Allie's World

Title:  Allie's World
Author:  Terri
Rating:  PG-13
Disclaimer:  I only own Allie, and she's enough of a handful.
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Summary:  Sequel to Strays.  Allie, Logan and Marie's new kitten, contemplates life in her new home.
Comments:  I didn't intend to do a sequel to Strays, but this just kind of came to me after a friend saw that story and sent me a cat's-POV e-mail describing it's day.  And look - fluffy happy kitty fic!  No BadJean, no twisted themes, just foof :)


Ah, another day in my new home.  Although it is smaller than my old stomping grounds, and my few attempts to escape its confines have been thwarted, it is consistently warm and dry.  The two large animals I share it with, Big Furry and Many Smells, are agreeable.  They have learned to provide me with food and water, occasionally milk, on demand.  However, I do not believe they are intelligent creatures.  They have made no attempt to understand my language and are seemingly incapable of higher thought.

However, I do not doubt their bravery.  There is a chamber containing a water-spewing device in my otherwise pleasant new home.  I have seen both of the large animals voluntarily enter this torture chamber and emerge entirely soaked.  They keep a very brave face-neither shows any outward effects of the water torture-and undergo this ordeal day after day.  At first, I theorized that Big Furry was the dominant of the pair-but he avoids the water torture on some days while Many Smells has, on occasion, entered the torture chamber more than once a day.  She is truly the more courageous of the two. 

"Hey there kitty."  I do not understand much of their language, but I am making progress.  I believe that their strange speech *can* be learned.  Perhaps then, I will be able to communicate better with them.  "Did you have a good day?" 

I believe Many Smells is asking if I am hungry.  I will answer in the affirmative.  "Meow." 

"Good.  I had a pretty good day too."  She is heading for the covering-chamber, where she and Big Furry collect hides to cover themselves.  Obviously, she has not understood me, yet again.  "But I'm so achy from my workout-Logan really knows how to put us through the paces.  You know, I don't know why I thought taking a self-defense class from him would be a good idea."  She has selected the hides.  I have noted that hide selection varies- different hunts or rituals must require different hides.

"Hey, darlin'."  Ah, the arrival of Big Furry.  He is never far behind Many Smells.  For a time, when I first arrived, Many Smells did not share this new home.  I expect that Big Furry was monitoring me, waiting to see if I presented a threat to large animals.  I took great pains to stress the nonviolent feline nature in those first few days, and he no doubt eventually felt comfortable enough to permit Many Smells to return to the home.

"Mmmm."  Big Furry often squeezes Many Smells, and I have not figured out the meaning of this action.  "Hey yourself.  I was just going to go shower and change for dinner."

"Why don't you hold off on that?  I was thinkin' we'd order in-maybe some Chinese?"  From what I have deciphered, they are discussing the next hunt.  Big Furry is attempting to explain to Many Smells that she has selected inappropriate hunting hides.  I will support his assertion-if they are to catch birds, or perhaps mice, she will not be a useful hunting partner in those restrictive coverings.  "Mrrow." 

Yes, Big Furry is looking at me in agreement.  He appreciates my contribution to the discussion and values my opinion on matters concerning hunting.  "See?  Allie wants Chinese."

"Oh, OK, but let me go shower, hmm?"  Oh no, she is heading for the water-torture chamber.  Even if she had selected inappropriate hunting hides, she should not have to submit to that kind of awfulness as a punishment. 

"Mind if I join ya?"  Big Furry does not like the wearing of hides at all-he usually disposes of his hides immediately upon returning to the home.  He is much like us, relying on the scant fur covering he has to suffice.  And I must say that, while his fur covering is most unimpressive in the large scheme of things, it is quite impressive for a large animal of his type.  That is why I have honored him with the name Big Furry. 

Many Smells acquired her name when I noticed that she emerges from the water torture chamber bearing many odd and unnatural smells.  Some smells resemble food-fruits, perhaps-and some weeds or plants, but there are always many.  I suppose that naming her in this fashion might be mean-spirited.  After all, it is probably not her fault that she is covered in so many confusing smells.  But since she does not understand my language, I do not feel uncomfortable with it. 

"Hmmm, that's nice, but you're getting all wet, sugar."  Perhaps I should give her a more charitable name, given her bravery.  She refuses to let even a hint of the abject terror she must be undergoing in the water torture chamber carry through in her voice.  Big Furry is indeed a good mate to accompany her to the chamber and submit to the water torture with her. 

If they emerge alive once again, I will inform them of my desire to be fed.  Meanwhile, I will content myself with kneading my claws into the pillow until I have made it comfortable.  I know it may seem unfeeling to seek a warm, pleasant spot while Big Furry and Many Smells are undergoing such discomfort, but I have been completely unable to convince them not to enter the torture chamber.  As I said, they are not intelligent creatures.

"Oh yes!  Logan!"  Poor Many Smells, even her bravery could not withstand the water torture.  "Yes!  Oh, God, yes!"  I pity her.  "YES!!"  Big Furry is only grunting and groaning.  He must be faring better this time.  Although, to be fair, I have heard him cry out from the water torture chamber on occasion. 

"Whew.  That was unbelievable."  Many Smells looks especially worn out from this unfortunate experience.  Large animals, they never learn.

"You can say that again, darlin'.  In fact, we can go again if you wanna."  Big Furry seems to have recovered from the water torture.  Perhaps I should tell him of my need to be fed.


"Whaddya want, cat?"  He replies, yet makes no move to supply food.  Come on, now, I am speaking clearly and slowly.  Even a large animal should be able to understand what I am saying.  Perhaps I should try once more.


"Oh, Logan, Allie's probably hungry.  I forgot to feed her when I got in." 

"Damn cat's gonna eat me out of house and home."  Aha!  Something did get through to Big Furry.   He is preparing the food.  Perhaps I am making some progress in getting them to understand my language after all.

"Quit complaining, you love that cat more than I do."  Many Smells wants to be fed too.  Her tone indicates that she is envious of my tuna dinner.

"I don't love the cat at all.  I just keep it around 'cause you like her."  Big Furry is telling Many Smells to wait her turn.  I am the priority, and must be fed first.


"Besides, she's, uh, handy.  She killed that bug in the closet yesterday." 

"She's a good kitty, aren't you Allie?"  Please, Many Smells, do not interrupt my dinner, even if it is for head-rubbing.  I do not wish to share my tuna with you and I-I-Oh my..

"Prrrrrr."  I must say that Many Smells' head-rubbing is without equal.  She must have been trained by a very good feline.  "Rrrrr."

"See?"  Many Smells greatly enjoys giving me pleasurable head-rubs, as she should.

"Hmm.  I wonder what would make you purr, darlin'."  Ah, I can tell that Big Furry is preparing to confine Many Smells to the bed.  It is their nightly ritual.  And I can understand.  The bed is quite comfortable.  Still, I prefer to also partake of the excellent napping space in the covering-chamber and on the window sill.  I do not understand why they refuse to explore these options.

"Why don't we find out?"  Many Smells has re-covered herself in a very thin hide.  I have determined that this hide must be the mating hide.  Big Furry becomes noticeably excited when she dons it.

"You know I love that black bodystocking, dontcha?"  Very excited indeed.

"Really?"  Ah well, it is time to nap.  This time, I believe I will select the covering-chamber, as the bed will be too volatile for the next several hours of the mating ritual.  It is a good home, all things considered.  I was certainly wise to select Big Furry as my large animal. 

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