Eighteen Letters and One Phone Call

Title: Eighteen Letters and One Phone Call
Author: Terri
Email: xgrrl26@yahoo.com
Rating: PG-13, swearing and a touch of violence
Summary: Logan and Rogue relate with the help of the postal system.
Series: Eighteen #1
Disclaimer: So very not mine, any of them.
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Comments: Any spelling and grammatical mistakes are Logan's (mostly) and Rogue's (she's actually pretty good about that kind of thing).

April 30th

Hey Kid,

Just wanted to send you this.  Saw it in the window of one of those little stores in downtown Calgary.  Scared the hell out of the saleslady when I walked in.  Stay out of trouble.  If you need to reach me, send a note to the PO Box on the envelope.  I'll check it once in a while.


May 2nd

Dear Logan,

Thank you so much for the scarf!  It's beautiful, and the perfect shade of green for me.  I have been staying out of trouble, and, in fact, I might even graduate with honors (although it'll be close - I'm not really a natural at calculus).    I like my classes, and the school, even if my roomates  Kitty and Jubilee  get on my nerves sometimes.  They're always shopping or chasing boys, and I'd rather just read or draw.  I'm really getting good at drawing and watercolors  my art teacher said that he'd let me try oil paints next week.  He says I'm a "natural" but I think it's less that I'm so good and more that all the other kids aren't really into art at all.

The Professor has been helping me sort out everybody in my head and helping me try to control my power.  I've made some progress on #1, but nothing on #2 so far.  You would have laughed  I was in his office one day, and, out of nowhere I called him "Chuck."  He got this really surprised expression, just for a second, and I thought that if anyone could surprise the best telepath ever, it would naturally be you.  Or you inside my head.  You know what I mean. 

OK, I feel like I should tell you this, but I'm not sure how to do it.  You might want to sit down, wherever you're reading this, or go find somewhere where there's lots of things to break and not a lot of people around.  Find a good spot?  OK.  Scott and Jean have set a date for their wedding.  June 18th.  I'm sorry to have to tell you, but I thought you might want to know.  You know, just in case you needed to know how long you had to come back and convince Jean not to go through with it or something.  I haven't really tried very hard to stop calling Scott "Scooter" if it makes you feel any better.

Anyway, enough of my babbling on.  I hope you're safe, and not fighting, and finding out good things (or at least something) about your past.  I miss you.  It's not the same without you here.  I wanted to send you a little present or something, but I really don't have any money for stuff, and I don't want to use the Professor's credit card for stuff any more than I have to.  So I did this little watercolor of one of the irises in Storm's garden.  I thought it was something you wouldn't see in Canada.  I hope you like it.


May 14th

Hey Kid,

Got your last letter.  I liked the flower, and no, I haven't seen anything like it in Canada.  Look, I don't think I'll make it back before the wedding.  Give Scott a hard time for me.  I might be on to something, and I'm gonna play it out.  There's a different PO box on the return.  If you need me, write there.


And hey  use the money for whatever you want.  Let me know if you need more.  You don't have to look to Chuck for everything.

May 18th

Dear Logan,

I didn't write what I did for you to send me money.  I'm doing OK here.  The Professor covers all the basics.  But thanks for the money, and, once I get it changed from Canadian, I think I'm going to spend a little of it on some art supplies for myself.  I hope that's OK with you. 

I'm glad to hear you are on to something.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.  Just be careful, you know?  Wear your seatbelt and all :)

I graduated last weekend  with honors, thank you very much.  Calculus was a squeaker, but I pulled out a B+ on the final.  There was a big party, and a dance.  It was a lot of fun, even if I didn't really get to dance.  I think Bobby wanted to ask me, but was a little too afraid to.  I guess it's partly my fault.  I wore this green dress (with the scarf you gave me) that was sleveless.  I had long gloves on, but there was still quite a bit of skin showing.  More than usual.  I guess I just wanted to be a little normal and have a good time at the party.  No one really said anything, or acted weird, but no one danced with me either.  It was kind of a bummer, but I guess that's the deal when you have life-absorbing skin.  And I did really have a good time with Kitty and Jubes and the girls.

But hey, enough of that.  I have good news!  I started doing some oil painting, just a few things for class.  My art teacher liked my final project so much that he offered to take it to be displayed at one of the little galleries in town.  The owner of the gallery agreed, and now I am a bona-fide artist!  It's a painting of the statue of liberty flame, how I remembered it with all the white light and spinning circles.  It's kind of impressionistic, and I find it a little disturbing to look at, given the memories and all, but people really seem to like it.  No one's bought it yet, though.  I'm working on another one, this time I think it'll be the train we were on.  Sounds a little morbid, I know, but the Professor says I'm "working out my issues." 

I did the little piece inside as an experiment  it's the first time I tried sculpture.  I tried metal  Magneto liked that a little too much  and wood (too soft) before settling on stone.  It's supposed to be a native american god of the wilderness, and I just thought it seemed appropriate for you, wandering around out there.  I miss you.  Write back (and don't send any money this time!  I'm not opposed to presents, though.) and take care of yourself.


June 7th

Hey Kid,

Sorry it took me so long to write.  I had stuff to do.  There's a different PO Box address on the envelope. 

If those geeks don't have the good sense to dance with you, then you don't need em.  I bet you looked real nice.  Congradulations on your painting too.  Save one for me, huh? 

You didn't say anything about what college you're going to.  I know you said you didn't need money, but I sent some more anyway.  Get what you need and don't worry about it. 


You did real good on the nature god thing too. 

June 11th

Dear Logan,

Good Lord almighty, would you stop sending me money?  I'm going to put it in the bank and keep it for you until you get back.  I might spend a little on a new canvas and some paint, but that's it.  Most of it will be right here waiting for you.  And of course I'll save a painting for you.  In fact, I think I'll make one special, just for you.  I'm not telling what it'll be, though.  It can be a surprise.

I know you mentioned college, and, please don't be mad, but I decided not to go, at least not this year.  I'm taking some classes at the art institute, but not full-time.  I talked it over with the Professor, and Scott, and they thought that I might want to do some distance learning classes over the internet or something, because it's hard to be around lots of new people who don't really understand the whole thing about my skin.  They're right  I'd just be too nervous.  And really, I'm only interested in art.  So I decided I'd take a few classes at a time, at the local art institute, in person.  I signed up for two small-size classes  watercolor and charcoal.  I've never tried charcoal and I'm really looking forward to it.  I got a job, too, helping out at the art institute after classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.   Most people don't really notice me  I guess artists are allowed to be eccentric and all covered in clothing.  Come to think about it, I'm one of the least weird students there.

Did I mention that my painting at the gallery sold?  Oh my, you'd better sit down for this one.  At first I was thrilled  it sold for $1,500 and I got to keep half!  But when I asked who bought it, the owner got all mysterious, and, to make a long story short, Magneto turned out to be the buyer.  How sick is that?  He must've sent Mystique or something.  It makes me wish I'd never painted the damn thing in the first place.  I just start shaking everytime I think about it.  The Professor is going to visit him in prison tomorrow.  He said he'd try to talk him into giving up the painting because he knows how much it bothers me.  I don't think he will.  I mean, I know he won't  the Magneto in my head is laughing his ass off about it, he thinks it's funny.  Bastard.  I mean, isn't he ever going to leave me alone?  I have the white streaks in my hair to remind me every day what happened, isn't that enough?

Sorry.  Enough ranting and raving.  What else is new?  There's a new student at Xavier's.  His name is Remy.  He's very cute, and he keeps asking me out.  He's a few years older than me, and he could probably have any girl he wanted.  He's got this french accent  he's from New Orleans or something  and all the girls just melt when he talks to them.  I can't really figure out why he's so interested in me.  I haven't decided whether to go out with him or not.  I'm kind of scared to, but I kind of want to, too.  The Professor says that maybe I'm afraid of letting someone get close to me, and maybe I am.  But I have a good reason.  I don't want any more people in my head.  It's one thing to go out on a little date, but what if something happens and I end up with him in my head all the time?  I have to think about it some more.  Any advice you have in this area would be greatly appreciated  and I know you have the experience to be of some help here :)

Did you find anything?  Are you doing OK?  I keep forgetting to mention this, but Scott wants his bike back pretty bad.  The wedding is next week, and I swear he still talks more about that bike than the upcoming nuptuals.  I guess weddings aren't really "guy" things, though.  Do you want me to not talk about this?  I won't if you want.

And now  the present portion of my letter.  This time, it's a poem.  I didn't write it, it's by Anna Ahkmatova, a russian poet.  It's kind of dark, but I just thought you might really get it. Enjoy.  I miss you.  Take care of yourself.


Wild honey has the scent of freedom
Dust  of a ray of sun
A girl's mouth  of a violet
And gold  has no perfume

Watery, the minionette
And like an apple  love
But we have found out forever
That blood smells only of blood

June 18th

Hey Kid,

Got your last letter.  Don't let Chuck and Scooter decide for you what to do about school.  If you don't wanna go don't, but not because of them or your skin or anything else.  I'll pay for it if they don't agree.  You're 18 now, right?  So you decide, not them.  And you don't have to get a job if you wanna take classes.  I'm sending some money, and I don't wanna hear any complaints.  No job while you're taking classes.

As for Magneto that rat bastard is gonna get what's coming to him just as soon as I get back.  Don't let him bother you.

I don't think you should go out with this Remy guy.  He sounds like bad news.  You should wait for someone who's all about you, who doesn't even notice other girls.  Not some French tomcatting flirt.  But it's up to you.  A lot of guys are gonna be interested in you, you can have your pick.

It doesn't bother me to hear about Scooter and the wedding.  And you can tell him I wrecked the bike.  Not really  but let him sweat a little.

I'll be at this PO box for a while.  Got to sort some stuff out.  Write again.


I did get the poem, but I wish you didn't understand things like that.  Sorry, kid.

June 22nd

Dear Logan,

I was surprised you wrote back so soon!  I'm glad to hear from you. 

I think I'll stick with the art classes for now, but thanks for offering to pay and all.  I like charcoal a lot more than I ever thought I would, and I'm doing well in watercolor too.  As for the job  I really don't mind it, and I just like having a little bit of my own money, you know?  It's an independence thing.  Not that I'm not completely grateful to you for sending me money, but I need to have a little that's just mine.  I hope you understand and don't think I'm being an ungrateful bitch about it. 

I didn't go out with Remy (yet) but he keeps trying.  Kitty went out on a two dates with him, then slept with him.  Right after that, he broke it off and she cried for two days.  Which didn't really make me want to date him.  I told him after that I'd never go out with him, but I guess he is being persistent.  He said sleeping with Kitty was a mistake, and that he wanted to break it off sooner rather than later.  I don't know if I believe him or not.  The you in my head has been pretty growly about it and even Magneto isn't too fond of him.  It's just that he's the only guy that's been interested in me, you know? 

There is this one guy at school I kind of like.  His name is David and he's normal.  He's not exactly shy, but not real outgoing either.  He said he liked my charcoal of the fruit bowl (we all had to do a still life) and he started always sitting next to me.  I can't tell if he likes me or not, and even if he does, what should I do then?  Hi, I'm Rogue, and if you touch me I'll suck your life out, so, hey, how about a date?  Ugh.

The wedding was nice.  I told Scott that you wrote that you wrecked the bike  which, technically, isn't a lie  the night before. He just about choked to death on his wine.  I think Jean knew it wasn't true  she has to, right?  but she played along.  I felt a little guilty because Scott asked me to dance at the reception, which was really nice.  I think he noticed that I didn't get to dance at graduation.

I got my own room  your old room, actually.  It's more comfortable to have some space to myself.  I love Kitty and Jubes, but, God, they were on my last nerve.  Plus, I can walk around however I want when I'm by myself without scaring anyone.  I just close the door, and, voila, no gloves, bare arms and legs, and naked feet, even. 

I miss you.  I hope you're safe and OK.  I worry about you, you know? 

I hope you'll like this present.  We all had to do a self-portrait in charcoal, but it could be in any style  impressionist, cubist, etc.  that we wanted.  I think I kind of invented my own style for this one.   You're probably looking at it and thinking "what the hell?" so I'll give you a hint.  It's part of me, in an extreme close up.  See if you can figure it out.  Kind of a puzzle-present.

Write again soon.  And I'd tell you not to send any more money, but that has proven ineffective so far.


PS  Don't worry about the poem.

July 5th

Hey Kid,

New PO Box on the envelope, and I'm kinda short for time. 

It's your jaw and neck in the picture.  That was an easy one.  It's a good drawing. 

I understand about the job, but don't work too much. 

Stay the hell away from Remy.  That's the oldest excuse in the book.  The David kid sounds nicer.  Ask him out if you like him.  Who wouldn't want to go out with you?


Hope you like the present.  And spend the money how you want.

July 10th

Dear Logan,

I loved it!  I don't think I've ever gotten anything so beautiful.  I wear silver all the time, and the little pearls on the bracelet make it just perfect.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I did what you suggested and asked David out.  We had a good time, but when he tried to kiss me good night, I had to explain about my skin.  I think he was a little surprised, and he acted a little weird.  But he sat beside me again today and asked me to have coffee with him after class, and he seemed kind of OK with it.  I'm leaving the next move up to him.

Remy  good lord, that boy doesn't know when to quit.  Jubes let it leak that I was dating someone at school and Remy was all over me about who it was and why was I dating him instead of Remy?  You'd think he'd never been turned down for a date before, and, come to think of it, he's so good looking, that might be true.  Anyway, I was starting to get kind of pissed off about the whole thing, and we ended up having a screaming fight right out in the hall.  Well, I tried to get the last word in and walk away, but he grabbed me by the arm.  It was covered, thank God, but that just made me see red.  I whirled around and backhanded him as hard as I could.  I think he was just shocked.  I started yelling how I didn't want him to ever lay a hand on me ever again, and Storm came up the stairs and shooed him away.  I saw him the next day and we both kind of apologized, and let it go at that.  I hope he'll leave it alone.

I want you to know I've spent about $400 of the money on canvases, brushes, and paint.  I wanted to get going in oils again, and I didn't want to wait for class.  It's a little frivolous, I know, but I really feel at home in oils.  I've been putting away my job money for a car, and I hope it's OK if I take some of your money for it too.  Let me know next letter.

I miss you and hope you are OK.  I would write more, but I have to work on a project for class.  I hope the cool present makes up for the lack of letter length.


July 24th

Hey Kid,

Best present yet.  Where did you learn to draw motorcycles like that? 

You tell this Remy bastard from me to stay the hell away from you.  As it is, he ain't gonna be happy to see me when I come back.  You smack him again if he gets fresh, or tell Scooter or Chuck. 

I said spend the money how you want, and a car and the art stuff sound good to me. 

Listen, I need to do a few things, and I'll be incommunicado for a while.  Keep writing, and you can send stuff to this PO, I'll come back to it.  Just don't worry if you don't hear from me for a little while. 


Take care of yourself.

August 1st

Dear Logan,

I hope you're OK.  The last letter had me a little worried.  But I'm just going to keep writing, like you said. 

David finally asked me out again.  We had fun.  I can tell he's scared of my skin, but trying not to be.  I don't know if I'll go out with him again or not.  He's so uncomfortable around me, and I feel like he's doing it to show he's open-minded or whatever. 

I got a surprise in the mail today.  It was a letter from my momma back in Mississippi.  I don't know how she knew where to find me.  It said that my daddy died, and that I could come down to see her if I wanted.  That's it.  I don't know what I was expecting  maybe I still love you Marie, please come home.  I don't know.  I have to stop wishing for things I'll never have.  You know, I don't really want to talk about that anymore. 

I got another oil painting displayed at the gallery.  It's the train, like I said.  I made the owner promise on pain of, well, pain, that she'd let me approve the buyer beforehand.  God knows I don't need this one hanging in Sabretooth's living room or something.  I'm hoping that some normal person will actually like it and buy it.  Wouldn't that be a nice change of pace in my life?

Sorry.  I'm in a rotten mood, and I shouldn't have written.  I'll write again in a few days.  Miss you.


Sorry no present this time

August 5th

Dear Logan,

I did go out again with David, and my mood is improved.  We had a good time, and I decided even if he's not doing it just because he likes me, I can still go out and have fun, right?  So I did.   

I have to register for the fall session and I can't decide between pottery and sculpture.  I'm taking oils for sure, I just couldn't wait.  I'm thinking maybe pottery  something totally new.  And useful.  Maybe you'll start getting vases and ashtrays for presents. 

I got a car  a used Jeep.  Not the most practical choice, as Scott incessantly reminds me, but it's what I wanted.  I like having my own car, not having to ask to borrow one.  I only used $1,000 of your money  I made the rest up from my savings, and I don't want to hear a word about that.  Really.  I'll take you for a ride when you get back.  It has a soft top.  I just love it!

I know you said you'd be a while, and I'm a little worried about that, so I decided on short, but more frequent letters.  But I did manage a present this time  hope you like it.  I think it's the best one I've done (ha, ha), but let me know what you think.  I bet the motorcycle's still your favorite :)


I'm not going to say I miss you because you know that and I'm not going to say I hope you're OK because I don't want to jinx anything.

September 2nd

Dear Logan,

OK, so not as frequent as I'd hoped.  When you read this, sit down, and let me start by telling you that I am absolutely OK.  Really.

I was parking my car and heading to class when out of nowhere, someone grabbed me from behind.  It turned out to be Sabretooth.  He had me in his truck before I even knew what hit me.  He was covered head to toe, and I couldn't touch him anywhere, even if I wanted to.  I was very scared, and I called out to the Professor in my head.  We drove for two hours fifteen minutes (I was trying to keep track of how far we'd gone, even though I couldn't see anything out the back of the truck) and he left me in the truck for about a half hour. 

When he finally got me out, he dragged me to this little shack, and I realized we were out in the woods.  He hit me right in the side of the head, and he must have knocked me out, because when I woke up, I was tied to a chair in the middle of the room.  He hadn't said a word to me the whole time, and I was getting freaked out.  He just kept pacing back and forth in front of me.  Finally, he bent down real close to me, and I could've touched his face with mine, but I didn't really want to do that unless I had no other choice.  I don't want that sick bastard in my head, ever, and I was hoping the Professor heard me and help was on the way.

When he didn't move for a couple minutes, I couldn't take it any more and asked what he wanted.  He said that Magneto knew things about his past and he wanted to know them.  He said he knew I still had Magneto in my head.  I told him I didn't know anything, but he said he'd change my mind about that, and I started to get this cold, sinking feeling.  So I tried to find Magneto, and  here's the really weird part  all those thoughts just came right up.  I saw everything Magneto knew about the guy.  It wasn't very pretty. 

Anyway, that's when Scott and the others must've shown up because Sabretooth turned to the door fast, like he smelled them.  Long story short  Scott got knocked out when Sabretooth hit him with part of the house, Jean got knocked out when Sabretooth threw her into a tree, and 'Ro got knocked out when Sabretooth grabbed her by the leg and sent her flying into the side of a hill.  Luckily, I got out of the ropes in the mean time and snuck up on him from behind while he was busy with 'Ro.  I grabbed for a knife he had on the bed, and I stabbed him right in the back of the neck.  I'm pretty sure I severed his spinal cord.  Jean came to, and we all got the hell out of there. 

I wouldn't have told you this at all, because I know you'll just worry, but the things Magneto knew  Sabretooth's past  it looked a lot like your nightmares, Logan.  There were military people, medical people, and a lab.  Lots of water in a tank, some kind of experiments going on.  I figured you should know.  Maybe it will help. 

From then on, I've been really careful going to and from school, and it's been very quiet  not a lot of action for the x-team.  So don't worry.  We're all fine.

Write soon.  I need to hear from you, and know you're OK.


September 4th

Dear Logan,

I do not mean to transgress on your privacy or Rogue's, however, I suspected that she'd been writing you.  If this reaches you, please consider coming home.  Rogue had a run-in with Sabretooth.  She was injured, severely, but it was she who managed to disable Sabretooth long enough for all of us to make an escape.  She is recovering, but she spent almost two weeks in the medlab.  She lost a lot of blood, and is still somewhat out of sorts, even though she has insisted on returning to school.  She will not discuss in detail what occurred in that cabin, but we found her tied to a chair, and her nightmares have increased in frequency and intensity.  She will only say that she will be fine, and I am worried.  Perhaps she will talk with you.


September 5th

Dear Logan,

Whatever 'Ro wrote to you, ignore it.  I'm fine, really.  I could smell her all over my dresser and on the slip of paper with your address.  She's just overreacting.  I'm fine.  Everything is still quiet here. 

I hope you're OK.  Please write as soon as you can.  And there's no law against calling, you know.


September 12th

"I want to speak to Rogue."

"Oui, may I say who is calling?"

"Are you Remy?"

"Oui, and who might you be?"

"You stay the hell away from Rogue, do you understand me, dickhead?"

"Ah, you must be Wolverine, no?  De one on Rogue's tags."

"Damn straight, bub.  Put her on the phone."

"Now, do you wan' me to put la belle femme on de phone or do you wan' me to stay the hell away from her, homme?  It seems dat Remy can' do both."

"Do you wanna keep your right ball or your left one?"

"I'll get her."


"Hello?  Logan?"

"Yeah, kid.  What the hell is going on there?"

"Oh, God, I wish 'Ro hadn't written to you.  I knew she'd say something to make you worry, and really, it's fine."

"Getting kidnapped by Sabretooth isn't fucking fine!"

"Logan  "

"Goddamn it!  Can't they keep you safe for a single minute?"

"Logan  "

"I swear, when I get my hands on him, I'm gonna  "

"LOGAN!  I am fine.  Jean is fine.  We are all fine."

"Like hell you are.  'Ro said you lost a lot of blood."



"I wish she hadn't told you that.  I lost a little blood, yes, due to the, um, clawing, but I'm fine now."

"What the hell did he do to you?"

"Nothing.  Nothing very bad.  Really, Logan."

"Marie, darlin', just tell me what he did to you.  Please."

"He, uh, gave me a concussion, and he tied me to a chair.  I told you that in the letter."

"What else?"

"He, um, clawed at me a little when I didn't tell him what Magneto knew.  He made some, um, gashes across my stomach and legs.  He hit a vein or something in my thigh.  It's really just some scratches, and I'll be fine."

"Shit.  Fuck.  Damn."

"I'm fine, really.  I promise.  You know I wouldn't promise if I wasn't.  What about you?  Are you OK?"


"Are you OK, Logan?"

"Yeah.  Look, do you want medo you want me to come back?"

"No.  Absolutely not.  I'm just fine."

"Kid, I'll come back if you need  "

"No.  No way.  Do what you need to do. Come back when you're ready.  I'll be here.........Have you found anything?"

"Nothing good."



"Listen, Marie, I don't have much longer on this phone card.  You write to me, same PO box.  I'll be home soon.  I just gotta do one more thing, then I'm coming home."

"Take care of yourself, Logan.  I miss you."

"Same here, kid.  Be careful."

"I will."

"Bye, Marie."


"Hey  "


"The picture you sent, it was the best one.  It was beautiful."

"I was kidding when I said that.  It's just a drawing of me, Logan."

"Exactly.  Bye, kid."


September 13

Dear Logan,

I'm really, really, really very sorry about Sabretooth.  I was careless and stupid and I should really know enough to be a little more aware when I'm outside the mansion.  I didn't mean to make you worry, but please believe me when I say I'm fine now. 

I hope you found everything you were looking for, and I hope you know you can talk to me about any of it.  You're in my head, Logan, and I know you well enough to know that there's nothing that'll scare me or make me feel differently about you.  Just in case you were wondering.

More poems.  All Ahkmatova.


He didn't mock me, he didn't praise
As friends would have, and enemies.
He only left me his soul
And said  Look after it.

And one thing troubles me:
If he dies now,
God's archangel will come to me
For his soul.

How then will I conceal it,
Keep it a secret from God?
This soul, which sings and cries,
Ought to be in His paradise.

Don't be afraid - I can still portray
What we resemble now.
You are a ghost - or a man passing through
And for some reason I cherish your shade.

For a while you were my Aneas -
It was then I escaped by fire.
We know how to keep quiet about one another.
And you forgot my cursed house.

You forgot those hands stretched out to you
In horror and torment, through flame,
And the report of blasted dreams.
You don't know for what you were forgiven.....

It's not that I am searching for you,
I don't admit to such a fate,
But I will place you in this close-up,
I will draw you in that landscape.

September 15th


I'm on my way.  I might get there before this does.  Sit tight, kid.

Don't apologize for Sabretooth.  Not your fault.  And I always worry.

Listen, kid, we gotta talk when I get there.  I don't know what you've been thinking, but I've been thinking that maybe it's time to get you out of there for a while.  They can find you way to easy there.  I know you've got classes and all, but I've been looking into it and there are art schools in lots of places.  If you wanna stay, we'll work something out.


I don't know if I can ever tell you about the shit I found.

I've never read poems like that in my life.

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