Glimpses of the Wolverine

Title: Glimpses of the Wolverine
Author:  Terri
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer:  I don't own any of them.  Rats.
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Summary: Logan takes a glance at his animal counterpart during some intimate moments with the woman who loves them both.
Comments: This little smutty ficlet was prompted by a bit of fb to Inner-Marie to the Rescue from Kristine (I think) wondering what Wolverine would think of talking with Inner-Marie.  That isn't quite this story - and I know you're all shocked by my veering off-course from the original bunny ;) I can only plead continuing NyQuil-induced psychosis After all, I'm fairly sure those dancing purple peeps I'm seeing now don't exist in reality ;)


I can tell this is a bad idea.  A very bad idea.  He thinks so too.  Dunno why he's lettin' me peek a little if he's so against it.  Must trust Marie a lot.  Must trust her like I do.

[Him growling at Marie.  She's not afraid.  She smiles a little then lowers her head, keeping her eyes down.  At the last moment, she tilts her neck, exposing her jugular to him.  With a snarl, he moves to bite her there, very gently, just enough so she feels his teeth, his dominance.]

I can guess why he's that way.  We almost lost Marie in that fight.  Despite havin' my powers now, she ain't indestructible, and she's gotta quit fightin' like she is.  We coulda lost her, and I can understand why he'd wanna reaffirm that he has her, that she's his.  Maybe it's also a little 'bout showin' her who's in charge, lettin' her know we fuckin' mean it when we say not to take chances like that. 

[Now he's turning her around, putting her back to him.  Both of them are naked now, and his blood is screaming for her.  She leans over, bracing her hands on the bathroom counter, and presents her sex to him.  He growls, meets her eyes in the mirror in front of them both, and plunges into her deeply.]

I can't keep him back for too long, and 'specially not after a fight.  'Specially not after a fight where I hadta let him out to be sure we saved Marie.  It was like that time on the statue, like when I stabbed these claws through my own chest to get to her.  Sometimes I need him.  Sometimes I think he knows that, uses that.

[He grabs her hips hard enough to mark them as he pumps furiously into her.  They are watching each other in the mirror.  His face is twisted in the throes of possession and lust; hers in transcendent pleasure.]

I never do it like this with her, never from behind.  That's him, that's the animal.

[Both are panting and moaning.  He thrusts faster, almost in a frenzy, and begins to growl along with the grunts and sighs.  Her head lolls back and forth as her body struggles with and against his.  Her skin is flushed and her breasts bounce wildly in time with his movements.  She is no longer holding her feet; he is holding her to the counter.]

She says he never hurts her, never scares her.  She says we're both good to her.  She says not to be ashamed of him.  I dunno.

[He's bellowing now, in loud, long, sustained snarls and growls, and baring his teeth.  She whimpers and as they collide again she finally comes, screaming from the center of her body all the way out.  His hands lock on her hips and he drives himself inside her to the hilt, holds himself there as he orgasms.  He has to drive deep to plant his seed, to mark his mate.  Her eyes come up in the mirror as he finishes emptying himself.  They are warm and satisfied.]

The biggest reason I didn't wanna be with her was him.  It was bad enough that she got him in her head along with me.  He's the beast, the unreasonin', mindless, primal beast.  I didn't wanna take the chance that he'd do somethin' to hurt her.  He doesn't love her, I don't think.  I don't think he can love.  I was scared that he'd force her or - or somethin' even worse 'cause all he knows is that he wants her; all he can think is that she's his.  It's literally all that runs through his mind sometimes.  I can feel him enough to know that. 

[He's back to biting her at the jugular as they both recover a bit.  It is a way to hold her in place, to assure that she will not leave before he is ready to go again.  And he will be ready to go again soon.]

The first time he got out around Marie, he had her on the ground and had half of her top off before I could get control back.  That it happened in fronta Scooter and Chuck and Jeannie didn't help things.  But Marie just smiled a little and said it was OK.  She said she understood and that she wasn't scared.  I was. 

[Slowly, very slowly, and with every hint of her body language signaling deference, she turns in his arms, careful to allow him to break the bite instead of wresting herself free of it.  She looks up at him with tenderness and repositions herself to lie on her back on the counter.  He grabs for her, wanting to turn her back to the previous position, but she surprises him.  She leans toward him and nips at his lips, just a little bite with her teeth and a lick with her tongue.  It's enough to get the attention of the beast.]

The second time he got out, I couldn't get control back.  I came back to myself with Marie lyin' next to me and for a second the fact that we were both horizontal scared the livin' shit outta me.  But then I noticed she still had her clothes on.  I didn't, but she did.  She said of course he didn't try anythin' too rough, of course he was OK with her.  After all, Logan, she said, he's a part of you.  Yeah, darlin', I told her, he's the worst part of me. 

[She nips at him a few more times, drawing interested growls and return bites and licks.  Then she shifts her legs to open to his hips, guiding him so that his erection brushes against her soaking wet sex.  He gets the idea.  Now, she kisses him, with an open mouth and tongue.  He likes that even more and he penetrates her body as she kisses him again.  Soon, he is thrusting at a hectic pace.  Their mouths never part.]

This is the third time they've had sex.  The first time I tried to hide it from her that I'd lost control, that it wasn't really me, but she knew right off.  She said she can tell when he surfaces 'cause he doesn't talk in words, not at all.  Only growls, like an animal.  My heart just 'bout broke when I thought 'bout him bein' like that with her, with my sweet little Marie.  But she told me it was OK, that she understood why he'd come out and that she understood that he needed to have her too.  She swore on her life and everythin' she held holy that it wasn't bad for her or hurtful, and I believed her.  But I never wanted him to come out again.

[Her back is arching and throaty moans escape her lips.  He likes the upward thrust of her breasts in this position, and he latches onto them with both hands.  That causes her body to thrash against his in a way he also likes.  His pace increases, and his growls come louder, longer, deeper.] 

She convinced me to try to peek in on them the next time he was out.  He won't lemme look, usually, but Marie was pretty sure he'd let me look this time.  I wasn't sure I wanted to know.  I wasn't sure I wanted to see.

[His orgasm catches him a bit off guard and he lets loose, forcing her legs all the way apart with the last few thrusts.  She was waiting, holding out for him and just barely so, and when she feels the gush of hot, thick fluid inside her, she lets go.  Her arm flails, knocking off the vase and cosmetics on the counter beside her.  He throws his head back and howls.]

He's simple, basic.  Even more so than me.  He wants one thing - well, two things. He wants to survive - that's just the animal instinct, the self-preservation that we're all hard-wired with.  He wants to survive and he wants Marie.  He just wants her.  I wasn't sure I wanted to see how that would play out when it's not restrained by considerations like Marie's well-bein', her happiness, her pleasure and satisfaction.  I wasn't sure I wanted to see what that would be like - to drown in her, lose myself in her, forget everythin' else, even her.

[He throws her over one shoulder and carries her to the bed, laying her gently down in it.  There are more swiftly healing marks on her back and shoulders and her hair is messed up in an entirely different way than it was when Logan saw it last.  He's missed something.  The Wolverine has edited his observation.]

He won't lemme see all of it, the bastard.  Wantsta keep some of it to himself.  Possessive little fucker.

[Marie turns to face him as he lies beside her in the bed.  He growls at her softly and motions with his head to turn over, to put her back to him.  She shakes her head and whimpers, then burrows into his body, nestling her face against his shoulder so that her lips rest against his jugular.  She lays a gentle, reverent kiss there, then begins caressing him with plain tenderness and affection.  An appreciative rumble leaves his chest.]

Oh my God, wouldya look at that?  She's just like that with me, after.  Gentle, lovin', tender.  Only with me she talks too, she says words that make my heart ache with how beautiful they are sometimes.  With him she sighs and whimpers and touches.  She talks to him in his language, just like she talks to me in mine.  And I can feel how he takes it, how it moves him.  Wouldnta thought he had a heart, but it feels just like it does inside me when she's like that.  But how can she be like that to him, to the beast?

[Her hands slow as sleep begins to overtake her.  As soon as her breathing evens out, he begins licking her, grooming her hair away from her face, then disappearing beneath the blankets, presumably to groom her elsewhere.  When he reappears, he turns her so that her back is to him, and he enfolds her from behind, tucking her head beneath his chin and securing her to him with legs and arms.  He purrs at her as he falls into sleep himself.  Just before he sleeps, his large hand finds her tiny one and interlaces their fingers.]

"Marie?"  I shouldn't wake her but I gotta know.  "Marie, darlin'?"


"Baby, why'd you do that?  Why'd you touch him and kiss him like that?"

"It's how I can tell him I love him.  He doesn't understand the words and sex is - sex is different.  I think he understands when I touch him that way." 

"He does." 


"Sorry, baby, sorry, go back to sleep."  Look at me, gettin' wet in the eyes like some kinda little kid.

"Are you OK?"  She's definitely up now, up and all worried 'bout me.  Only Marie.  Only Marie would worry if someone ya can't kill is OK and if some dumb, savage animal can understand love. 

"I'm good, darlin'.  He let me see a little.  It was just - it was a lot.  But you sleep now, baby.  Everythin's OK."

"I love you.  All of you.  Everything is OK."  Like I said, words so beautiful they make my heart hurt. 

"Love you too.  Go on back to sleep baby."  I'll just let both of 'em rest for now.  They're both with me for the duration, that much is for sure.  And maybe, maybe I can live with him, maybe there's a place for him with me and Marie.  Maybe if she can accept him, love him, I can tolerate him.  Maybe one day, he'll let me in on all of it.  Until then, I'm gonna just hang on the woman who managed to love us both.  That's a rare find.  Only one in the whole world as a matter of fact.  Only one Marie.


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