Dear Dr. Love:  Magneto's Letter

Title:  Dear Dr. Love: Magneto's Letter
Author:  Terri
Rating:  PG
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Dear Dr. Love,

I abhor advice columnists.  I find them pedantic and generally quite trite.  However, as I am currently very limited in my choice of entertainment, I have decided to test you, to see whether you are of any use at all.

My situation is this:  I am a superior to nearly all those by whom I am surrounded.  There was once a man, however, who was my equal.  We embarked on a relationship of an intimate nature.  We stretched the boundaries of love, of sexuality, of pleasure, control, and pain.  My beloved was not willing to push the boundaries of our relationship to its limits, though.  This, plus deeply rooted philosophical differences about the role of man and mutant in our society caused us to grow apart. 

Although I have no shortage of lovers (including one very convenient one that does a superb imitation of my beloved ex) I find myself longing for the past, for my old lover.  We have grown further and further apart over the many years since our break, but I often imagine scenarios in which we reconcile, or in which he (at long last) succumbs to my point of view and submits to my needs.  Is there any way two men of opposing philosophy can join together once more?  How does one convince their lover to truly test the depth and measure of that love, to forget all conventional boundaries?  And might you have any suggestions about the best positions when one partner is confined to a wheelchair?

I await your vapid reply.

Prisoner of the Heart (I believe this is a suitably maudlin signature, as is requisite for your tiresome column.)

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