The Fic Archive ~ Eighteens

Eighteen Letters And One Phone Call
Eighteen Cities in Twenty-One Days
Eighteen Past the Hour
Eighteen Questions, Take One
Eighteen Memories - Rogue
Eighteen Memories - Logan
Eighteen Questions, Take Two
Eighteen Minutes
Eighteen Songs to Converse By
Eighteen Things Learned Along the Way
Eighteen Weeks of Winter
Eighteen Questions, Take Three
Eighteen Times No
Eighteen Cups of Coffee and One Bottle of Bourbon
Eighteen Pieces of Mail and One Photograph
Eighteen Shower Thoughts
Eighteen Questions, Take Four
Eighteen Surprises in Broad Daylight
Eighteen Profanities
Eighteen Words
Eighteen Fragments of Memory
Eighteen Questions, Take Five
Eighteen Sentences to Say Goodbye
Eighteen Stories About Us
Eighteen by Eighteen, or 324 Square Feet
Eighteen Different Beers to Find a Favorite
Eighteen Questions, Take Six
Eighteen Statements of Intent
Eighteen Things Known To Be True
Eighteen Relationships In Progress
Eighteen Parting Gifts
Eighteen Penalty Minutes
Eighteen Days of Relative Peace And Quiet
Eighteen Flashbacks
Eighteen Pros and Cons
Eighteen Questions, Final Take

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