she's rollin' off the condom without stoppin' the motion.  "Come on, sugar.  I want to taste you.  I want you all over me."

Hell, she even knows just what to say.  Then again, this girl could probably be readin' a cookbook or some shit, and I'd be wantin' to fuck her brains out.  Big soft lips so close to me - God, now - I'm comin' right now.  "Marie!   Mmmmph!"

"Mmmmm"  Whew.  Whew.  "So good, sugar."  It is all over her - face, neck, collarbone.  Wonder if she'll be mad that I got some in her hair?  "So good."  Maybe not, judgin' by the way her little pink tongue is dartin' out to take a taste. 

"Grrrrrr.."  Sometimes I can't help the growls either, especially when I start thinkin' 'bout how she's mine, all mine.  Seein' her take a little bit of me inside her, well, that's a trigger for sure. 

"Thank you, sugar."  She almost always says that after sex.  I like that - it means it was good for her.  I like that a lot. 

"My turn now, baby."  Gettin' up.  Oh, darlin', what I got planned for you is gonna make what we just did look like some nice, borin' missionary-position fuckin'.  What I got planned for you is gonna -

"OK.  But - no sex stuff, OK?  Something that's not sex next.  I - I need a little break.  Sorry."   Damn.  Gotta remember she don't have my stamina, my healin' factor.  Can't hurt her.  Can't ever do that. 

"Gotcha.  Let's go inside, huh?"  So, non-sex stuff.  Gotta think.  Usually, when I think 'bout stuff I like to do with Marie, sex is number one.  Actually, it's more like number one, two, three, four, and five.  Actually, it's more like -

"Yeah.  I'm a little cold." 

"Well that's 'cause you're all naked, darlin'."  Heh.  Makin' her laugh is always a good thing.  Hey - I got an idea.  "Why dontcha hop in the bed?  I got a plan."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah."  And it involves naked Marie, some baby oil, and gloves.  But I'm not gonna tell her that.  Not just yet.  "We got one of your scarves 'round here somewhere?"

"In the bathroom.  And there's one - I think it landed on top of the TV."  Hmmm, yeah.  I do seem to remember that.  "Do you want me to put the bodysuit back on?"

"Oh, no."  The scarf's gonna be used for a blindfold and the body suit will not be necessary.  "You just lay back and enjoy."  'Cause we got a lot more honeymoon left.  And I plan to make good use of it.  Me and Marie - I don't think we'll ever really cool down that much, you know?  But the honeymoon - a week devoted to sex, sex, and more sex - I dunno if we'll be able to do that too often in the future.  Gotta make it count now.  "Ready, baby?"  That smile says yes.  Time to spend a night in with Marie.

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