Air Time

Title: Air Time
Series: Video Camera Round Robin
Author: Terri
Rating: PG-13, Twinkie carnage
Archive: WRFA, Mutual Admiration, Dolphin Haven Peep
Hut  anyone else, please ask and I'll happily provide
Feedback: Please? With a golden spongy tasty treat
on top? Good, bad, and ugly welcome.
Summary: Hank gets his turn to speak to the fanfic
authors using the magic camera ;)  The rest of the X-Men Camera messages
can be accessed HERE.
Comments: OK, so I have a not-so-subtle message in
this one. I can't help it, I have to spread the
Hank-love :)


We see nothing for a moment, and then the camera fills
with a vivid, deep blue color. As the blue slowly
recedes, we realize it is Hank in front of the camera,
and he backs up to sit on the foot of his very large
bed. We can also see Bobby sitting at the head of the
bed, playing with one of Hank's Rubik's Cubes. "Ah,
are you certain that this shall work?"

"I toldya, Hank, it's some kind of direct line to the
authors. Go on, tell them what's on your big brain."

"Ah, yes. Well, first of all, I would like to thank
certain of you for including me in your stories, and I
would like to encourage the rest of you to do so. I
I can perform many functions within the storyline
exposition, figuring a scientific or medical mystery
out, helping to care for the injured or ill main
characters  "

"Smut," Bobby interjected, peering around Hank's
shoulder to look into the camera. "He wants smut!"

"Robert!" Hank cast a withering look over his
shoulder, and Bobby slumped back. "Please, do not
listen to him. I, ah, have needs, just like any other
character, but  but I find the  I believe you call
it a PWP  yes, yes, I find the PWP somewhat

"Oh, come on, they can be fun! Aren't they talking
about putting you in that First Times and Fantasies
story? You're gonna be the virgin, na-na-na-na-na"

"Ah, yes, I had heard that. On the other hand, I
don't suppose there is even the slightest possibility
that I will be recounting my first time with St. John,
which is more than I can say for one of us." That
seemed to silence Bobby. "In any case, if I may
continue, I would also like to set some misconceptions
straight. The first is regarding my twinkie
consumption. While I admit to a predilection for the
spongy, creamy treats, most of you have greatly
overstated my love of this particular desert. I do
not have a twinkie obsession, I assure you."

Unbeknownst to Hank, Bobby had fished a package of
Twinkies out of Hank's nightstand and was displaying
them for the camera behind Hank's back.

"Also, I do not spend *all* of my time in the lab. I
enjoy several hobbies. Among them are opera, reading,
and the occasional game of touch football on the
mansion grounds." Bobby crept up behind Hank and
shook his head to contradict his friend's words. Hank
did catch that. "Robert  would you mind very much
leaving me alone. I wish to speak to the authors in

"Oh, come on, Hankster!"

"Out," Hank insisted in his very serious voice,
causing Bobby to frown, but to leave Hank's room.
"Now then, where were we? I  " Hank sat back on the
bed, squishing the package of Twinkies Bobby had left
there as he did. "Oh, goodness. Ah, please  please
disregard that." He gingerly removed the smooshed
Twinkies from beneath his posterior and placed them on
the nightstand. "Now, on to the important matters. I
feel I can confide in you all."

Hank paused for a moment, gathering his thoughts.
"You have often written me as having a poor opinion of
myself, especially my appearance. There is some truth
in that, but I have learned to live with my unique
features quite well, I think." He paused again, this
time a little longer. "It is just that  it is simply
that I  I wish for others to get to know me, authors
and characters alike. I feel strongly that if one
were to get to know me, they would like me. They

Hank shifted a little closer to the camera. "My
appearance *is* daunting, but I refuse to believe that
there is not someone, just *one* person out there who
could see beyond the outer me and to the inner me. I
have spent quite a bit of time developing the inner
me, and I am  I am quite happy with who I am, if I do
say so myself. I believe I am a  a good person."
Hank's eyes fell to the bed covers and away from the
camera. "Not  not to toot my own horn, as the saying
goes. I am sure I have flaws, like anyone else, but I


"Hankster, are you done yet?"

"In a moment, Robert." Hank sighed, then faced the
camera directly again. "I suppose I should make this
short. My wish, dear authors, is to be written about
more, so that others may get to know the inner me, and
perhaps begin to look beyond my appearance. You need
not make me a main character, not really. Any
supporting role would be welcome. And Twinkies  they
are not a necessity."


"We're getting ready to watch the game, are you

"I shall be right there." Hank frowned and approached
the camera to turn it off, but caught himself, leaning
into it for one last message. "Thank you for your
time. Please let me know if I can be of service. And
thank you  thank you to those of you who have
included me in your stories. It is much appreciated.
I hope to hear from you soon."

Hank's furry chest once again fills the frame, before
the camera goes dark.


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