Dear Dr. Love: Hank's Letter

Title:  Dear Dr. Love: Hank's Letter
Author:  Terri
Rating:  G
Disclaimer:  I don't own him, but I sure wish I did.
Archive:  Ask, and ye shall receive
Feedback:  Please?  Do it for Hank..
Comments:  I couldn't leave the big blue guy out of the fun, now could I?


Dear Dr. Love,

I find myself in the midst of a very frustrating predicament.  You see, I am looking for love, just as all of your readers, but I face some, shall we say, prominent obstacles.  First, there is my appearance, which is somewhat out of the norm.  I am tall and muscular, but I also am covered in blue fur and bear some rather intimidating claws and fangs.  These features tend to scare members of the fairer sex off.  Second, there is my current occupation.  I am a research scientist, and must spend long hours in the lab.  Third, there is my intelligence-at the risk of appearing immodest, my I.Q. is off the charts.  I have found it difficult to meet a partner whose intellectual capabilities match mine.  Lastly, there is my current living situation.  I am residing at a school, living in a small room.  This, too, in not conducive to wooing the opposite sex.

There are some bright spots, though.  I have a wonderful sense of humor, a taste for the finer things-I would love to escort a lady friend to the opera, symphony, or theater-and I am known for my open-mindedness.  I also think of myself as quite flexible-I enjoy twinkies as well as caviar.  Frankly, I think I would have much to offer a potential mate, and am tired of being alone.

Although I realize that your 'doctorate' is not academic, I am hoping that you may be able to come to my assistance in these matters.  How do I go about finding my one, true love?

Blue in More Ways than One

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