First Times and Fantasies Two:  Hank's Tale

Title:  Hank's Tale
Series:  First Times and Fantasies 2
Author:  Terri
Rating: R
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Summary:  Hank admits to being a tad, um, inexperienced, and spills the goods on his e-mail girlfriend Charlene.
Comments:  I thought Hank would be an ultra-sweetie when it came to women (not that I am biased, oh no, not me.) so he appears here that way.  I'm planning to do a follow up story, telling what happens when Hank gets a shot at fulfilling his fantasy, in the tradition of Karen's How to Make a Kitty Purr :)  Oh, and if you want to read the other First Times and Fantasies fics, go HERE.


"Well, I admit I am a bit embarrassed to have to inform you that, ah, well, I am not exactly, ah, a man of inordinate experience in the field of discussion in which were are currently engaged."  When all the other men simply peered at him in the firelight, Hank sighed and reluctantly clarified.  "I have not been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to, ah, engage in this sort of conduct before."  More peering.  Another Hank-sigh.  "I am a virgin."

"Get out!" Bobby exclaimed.  "You never told me that, Hankster!" 

"You never asked," Hank parried.  "And, ah, it is not the sort of thing one spreads about.  I would very much appreciate you keeping this information among yourselves, gentlemen."

"There's been no one?" Scott queried.  "In - in all this time, there hasn't been."

"No," Hank replied, giving his friend a small smile. 

"I, uh, I just thought you were really discreet or something.  I - I didn't realize you'd never."

"I've never," Hank affirmed.  "So I suppose I don't really have a story to tell."

"Oh come on, Hank," Bobby urged, recovering a bit from the news, "At least tell us one of your fantasies about how your first time will be - you've got to have thought about it."


"Spill it, Hank, come on!"  Hank could tell that Bobby wouldn't leave the subject until he said something, so Hank acquiesced. 

"Very well, very well.  I do admit that there is someone I've had in mind.  She's - "

"Not Rogue," Logan interjected. 

"Uh, right, got it."  Hank knew that Logan's possessiveness was legendary, and he wasn't about to mention that he'd thought of the man's lover on more than one occasion, as he was fairly certain most of the members of the male persuasion at the mansion had also done.  Luckily, there was someone else he'd been thinking of lately.   "Actually, if you all recall the conference on bioethics in genetic engineering I attended last month - "

"Wait, you left the lab?" Bobby teased. 

"Yes," Hank replied with familiar put-upon tolerance, "although I am unsurprised that none of you noticed," he continued in a mock-offended tone.  "I was in Washington DC, at the conference, and I happened to have a chance meeting with quite an attractive anthropological biologist there."

"Ah, one with a really nice pocket protector," Bobby ribbed. 

"If you must know, Robert, she did not have a pocket protector at all."

"Why, that's just like going around naked!  Well, if you're a geek." 

Scott lightly punched Bobby's arm.  "Enough.  Let Hank tell the story."

"Thank you, Scott."  Hank adjusted his eyeglasses and continued.  "Her name is Charlene and - "  Hank was promptly interrupted by Bobby's snorting laughter.  He cast the younger man a dark look. 

"Sorry, sorry," Bobby apologized.  "It's just that anthropo-whatchamacallits shouldn't be named Charlene.  That's, like, a stripper name."

"I assure you, she has several Ph.D.s," Hank said, with a touch of indignence. 

"We believe you, Hank, go on with the story," Scott urged again, casting a look of his own at Bobby. 

"As I was saying, her name is Charlene.  We met at breakfast on the first day of the conference.  She noticed that I was digging about for a poppy seed bagel and she had just gotten the last one.  She offered to split it with me.  I was quite enamored of her from the moment we met.  She not only showed no visible sign of discomfort at my appearance, but she also was very entertaining, very easy to talk to, and very learned in her field."

"What does she look like?"  Logan interjected. 

"Ah, yes.  Well, she is, ah, Charlene-like in appearance, I suppose.  There is something unique and, dare I say, beautiful about her that is all her own.  If you are seeking the more mundane kind of physical description, well, she is approximately five foot ten, with medium length hair in an enchanting brown hue.  Her eyes are large and evenly spaced, brown as well, and they have the most astounding ability to seemingly peer right into one's soul.  Her mouth curves upward in a near-constant state of smile, and her nose has the size and slope that plastic surgeons can only dream of creating."

"What about her rack?"  Logan asked.  Hearing sighs and 'Logan!' from several directions, he shrugged and added, "I'm just askin'."

"I would not speak of her womanly attributes in such vulgar terms, of course, but she is quite nicely-shaped.  Full in all the right places, yes, that is how I would describe her form."

"So you like this Charlene chick?"  Bobby took his turn at the questioning.  "And you'd like your first time to be with her?"

"I think so, yes."

"Well, I hope you got her phone number or it's kind of pointless, don't you think?" Scott ribbed. 

"Actually, we have been e-mailing each other several times per day.  It began as an extension of an interesting conversation that we had at the conference - I offered to retrieve some information for her on - well, on a topic that one needs a Ph.D. in molecular biology to understand.  Luckily, I have one."  Hank smiled and playfully puffed his chest out a bit.  "In any case, we began e-mailing as an extension of that, but the e-mails have now turned much more personal, more like two friends corresponding about our lives, our day-to-day tasks, our friends and family."

"So that's why I haven't been able to tear you away from the computer," Charles mused dryly.  "She does sound quite nice."

"She is."  Hank's disappointed sigh seemed to contradict his words.  His shoulders slumped and his lips melted into a frown.  "However, I do not believe she has romantic intentions toward me.  After all, she is a normal, human woman.  Becoming involved with such a - an obvious mutant would be quite a challenge.  I am sure she is simply extending her friendship, which I appreciate immensely, mind you, but I do wish there could be something more for us."

Hank hung his head low while the other men exchanged looks.  Finally, Logan encouraged, "What'd you like to happen?  I mean, if she is interested, how'd you like it
to go?"

"I suppose-I suppose I would like for us to have some time alone together.  She lives with two roommates and I - I live at the mansion with all of you.  Perhaps a weekend at a beach house or secluded cabin, somewhere where - where the adverse reactions of most humans and mutants to my outlandish and abnormal appearance would not constantly be making themselves known.  Somewhere where she would not be confronted with that constant reminder that I am a - a freak."

"Hank, don't talk about yourself like that," Scott soothed.  "That's not true."

"I wish it weren't," he replied wistfully.  "I suppose that that would be my most earnest wish - that Charlene would see beyond my outward appearance.  I do not expect her to - to find me affirmatively attractive based on physical qualities alone.  I know that I cannot hope for that.  But if I could be granted a wish, I suppose it would be that she could learn to tolerate my appearance and to love my other qualities, my inner-normalcy as it were." 

No one knew quite what to say to that, but Hank continued after a few moments of silence.  "I would like to spend a quiet weekend with her.  I suppose that I would meet her at the airport, give her my greetings and tell her that I was most pleased she would be joining me for the weekend.  I would of course carry her luggage, and fill her in a bit on the history and details of the location I had selected, so that she would have the most full appreciation of our time together.  She mentioned to me that she enjoys history quite a bit.  In fact, she joked that that may be her next Ph.D.."

"I suppose that after we arrived, I would treat her to dinner.  We could either go out to a fine restaurant or I would be more than happy to cook out for her and perhaps share a sunset beach picnic.  Yes, that would be better.  I would cook out for her, and serve her, do all the cleaning up.  After dinner we would talk - one of those great talks, you know?  One of those talks you have with your soulmate.  Then we'd lie on the beach and gaze up at the stars together.  Perhaps - perhaps she would permit me the indulgence of putting my arm around her.  Perhaps she would feel relaxed enough, comfortable enough to fall asleep in my arms.  I would carry her into our room and gently deposit her on the bed.  I would give her a kiss goodnight - on her forehead, of course, I could not take advantage - and I would lie down next to her.  I admit, I have always wondered what it would be like to sleep with someone - literally sleep.  I imagine it must be quite nice."

"What next?" Scott inquired, when Hank seemed to have gotten lost in the fantasy.

"Ah, yes, on the next day, we'd rise early and I would make her breakfast and coffee.  Just light conversation at this point, nothing serious.  Then I would inquire as to what her preference for the activities of the day would be.  Personally, I would suggest a swim and perhaps some strolling on the beach.  We would have a perfect day together - she would be enjoying my company, and laughing at all of my jokes."  At Logan's raised eyebrow, Hank amended, "Well, it is *my* fantasy, after all."  Getting a few smiles from the men, he continued.  "We would have another spectacular dinner in the evening.  After we finished with that, I would take her out on to the beach and gaze into her eyes and tell her how lovely she was, how special, and how much I appreciated her company, really appreciated it.  She would gaze back at me and invite me to kiss her."

"I would kiss her very gently, and be very careful of my fangs.  The last thing I would want to do is to ruin this moment.  I would take my time here, I suppose.  I would make sure that she is comfortable enough and ready to move on before - before attempting anything else.  If she seemed so inclined, I would begin kissing her neck, and gently undoing her blouse.  Of course, here, I must take care to not scratch her with my claws.  That would most definitely break the mood and remind her of - of what I am."  Hank gave a lopsided smile in answer to the sympathetic looks of his friends. 

"I would want to touch her a bit, taking my cues to what she responded best to, and then I would like to kiss her, a - a little more.  I suppose at this point, we should move things inside, but - but I am actually quite fond of the idea of making love out in the open.  Perhaps it is some psychological reaction to my general fear of being seen in the open, I don't know.  In any case, I would undress her, down to the last stitch, and then remove my clothing as well.  I would need to gauge her expression, to be sure she was willing to go further.  My, ah, my entire body is covered in fur, if you catch my meaning.  She may not find that, ah, acceptable."

"If she did, however, I would proceed.  I have read many books on sexual topics, and I feel that despite my lack of experience, I would be able to touch her and pleasure her orally well enough to bring her to climax.  I would, of course, do so as many times as she requested prior to actual intercourse.  I fear that I am, ah, quite large, and I would wish for her to be as relaxed as possible.  After that, if she showed some interest, I would encourage her to explore my body.  I am certain I would already be very excited by this point, but she may have some curiosities."

"I would then proceed to intercourse, suggesting that she be on top.  I would not want to crush her with my weight or size - no, this should be a maximally pleasurable experience for her.  I have an odd desire to engage in intercourse without protection - funny, given that my background as a doctor would surely provide ample caution against the dangers of doing so.  It is not even a desire to feel the sensations completely, fully, or at least I don't think so.  It is the sense of intimacy, of acceptance.  I would want my partner to accept me into her body.  Hmmm."

"In my fantasy of how it should be, we of course find the experience equally emotionally and physically satisfying, and we reach completion together.  I am sure that reality is quite different, but - but I would try to make that first time as close to my ideal as possible."  Hank finished, and leaned back a bit. 

"Hank," Charles began softly, "Do you realize that even as you recount your own fantasy of a first sexual experience, your focus has remained on pleasing your partner?"  Hank blinked at that once, then twice. 

"Charlene'd better grab onta you," Logan put in.  "She'd be a lucky woman."

"Thank - thank you," Hank stammered, still pondering the Professor's words. 

"How do you know she's *not* romantically interested in you, Hank?  Have you asked her out?"  Scott asked gently.

"Oh, no.  No.  Uh, no."

"Why not?  Does she have a boyfriend or something?"

"No, no she is currently unattached.  She - she is just out of a long engagement that did not work out.  Apparently, she - she managed to find what must be the one man in the universe unable to appreciate her depth and quality.  I would scarcely believe such a creature existed, had she not told me so.  No, I have not asked her out because I am - because I fear losing our current relationship, I suppose.  I fear rejection.  I suppose that - that I prefer having a - an e-mail, fantasy girlfriend to the ruination of the dream that she may harbor some hidden feelings for me.  Cowardly, I know, but, gentlemen, I am not very brave in the game of love.  I would happily face a dozen Magnetos than - than request a date with one woman."

"Amen," Logan put in.  "Good thing I didn't hafta do the datin' thing with Rogue."

"You are quite fortunate," Hank agreed.  The comment referred to Logan's good fortune at securing Rogue as well as his avoidance of dating, but Hank thought it best to keep that to himself as well. 

"Well, I think you should ask her out," Bobby stated definitively.  "Maybe not out, out - maybe just, you know, hey, how'd you like to come see my big, impressive lab and the big, kick-ass mansion that I live in?  I'm sure she'd say yes, Hankster.  Geek girls would love your lab!"

"She is not a geek," Hank corrected.  "But you may be on to something, Robert.  Extending an offer to visit my lab would appeal to her scientific nature while affording a low-risk opportunity to more thoroughly explore our relationship."  He was met with blank stares yet again.  "I can get her to come to the lab without making it seem like a date and see what happens," he clarified, getting 'ahhhh's of acknowledgement all around. 

"Good idea," Scott put in.  "And a very nice fantasy Hank.  We all hope it comes true for you.  If not with Charlene, then with some other lucky woman."

"Just not Rogue," Logan put in.

"Yes, of course," Hank placated with a sigh.  "Now, I have bared my inexperienced soul to you all, who is next?"

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