Eighteen Memories - Logan

Title: Eighteen Memories - Logan
Author: Terri
Email: xgrrl26@yahoo.com
Rating: PG
Summary: Sequel to Eighteen Memories - Rogue. Logan can't keep his mind off Marie as he tries to rescue her.
Series: Eighteen #6
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Comments: I am proud, and also a little embarrassed, to say that we have finally reached
the point where this really won't make any sense if you haven't read the previous stories.


Fuck. She's not in here and I can smell that shapeshifting bitch all over the place. Fuck. Shoulda been payin' more attention. I shoulda smelled her out in the restaurant. Fuck.

<"Back in a minute, sugar." Watchin' her head for the ladies room and tryin' not to be too obvious about checking out her ass.>

She's not too long gone, though. Went out through this window. Fuck, I won't fit through there. Gotta circle around outside.

<Her foldin' her clothes and packin' us up, wet hair slappin' her face. "Logan, did you see my other shoes?" "I think they're under the bed, darlin.'" Feels so normal with her sometimes.>

There's the scent. She took her in a car that was parked right here. Where would she take her? She'd want privacy, maybe out in the woods? Couldn't go too far out though, she's not built to cover rough terrain. But I guess she could shapeshift into somethin' that was. Fuck.

<Watchin' her sleep this morning, love how she always smiles at me when she opens her eyes. Like she's so damn happy and just a little bit surprised to wake up with me in her bed.>

Gotta find her. Fast.

"Hello, Xavier's Academy, Storm speaking."

"It's Logan. I lost Rogue. Is Chuck there? Can he use his brain thing to find her?"

"You lost her?"

"Mystique took her."

"Hold the line. I will ask the Professor to use Cerebro."

<Her blushing when we pulled into the parking lot. "I have something for you." "Yeah?" "It's your pie picture." Gorgeous drawing of her bare back. If she looks even half as good as the picture....>



"He is looking. What else can we do?"

"Just find her for me. I can take Mystique. I have before."

<Feelin' her rush into me, feelin' how much emotion, how much life there is in her. Scares me to feel it. Scares me more to know so much of it is about me.>



"I said, are you certain that Mystique is alone?"

"Fuck. No. No I'm not."

<Her voice over the phone, tellin' me Sabretooth clawed her. Tryin' not to scare me, but I can tell from her voice it scared her. I know her.>

"Logan, we have her. She's not far from where you are, and she's alone. She's trying to free herself -Mystique tied her up."

"Is she all right?"

<Marie screaming, trapped in that damn machine. Don't care, don't care what I have to do to make it stop. Can't let her hurt like that.>

"Yes, the Professor thinks so. She's frightened and very upset, but she's all right. I have her coordinates."

"Go ahead."

"Logan, Sabretooth is close, he appears to have acquired her trail."


<Readin' those poems, almost couldn't breathe. Never knew any other ones, except kids' rhymes. Those are me and her and the both of us, and I wonder how the hell she can see all that, know all that.>

"We're on our way."

"Stay there. You won't make it in time."

<How determined she looks when she's under stress. Glimpses I can't really remember of her in Arizona.>

Can't drive any further. That's all right, this is my territory. I can smell her now, her and that blue bitch. I'm gonna fucking kill Mystique. I'm gonna fucking kill her.

<Love the way she smells. The best is when she's sleeping and not having nightmares. The second best is her in the shower 'cause the hot water opens up her pores and it's so strong just before she uses the soap.>

Almost there. Wait, fuck, what's that? Shit, that's Sabretooth. I'd recognize that putrid stink anywhere.

<Arguing with her in Santa Fe about followin' Sabretooth. Tellin' her to get her ass back to Scooter and Chuck. Shoulda made her promise to do it. Always means somethin' to her to make a promise.>

He got here ahead of me, but not too far ahead. That bastard is dead fucking meat. If he hurts her.....

<The way she broke down and cried when I said I'd take care of the both of us. Didn't realize until then what it'd cost her.>

If he hurts her, if he lays a fucking hand on her, there's gonna be nothing but little chunks of him left. Fuck, gotta hurry.

<Her curlin' up against my back after I almost killed her in my sleep for the second damn time. How she just did it, like nothin'. How her hands felt pressed to my stomach. How I always relax a little when she puts her hands on me anywhere.>

That must be the cabin. Door's off the hinges, he's in there with her.

<Her worried that I don't like my hands. Thinkin' about it for a whole damn afternoon. No one ever gave a shit about what I like, but I want her to and I like that she does.>

About another three hundred yards. Hang on, darlin'.

<Kissing her and feelin' like hell on fire just tastin' her through that scarf.>

Hang on. I'm comin'.

<Runnin' my hands over her back, gettin' her back to sleep after her nightmare. Wonderin' how she can stand to have my hands on her when she wakes up cryin' 'cause of me.>

A hundred yards, maybe less. Gonna fucking kill him.

<Gettin' her outta Magneto's machine, holdin' her, tryin' to make her live. Knowin' I'll give up my life for hers. Beggin' God to take it.>

Gonna take his fucking head off. He better not have hurt her.

<Comin' back to Chuck's to get her. Knew I had to keep her safe.>

Hang on baby. Just hang on.