Eighteen Past the Hour

Title: Eighteen Past the Hour
Author: Terri
Email: xgrrl26@yahoo.com
Rating: PG-13, swearing
Summary: Short sequel to Eighteen Cities in Twenty-One Days. We take a peek into Logan's head at eighteen past the hour, each hour. He's mostly using profanity and working out his fluffy bunny feelings for Rogue.
Series: Eighteen #3
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Comments: Once again, thanks to all who gave such wonderful feedback on Eighteen Cities! This is threatening to become a full-blown series, and I felt like our heroes needed a break from being chased and attacked, but I felt like they also needed to do a little relationship work. And so, a day in the life kinda thing.



Fuck, I'm just not a morning person. The fucking sun isn't even up yet. Not all the way. I ain't gettin' up yet either.


Mmmm...Warm here. Smells nice. Good.

Something moving. Oh yeah, Marie. She must be waking up. Be careful. Maybe move her over just a little. Bare skin awfully close to my neck there.

"Hey, darlin'"


"You awake?"

"Mmmph." Oh-oh.

"Watch it, your face."

"Whoa. Sorry."

Shit, that was a hell of a flinch. She's wide awake now. Shouldn't scare her like that.

"No problem."

How come she looks so cute when she wakes up? Lotsa women look like hell.

"What time is it?"

"It's early."

"You getting up now?"

"Yeah, might as well get a move on."


It's not fair. She takes twice as long in the bathroom, and she always makes me go first in the shower. Shit, I hope she's not using my razor to shave her legs again. Damn thing gets dull real fast that way.



"Did I leave my shampoo in my bag?"

"Hang on." Packed light, especially for a girl. Not much in here in the way of - there it is. "Got it."

I wonder if I should - ah, ok, she's sticking her arm out from behind the shower curtain, problem solved. "Here ya go."

"Thanks." Oh, now that's not fair, either, her sticking her head out to say thanks. She's all wet and naked in there. And now I know for sure she wears my tags in the shower. That's gonna make a nice addition to my fantasy life.


Fucking thing. This is the third time that wire got loose. Gonna have to get out, in the snow, and fix it again. Fuck.

I know there's some pliers back in here somewhere. We've gotta get a different car. This old heap ain't gonna make it through another winter. Wish she'd picked a better car.

Ah ha, there you are, you little fucker. Stay put this time. Ouch, dammit, scraped my knuckles on the engine block. Dammit. Fucking wire.


Shit, did I say any of that out loud? And when did she get out of the car? Aw, fuck. "It's fine."

"It was the best car I could get with the money I had. Sorry."

"I didn't mean nothin'."

"I know."

Have to pay attention to what comes out of my mouth. She's gotta be pissed. Here I am bitchin' about the car when she had to haul my unconscious ass across three states and fend for herself against the fucking US Government and that mother-fucker Sabretooth.

"You did good pickin' the car. It's just a loose wire, nothin' major."

"It's annoying the hell out of you, though." She's smilin'? Well, good, she can't be that pissed. Just have to be less of an asshole.


"Have I mentioned how much I love having a big breakfast?"

"Every day." Damn, this girl can eat. Pancakes, eggs, sausages, home fries, the whole deal. 'Course she don't really eat much other meals. Why is that?

"Why *do* you always eat so much at breakfast?"

"You worried I'm gonna put on some weight, sugar?"

Shit, forgot the whole women and eating thing. That was a no-no. "No, just wonderin'."

"Breakfast food is cheapest. You get the most bang for your buck, and it keeps you full for most of the rest of the day."

Hmm, makes sense. Smart girl.


"It's not that I don't like country music, I'm just saying, can't we listen to something else for a while?"

"Like what?"

"See if there's a top 40 radio station or something."


Damn radio reception is for shit.

"There - there's one."

I want it that way.....tell me why.....

"This sounds familiar." Why the hell is that?

"Yeah, it's a Backstreet Boys song."

"Why the hell would I know a Backstreet Boys song?"

She's laughin'. What's so damn funny?

"Probably same reason I know every George Jones song. You must've gotten it from me, Logan. Unless there's something you'd like to tell me....."



She's drawin' somethin'. I wonder what. She's been drawin' for a half hour. Still need to find an art supply store somewhere. Wanna be sure to get her what she needs.

She looks like she's concentrating so hard. She gets so absorbed in it. That's really her gift.

Dammit, bump. Gotta look out for the fucking potholes. Gotta be hard to draw when we're drivin'.

Wonder what it is. She likes to draw me, maybe it's me. She has a serious thing for some of my features. The other day, she was on about my ears. Fuck, I don't think anyone else has ever noticed my ears. Except, you know, to try to rip them off in a fight or something. That one Sabretooth got healed real good.

Maybe she's drawing her. Wonder how she does that when she's not lookin' in a mirror or somethin'. I guess she knows what she looks like. Maybe I can ask her to draw another bike. She could probably manage that with pencil and paper.


"Oh, be patient, I'm almost done."

"Are you gonna tell me what it is then?"

"Maybe." I like it when she teases me. Nobody teases me. Probably because they're afraid I'll kick the shit out of them.

"Is it me?"

"Hey! I draw other things besides you."

Got her. "It is me, isn't it?"

"Well, I can't help it if you're a compelling subject."

"C'mon. Show me."

"Oh all right, I guess it's as done as it's going to be."

Damn, what part of me is that? Oh, OK, my knuckles. With a little scrape on them? I don't have a - wait a minute, I did, this morning for a second. When I was fixing the wire. She drew it from memory.


"Why'd you draw that?" Weird part to focus on. Claws under there and -

"It caught my attention."

"Hmm." Wonder if she *is* pissed about this morning 'cause the scrape was when I was bitchin' about -


"Dunno. You mad about what I said about the car?"


"That's when I scraped 'em, when I was fixin' the car and bitchin'."

"No, it just happened to catch my attention in the middle of your bitching."


"You don't like this one."

"It's a real good drawing."

"But it bothers you."

"I guess. I don't like that part of me."


You know, this sucks. She should know I can't say things and make them come out right. And now she thinks I didn't like her drawing. I'm just not good at this shit.

And she's all quiet, just starin' out the window. Fuck. Usually when I fuck up, she'll say something. She's pretty good at calling me on shit.

"Hey, kid?"


"You're quiet."

"Yeah. Thinking, I guess."




Shit, finally. I thought she was never gonna talk. "Yeah?"

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure." Just as long as you keep talkin' to me.

"I can guess why you don't like the claws - I mean, they weren't your choice, and bad memories, I understand - but why don't you like your hands, your knuckles? I mean, that's you, part of you."

This is what she's been thinkin' on for the past God knows how long? Why I don't like my hands?

"Yeah, I guess."


"I don't know what to tell ya, kid. I just don't like 'em. Don't let it bother you or nothin'."

That wasn't the right thing to say. She's wearin' the sad look.

"You have beautiful hands, though."


"Wanna stop for somethin' to eat soon?"

"Sure. I am getting a little hungry."


"Are we gonna stop for the night tonight, or are you thinking about driving through?"

"Dunno." Could stop at a motel, still enough towns around down here. Wanna get some distance, though. "What do you want to do?"

"Doesn't matter to me. I could sleep in a bed again, but on the other hand, we could save the money we'd spend on a motel. If you do want to drive through, you should let me drive a while after we stop."


"I like your hands." I shoulda known she hadn't forgotten about that.

"Good. You drew 'em real good."

"It bothers me that you don't like them because I wonder how you can not like something that makes me feel so good."

The hell? Not that that didn't sound good, but - she musta caught my look 'cause there she goes blushing. Damn, that looks all kinds of good on her. You know, it's times like this I realize, if I was honest with myself, I'd admit that I wanted her from the word go. But even I'm not that big an asshole. Well, that, and once we got to Chuck's there was no way. They'd kinda frown on it a little more than bar owners and fight announcers woulda.

"I-I mean, when you touch me." More blushing. Shit, she's gonna turn beet red in a minute. "I mean your hands feel good when you touch me. Even through gloves or clothes, I like it." She's tryin' to get herself together now, to explain it right. I know that look in her eye. "See, there's three kinds of people who touch me."


"People who make me feel uncomfortable, people that I don't mind touching me, and people that feel good. You're pretty much the only person that's ever felt good."

Damn, I could kiss her right now. I could pull right over on the side of the road and kiss her for that.


"Don't you want nothin' else?"

"No, but I think I'll take the other half of the sandwich with us for later."

She didn't eat much. Wonder if she's OK. She seems OK, but what the hell do I know?

"I'm gonna get some pie."

"Maybe I'll steal a bite." God, I wonder if she knows how her eyes shine when she teases like that.

"Yeah? Who said I'd let ya? You can get your own dessert."

"I just want a bite." Damn if that didn't come out all seductive. Little vixen. "You don't usually mind sharing with me." I swear, she's pouting. It's sexy.

"I'll make you a deal. Bite of the pie if you make me another drawing." Two can play at that game. And you like it when I touch you, so I'm just gonna grab that little gloved hand. Start touching you.

"You have anything special in mind?" Her breathing changed. Got her.

"Maybe another bike?"

"I could do that, but....." Got a touch of the devil in her eye. She's up to something.


"Well, if you're going to make a request, I thought you might ask for a picture of me, you know, or a particular part of me."

Shit, shit shit. Now that's fucking tempting, and she's just smiling over at me with those big full lips and smelling real good and -

"It's going to have to wait until daylight, but I'd be open to suggestion."

Fuck. I have some prime suggestions, girlie.

"You pick. A part of you, though. Nothin' better than that one picture of you that you sent before."

"Flatterer." Now she's rubbing my hand back. Little flirt.


"I vote motel."

"You tired already?" Shouldn't take her up on it when she offers to drive. She's still got the headaches and I can tell it bothers her, especially night driving.

"No, no I'm fine. Just have that insane urge to sleep in a bed."

"Gotta suppress that."

That's a smile I like. Her pleased smile. When I've done something to please her.

"Want me to drive some?"

"In a little bit. I'm OK."


"There's really not that much to tell, honest."

"I wanna know."

"I just kind of lugged you across Arizona. I grabbed some day labor jobs and did paintings with the canvases I had left. Not much more to tell."

"Why don't you wanna talk about it?"

She's getting pissed, I can tell, but ever since I made a joke about me being out for so long, she's been real quiet and I wanna know what the fuck -

"It's just stressful to think about. I was scared, and I didn't know what was going to happen to us."

"I'm sorry, kid."

"It's OK. It's over now. I just....I just don't really like to talk about it."

Maybe I shouldn't push her. God knows there are enough things she just lets me drop.

"Hey - you don't hafta be OK now, you know. I can take care of us now."

Oh shit, that was wrong, she's gonna cry. Is she -she's pulling over. Aw, fuck.

"Marie - "

Ooomph. She's gonna hug the life outta me. Shit. She's crying, really crying now. Maybe that was the right thing to say.


"I can drive a little more, really."

"Nope. I got it covered."

Didn't know there was still so much in there about what happened. She's still crying a little. Should've been paying attention better. Take my head out of my ass once in a while. I've been still letting her do stuff that maybe I shouldnta. Fuck.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, darlin'. You just sit back and close your eyes, OK? I'll let you know when we come up on a motel."


I gotta say something before we start driving again, and it's not gonna come out right, but fuck it.

"Look, Marie, I'm gonna take care of us now. I promise. I haven't been good at keepin' that promise, I know. I was almost too late when Magneto got you, I was nowhere to be found when Sabretooth got you. You're the one that had to take that bastard out in Texas, and you're the one that had to get me outta that house in Los Alamos and deal with all the fallout. That's gonna stop right now. Got it?"

"We're a team, Logan, partners. I can carry my own weight."

"You carried me a whole fucking lot these past few weeks. My turn." I sound mad. Fuck, I didn't mean to be so -

"I wish I could kiss you right now."

Fuck, when she looks at me like that, God, I wonder if she knows what that feels like for me. I wonder if she knows what it does to me.

"Come here." The scarf. I can use the scarf to kiss her and I'll be careful and -

God, she tastes good, even through the scarf. Want her. Bad. God.....

Get it under control, Logan. Can't throw her into the back seat. She's not ready. She's not ready. She's not ready.


"Very." She's all flushed again, damn.


"Hey - thanks for catering to my emotional breakdown."

"Anytime, kid."


I've never seen someone look so pretty when they sleep. She always gets embarrassed in the morning because she thinks she looks weird and her hair gets all messed up. She drools on me sometimes too, and I always tell her I don't mind, but I know she's embarrassed by it.

She had to be scared to death to face Sabretooth at that campground, but she held her ground and took him down. For the second time. Those goddamn x-geeks weren't doin' any better at keepin' her safe than I have. And that's a damn poor state of affairs. She deserves a lot better.

There she goes again, moanin' a little in her sleep. It's a nightmare, I can tell. She starts to toss and turn and she frowns and crinkles her eyebrows. She's had a couple since we've been on the road, since Westchester. Probably mine. Fuck.

I gotta quit fucking up with her. I've done as much bad as good where she's concerned and I gotta start making up for it.



"Shh." Stay asleep, don't wake up.

"Where are we?"

"Found a motel."

"Are you carrying me?"

"Yeah, just go back to sleep, darlin'. I'll put you in the bed."

"I was having bad dreams....."

"I know. It's OK. They're just dreams." I can never think of anything good to say to her when she wakes up from a nightmare. She always makes me feel better, and I can't remember her ever sayin' anything, just hangin' on to me real tight and - oh yeah, got it.

"Are you coming to bed with me?"

"Yeah, just let me get your shoes off. And your gloves."

"No, Logan, leave them on."

"No, baby, I'll put mine on."

"Come to bed with me."

"Right now, darlin'."



What the fuck?

"No, please...."

God, it's Marie. Nightmare. Fuck, I thought she'd gone down into deep sleep. Fuck.


"Marie, shh. It's OK."


I could kill that fucking bastard Sabretooth. Or Magneto, or Mystique, or those government fuckers, or whoever is screwing with her in her dream. I am gonna kill them, as soon as I get the chance. They're fucked as hell, they just don't know it yet.



"Logan - "


"Don't leave me."

Oh God. It's me, it's me in her fucking nightmare. God. It's me.

"Mmmph. Logan?" She's up now.

"I'm here, I'm right here." Fuck, I scared her too. I scared her bad. She couldn't still think I might leave, after everything she - well of course she does, or she wouldn't be having nightmares about it, dumb ass. Fuck. Of course she does, I left her once in New York and I would've left her in Nevada if she hadn't just about exploded her own head. Fuck, fuck, fuck. She must fucking hate me for that.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to wake you."

How can she do that? How can she just roll over into me and move her hands over my chest and say she's sorry for waking me after she's having a fucking nightmare *about* me? Goddamn it, I -

"Logan? You OK?"

"Yeah. I'm right here, darlin'. You just go back to sleep. I'm not goin' anywhere."

"Did I say something?"

"You were dreamin' about me leavin'. Don't you worry about that any more, OK?"

I gotta make her understand. I don't wanna be one of her nightmares, please, God.




I just wanna watch for a while. You look so pretty when you're asleep. You're havin' good dreams now, I can tell. You got that little smile on your lips.

I'm gonna take care of you, baby. You're the only person I've ever given a shit about and I'm not gonna let you down. I'm gonna make sure you know that too. Everything's gonna change, from here on out. I promise.


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