Numbers Series:  Number Eighty-Four

Title:  Numbers Series:  Number Eighty-Four
Author:  Terri
Rating:  NC-17
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Summary:  Logan and Marie keep checking things off that little list, but #84 is somewhat different than the rest
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"So which number was that?" Logan panted as he lay in bed, cradling Marie's sweaty, naked, and satisfied body to his.

"Those weren't even on the list.  I never even thought of those," she replied in a dazed, breathless whisper. 

"Heh.  Maybe I should make a little list of my own."  Logan planted a wet, sloppy kiss on her forehead.  "We haven't gotten to the end of the list yet, have we?"  Truth be told, he was enjoying checking things off quite a bit.  He'd never imagined that Marie could be so sensual or so wanton.  He liked seeing that side of her, liked knowing that during the day, in public, she projected nothing but sweetness and innocence, and that he was the only one to see her heat and passion. 

"No, no, there's actually quite a few things that - "

"What?  You thought of one, didn't you?"  He'd expected an answering naughty smile, but instead, Marie frowned a little.

"Yeah," she answered slowly, "But now's not a good time.  Maybe - maybe later." 

Logan raised an eyebrow at that.  He'd never seen Marie be hesitant in bed, not after that first time.  "Now's a good time," he encouraged salaciously.  "I'm up for it."

"It's not - it's not like anything else on the list and it's not really - let's just not do it right now, OK?"  Marie separated her body from his a little and was about to roll over to put her back to him when he stopped her with a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Hey," Logan whispered, all traces of levity gone from his voice, "Whatever it is, I won't think it's weird.  It's just you and me here, Marie, nobody else.  Whatever you wanna do, I wanna do too.  C'mon."  Her lips twisted into a small frown.  Logan was getting more confused by the minute.  He couldn't fathom what Marie might be so reluctant to ask for. 

"It's just that - that things have been going really well, and I don't want to do anything to ruin that.  I don't want to do anything to - to make you nervous or - or to scare you off."

"Scare me off?  That's not gonna happen, darlin'."  Logan internally chastised himself.  You're still her first, Logan, she's not some been-around-the-block seductress, she's still sweet little Marie at bottom, no matter how sexy she acts.  Of course, there might be some things she thinks are weird or wrong and she wouldn't want to just throw them out at you.  "Can you - can you just tell me what it is?  Then I can tell ya if I'm gonna get nervous or not, OK?"  Logan was sure there was nothing Marie could think of that he would be unwilling to do with her.  In fact, he could think of few things they hadn't already done. 

Marie thought about it for a minute, then took a deep breath and gathered her nerve.  "OK.  OK.  When I first started thinking about it, you know, what I might do if I could ever be with you, I got pretty caught up in the - the physical stuff, the sex stuff.  But by the time I got to number 84, I realized I forgot something.  Actually, it should've been number one.  It's definitely - well, it's the most important one to me.  But I'm a little worried that - that you might not like it or that it'll be too much."

"Darlin', just tell me," Logan urged gently.

"I wanted to - to make sure you knew how much I really, really loved you."  Marie started to get a little teary, and Logan drew her closer to him.  "And I wanted to make sure you knew it was you - really *you* - not just a part of you or some of you.  Number 84 was that I wanted to touch you all over, every little part of you, and tell you just what I loved about it.  I wanted - I guess I just wanted to give you affection, to make you feel loved.  I wanted to make sure you knew how much being with you meant to me, how much I appreciated it, and how special I think you are.  Every last part of you."  Tears were rolling down Marie's face now, and Logan's own eyes were stinging a little. 

"That's real sweet, darlin'."  He reached out a hand to caress her face, wiping some of the tears away.

"We don't have to do it if you don't want to.  We can really just go ahead and - "

"'Course we can do it.  Baby, why would you think I wouldn't want that?"  He began soothingly stroking her bare back with one hand. 

"The part of you that's in my head didn't - didn't like it when women did those things with you before.  It made you nervous and - and it made you not like them anymore.  I didn't want to do something you didn't like."

"Oh, baby, dontcha know you're not like anybody I've ever been with before?  Dontcha know how much I wanna have you love me, have you feel for me?  Marie, I didn't like it before 'cause I didn't wanna get attached, 'cause I didn't wanna hurt anybody when I turned out not to be what they wanted or needed, and 'cause I didn't feel like that - I didn't feel those things before.  It's not like that with you - I *wanna* be attached, I never wanna leave ya.  I'm gonna do my damndest never to hurt ya.  And I feel all those things, all that emotional stuff.  I feel it with you.  It's so powerful that I couldn't ignore it even if I wanted to, and I definitely don't wanna."

"Really?"  She looked up at him with big, wet eyes and trembly lips, and he almost wished her mutation still worked on him so that he could touch her and let her see for herself what was on his heart.  He wondered why that hadn't come through the last time he had touched her, when he'd died for her and come back.

"Yeah.  I dunno if that's in there," Logan gently tapped a finger against her forehead, "But that's how I feel."

Marie's eyebrows crinkled together in thought.  "I didn't get a lot of discernable stuff from you last time.  Just - just fear, mostly.  You were so afraid that I'd die."

"Well, that makes sense," Logan offered.  Fear certainly had been the predominant emotion at the time.  "But I meant what I said - I do love ya, Marie.  A lot.  And it doesn't scare me, not one bit.  I want it.  I wanna have it, so bad.  So - so you just go right ahead with number 84, darlin'.  Go ahead if you still wanna."  She nodded solemnly and gently rolled him onto his back, settling herself on top of him.

She started at the top of his head, running her fingers through his hair.  "You've got the best hair.  It's all wild and pointy and thick - it has a mind of it's own, just like you.  It always feels soft, though, soft and silky and I love touching it.  I've thought a lot about your hair, you know.  I thought it would probably be the only part of you I'd ever really get to touch.  You know, without killing you.  I've thought a lot about your hair." 

Logan's hand traveled to her waist, gently stroking her.  He could see that her eyes still held some tears, that she was still a little unsure and a lot overtaken by emotion.  She hadn't been kidding when she'd said it was important to her. 

Her tiny fingers moved to his forehead, settling on his temples.  "Your hair stops here," she said solemnly, letting a lone finger stray from his temples to trace his hairline a little.  "And your skin starts.  I never remembered what your skin was like when we touched before.  I was just - just terrified that I'd killed you, both times.  I never tried to really feel your skin, and all I wanted to do was let go as fast as I could, so that I'd stop hurting you so much."  The tears took her over a little, and Logan made his caresses longer, firmer.  "But once I could touch you, I started paying attention. Your skin feels warm.  You're always warm, all over.  And it feels a little rough.  Not soft or smooth - well, except for your lips.  It feels rough, but not bad.  I - I don't really know how to explain it.  I like the feel of it under my fingers and I like it pressed up against my body.  You have good skin."  She ventured a look into his eyes and a little smile at that.  He gave her a reassuring smile in return.

"Your forehead crinkles all up when you're thinking, or when you're even a little bit tense.  I know when you're completely relaxed because it's only then that the lines are all gone."  Her fingers left his forehead and wandered down the bridge of his nose.  "Your whole face is very handsome.  I like your eyes, your sideburns, your cheekbones, and your chin.  They're all strong, they're all distinctive to you, unique.  And of course, I love your lips and your mouth.  They're just the right combination of soft, wet, and firm.  They're just perfection.  But me, I like your nose the best.  It's the most expressive, I think.  Your eyes - you don't give away a lot with your eyes or your expression.  If you watch your nose, though, you can usually tell what's going on.  It crinkles when you're upset.  You flare your nostrils a little when you're trying to smell what's going on.  When you're smelling something you don't like, you pinch it together a little, and when you do smell something you like, you push the tip of your nose up and out ahead of the rest of your face a little.  I can usually tell the basics of what you're feeling by your nose."

Marie gently turned his face in her hands, then ran her hand up the exposed side of it to caress his ear.  "I have to admit, I never thought about your ears that much before.  But now I know how much you like to be touched there, and I have a whole new appreciation for them.  Especially for that spot right behind your ear that you like to have licked.  I like how you squirm a little but always ask for more when I do that." 

She took her hands away, and sat up a little more, smiling easily now.  Logan kept his hands on her as she continued.  "You've got the most perfect shoulders, chest, and back known to man.  Perfectly developed, strong, muscular.  When I saw you fighting in that cage, just the look of you took my breath away.  I thought to myself - that's a man, a real man, and I'd never seen one shirtless before.  You sure didn't look anything like my grandpa or my cousin Timmy."  Logan chuckled a little at that, but Marie's expression darkened.  "I didn't like what I saw once the fight began.  I hated seeing you get punched, get hit.  I just had such a strong sympathetic reaction to you; I absolutely loathed the idea that you were getting hurt.  Even after I knew about your mutation, even after I'd seen you heal over with my own eyes, that stuck with me.  Even now, I hate seeing you get hurt.  Ironic, isn't it, that I'm the one that's hurt you the most."

"Hey, we talked all about that, and you know I - "

"I know," Marie whispered, silencing him with a finger to his lips.  "I know, sugar."  She ran both hands down his neck, across his shoulders, and settled them on his chest.  "I like that you've got such a hairy body.  It's very manly."  She smiled at him, trying to lighten the mood a little.  "And your body hair is just like your head hair - thick, wild, all over the place.  I like the feel of all that hair rubbing on my bare skin.  It makes me feel warm.  I like it when you get all sweaty and it plasters down to your skin.  That's how I know it was good for you."

"It's always been good for me, darlin'."  Logan's hands wandered a little from her waist, moving to cup and caress her buttocks. 

"For me too.  Beyond good - amazing.  It's always been just amazing for me, sugar."    Her ivory hands swept across his chest and down to his stomach.  "Your belly button is unbelievably cute, you know.  I still think you'd look hot with a belly button ring."  That drew another short laugh from Logan.   Marie took the opportunity to slide down his body, resting on his thighs just out of his reach.  Soft hands moved to stroke his erect penis very gently.

"I always thought naked men looked half-silly and half-scary.  You're not either.  You're not long but you're so thick."  She moved one hand to cup his swollen testicles.  "You're just so - so *male*.  I know that seems obvious, but I - I have always been glad that I like you, you know, down there, so much.  I was a little worried what my reaction would be, a little scared the first time.  But I really liked what I saw, and how you tasted and felt inside me."  She felt his penis twitch in her hands and slowly released him.  She gave him a soft, loving smile with just a hint of desire and mischievousness. 

"Ah, your legs.  Now, these are another secret favorite of mine.  Nobody notices them.  They all get distracted by the chest, and I can't blame them.  But you've got great legs."  She scooted down them, all the way to the foot of the bed.  He parted his legs a little to make a space for her.  The thoughtful gesture brought a smile to her face.  She took one of his feet in both hands. 

"You know how I feel about your feet."  He chuckled again.  She loved to bite his toes, his heels, just about any part of his feet.  He was beginning to think she had a fetish, but he really didn't mind that much.  He thought it was kind of cute.  "I guess I pretty much love everything, the whole package, from head to toe."  She gave him a final smile before slinking up the bed a little to take him in her mouth.  She hadn't really intended for this number on her list to include anything sexual at all, but she knew that Logan needed release.  He was so tactile, responded so much to her touch, that she should've realized he would be quite aroused at the end of number eighty-four.

Soon, she felt him groaning and twisting beneath her ministrations.  She felt a warm rush of liquid fill her throat, then felt him collapse into the bed.  Gently easing him out of her mouth, she kissed and licked her way up his torso until she met his lips.  When she opened his mouth with her own, he flipped her over onto her back, pinning her beneath him.  "My turn," he growled as he broke the kiss. 

"No, sugar, this number was just for you, so you'd know how much I appreciate - "

"Shhh."  He silenced her with a finger to her lips.  "I wanna have a turn."  She saw the feral glint in his eye and knew there was no arguing now.  He began, just as she had, at the top of her head.

"Always been fascinated by that white streak in your hair.  I hate how ya got it, and sometimes I think 'bout that night, and I get pretty pissed off.  But it just fascinates me to touch it, look at it.  Dunno why, really, except that it's distinctive to you, it's all Marie."  His words were tender, but his bearing remained animalistic.  She could smell how much he wanted her - it was rolling off of him in waves, and she'd never quite seen him this way before. 

"You've got those big brown eyes - always loved those.  Never noticed your eyebrows or your nose - too close to those big eyes, darlin', those big eyes that look at me so soft sometimes."  Logan's hands moved to her breasts as he spoke, and he leaned down a little to make his forehead touch hers.  "That mouth of yours - that's all sex, right there, baby.  That's a fuck-me mouth if I've ever seen one.  I thought that when you were seventeen and I still think it now, after that mouth has been all over my body.  I get hard just thinkin' about those lips on me anywhere."  Logan let out a low growl then kissed her thoroughly for several long moments.  When he broke from her, she was panting and so was he. 

"Your neck, shoulders, I don't notice 'em much to tell ya the truth.  Too close to these," Logan punctuated his assessment with an almost-gentle squeeze of both breasts.  "Love these.  Just love 'em.  They're perfect, like all of ya, but these are my favorite."

"I could tell," Marie whispered breathlessly. 

"Ain't tryin' to keep it a secret.  Shit, sometimes I can't even keep my hands offa them when we're in public, not even when I'm really tryin'."  He continued to expertly caress her breasts, toying with her nipples every so often and eliciting soft moans of pleasure as he did. 

"Your stomach - that's one thing I'd like to see change."  Marie was awash in sensation, and didn't quite process those words until he'd begun to continue.  "I wanna see it get big with my babies someday.  I think you'd look hot as hell all pregnant." 

"If we keep on skipping the birth control, I will be," Marie gasped out.  One of Logan's hands headed south, skimming her stomach as he went. 

"I'd like that, baby."  She felt him work one finger inside her, gently.  "I love you here.  You're tight as hell, darlin', so good.  Feels so good when you tighten up all around me.  You're always wet for me too, always good to go."

"I can't help it," Marie moaned, her head twisting to the side.  "This is what you do to me."

"That's right," Logan growled.  "It's just for me."  A second finger joined the first, and Logan's thumb found her sweet spot.  "If I ever caught anyone else touchin' ya, if anyone else ever smelled ya like this, I dunno what I'd do.  You're mine.  Mine."

"Yes," Marie panted as her back arched involuntarily.   Logan continued stroking her until she came, in a gush of wetness and a stream of moans.  "Oh, God," she groaned as Logan shifted her spent body beneath his and parted her legs a little wider. 

"Take it, Marie," Logan grunted out as he thrust strongly into her.  "Take me in."  She could only answer in a moan, and soon, speech was lost to him as well.  He jackhammered against her wildly, snarling and growling as he did, and finally latching onto her neck with a firm bite.  Marie lay beneath him, knowing he needed her submission now, and gave herself over to the pleasure he was creating in her.  As he neared the end, he released her neck, and drove deeply inside her for one final thrust.  He spilled himself deep within her, then slid a hand between them to bring her to climax.  It happened swiftly, and Logan felt her spasms around his softening penis.  "That's it, baby," he purred, noting that his bitemark had already healed over. 

He didn't leave her, but propped himself up a little and returned both hands to her breasts.  "You give it to me just right.  No matter how we do it or where, it's always exactly what I need.  I dunno how you do that, Marie, but I've never had anythin' like it in my life.  I can't get enough of you.  I love you and I love fuckin' you and I never thought I'd have all that.  You gave that to me, darlin'.  You did that."

"I love you," Marie gasped out, still recovering. 

"I love you too, and I love every last part of your body.  God, I love you, darlin'."  He finally let go of her breasts and collapsed beside her, resting for a moment before rolling her into his embrace. 

"Whew, number 48, definitely done," Marie sighed, cuddling into his sweat-covered, hairy chest. 
"I thought it was number 84 darlin'."

"Isn't that what I said?"  Her hands began wandering across his stomach, occasionally grazing areas further south.

"You said 48."  Logan half-growled as he said it.  He knew he'd be ready for more in a moment. 

"I meant 84," Marie purred, recovering a little herself as well.  "Sex-induced dyslexia.  Sorry."   Pure naughtiness overtook her expression, and she playfully teased him while beginning to lick the sweat off of his chest. 

"You got any other numbers on deck?"  Logan wasn't at all averse to checking of a few more things on Marie's list.

"Sure do, sugar."  Marie gave him one last lustful, mischievous look, then proceeded to the next item on her list.

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