Eighteen Questions, Take Five

Title: Eighteen Questions, Take Five
Author: Terri
Email: xgrrl26@yahoo.com
Rating: PG
Summary: Sequel to Eighteen Fragments of Memory. The Professor has a little chat with Scott and Jean.
Series: Eighteen #22
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Author's Notes: Usually, when I write these, I write it all first, then go back and count to be sure I have "eighteen" of whatever. I always have had to tweak it a little  sometimes a lot - to fit the format. It doesn't bode well for my mental health that this one came right out with exactly eighteen questions right off the bat, does it?


"Professor - "

"Did you hear what I just said, Scott? I said that I expect you to hear me out before saying anything. Are you going to be able to do that?"

"Yes, Sir."

"I'm very disappointed in both of you. You handled a delicate situation as though you were bulls in a china shop. And there is no excuse, Jean, for probing Rogue's mind without warning, especially since you knew her condition."

"I feel awful about it, I know it was a mistake, Professor, but I - "

"I understand. You meant well. Jean, you should know by now that good intentions are not enough. You failed to consider, no - you failed to even observe or assess - all of the factors present. That goes for both of you."

"Yes, sir."

"Now, Scott - you wished to say something?"

"Yes. We can't leave Rogue up there alone with him. We have to convince her to come back, we have to help her remember who she is."

"You are worried that something bad will happen to her?"


"What if we give her some time, let her know we are here for her, but refrain from pushing her too hard? Were I in her shoes, I would not be eager to see either of you again."

"The longer we leave her there, the more she will bond with Logan, the more she'll buy into his version of events, of who she is."

"Do we have any indications that Logan has skewed her perception of her past?"

"She vehemently does not want to return to the mansion. Logan must have said something. This was her home."

"Any other indications?"

"Sir - "

"Scott, I assure you, I am taking your concerns into account, but I am looking for factual information, not your own perceptions, not your own biases. Jean - how is her physical condition from what you could assess?"

"I simply don't know, Professor. I was unable to perform any tests. She seemed the same as before upon initial inspection, but, clearly, there is a problem if a simple, light touch on her mind would produce that result."

"We don't know if she's in any immediate danger?"


"All right. I am going to send Jubilee and Kitty to speak with her, to apologize for the both of you and to let her know she has our support should she choose to return."

"Professor - you can't seriously think - "

"That's enough, Scott. You forget that she is an adult, and quite an independent one at that. She will make her own decisions."

"But that's just the whole problem, sir, she's not making her own decisions, not now. Logan is making them for her."

"It seems as though he is influencing her quite strongly, I agree. But do you honestly believe he means to harm her? Do you think he would not want her to be well and happy?"

"I think he's not going to stop thinking about himself long enough for it to matter, even if he did."

"Jean? What is your assessment?"

"I think he's quite attached to her, but I think he'll tire of her, and then she will be lost. She'll come running back here, and we'll have to pick up the pieces."



"Is that such a terrible outcome? If you are correct, she will see for herself that Logan is not a good partner for her, and we will be here to help her."

"Sir, perhaps we should go and speak with them ourselves."

"Scott, I do not think that is wise. I will send Jubilee and Kitty. Rogue recognized Jubilee, and Kitty is the best choice of partner since she can fly the blackbird."

"Very well. Did Remy and Bobby find anything at Magneto's fortress?"

"No. Logan reported that both Magneto and Sabretooth had been killed, but neither body was found. I suspect that, even after decapitation, there is a possibility that Sabretooth's mutation helped him to regenerate, but the wounds that Logan described for Magneto....well, those should have been fatal."

"I'm sorry Professor, I know he was your friend once."

"Yes, well, Erik has chosen his own path."

"Any sign of Mystique?"

"No. I will be sure to ask Jubilee to pass along that information to Logan and Rogue when she sees them."

"............We are sorry, Professor."

"I know, Jean."