Eighteen Minutes

Title: Eighteen Minutes
Author: Terri
Email: xgrrl26@yahoo.com
Rating: PG
Summary: Sequel to Eighteen Questions, Take Two. The X-men try to help out Logan and Rogue as they battle Sabretooth. We listen in, thanks to mission recordings.
Series: Eighteen #8
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Comments: This was kind of a weird way to conclude this little stretch, but I missed the rest of the x-men.


Mission 07x89
Date: October 23
Time: 14:22

Cyclops: Commence recording. Let's go.

Storm: Jean? Are you in contact with the Professor?

Jean: Yes. He's monitoring on Cerebro. Logan is on his way. The Professor is asking us to stand by.

Cyclops: I'll ready the Blackbird. We'll need to plot an intercept immediately if Sabretooth tries to move with her.

Storm: What about Mystique?

Jean: She appears to have moved out of the area. The Professor is focusing on Sabretooth at the moment.

Cyclops: She is no longer a threat?

Jean: Not at the moment. Wait - Logan's there.

Storm: Is Rogue all right?

Jean: I can't - I can't tell. Wait.

Cyclops: Blackbird's ready to go.

Jean: She's OK. Logan told her to run, she's out of the cabin.

Storm: She will not leave until it is finished.

Cyclops: We should have never let her leave here with him.

Jean: She's not running. She's waiting to see if Logan can take him. She's trying to figure out a way to help him. She's not running. Damn.

Cyclops: He's going to get her killed. We shouldn't have let her leave here.

Storm: Is Sabretooth winning?

Jean: Hard to tell they're both - oh!

Cyclops: What is it?

Jean: Rogue is down. She tried to distract Sabretooth and he took a swipe -

Cyclops: We've got to go right now.

Storm: We do not know if -

Jean: Wait, Logan's got him. She's not hurt too badly, just got the wind knocked out of her, I think.

Cyclops: We've got to go, we can adjust en route if Sabretooth moves with her.

Jean: I don't know if I can maintain contact with the Professor in -

Cyclops: What if you stay here and relay to me?

Jean: I don't know, we've never tried it that way and I could lose -

Cyclops: I mean relay using the radio. Using the radio.

Jean: That would work. I think that would work. But -
Cyclops: Good, then Storm and I will -

Jean: But the Professor is still saying to stand by.

Cyclops: Tell him -

Jean: And, Scott, you might need me, Sabretooth has been hard to -

Cyclops: I know, but -

Jean: Wait - He's, he's got him.

Storm: Who? Who has who?

Jean: Logan, I think he's got Sabretooth, he's - he's driving him to the edge of a cliff, I think he's trying to -

Cyclops: Is Rogue -

Jean: - to back him over it. Wait.

Storm: Jean, what about Rogue? Can you ascertain her condition?

Jean: She's up, I think she's OK

Cyclops: Storm, into the plane. Jean, use the comm.

Jean: OK. I'll tell the Professor - oh! He's -wait, Scott, I think it's working, he's - oh God!! No!

Storm: Jean! What is it?

Jean: Wait, wait -

Cyclops: Jean!

Jean: Logan's unconscious. Logan's unconscious. Sabretooth ripped his throat out, his windpipe, and -oh God, no, Rogue, don't!

Cyclops: No more waiting. We go right now.

Jean: She's - she's holding her own, he's toying with her.

Cyclops: Use the comm link, Jean. We're out of here.


Jean: Can you read me?

Cyclops: Loud and clear. Update?

Jean: Logan's back up. Sabretooth.......he's busy with Rogue, he doesn't see him.

Storm: Is Rogue injured?

Jean: Some scratches, some bruises, no serious injury. She's doing a good job of dodging him. He was - wait. Wait, hold your position.

Cyclops: What?

Jean: Logan's - he's coming up from behind and - hang on -

Cyclops: Jean?

Jean: He did it! Logan did it! Sabretooth is down. He's down.

Cyclops: Are you sure?

Jean: Logan threw him over the cliff. It's a four hundred foot drop. He's down. He's down.

Cyclops: And Rogue?

Jean: She's OK, Logan's got her, she's OK.

Storm: Thank the Bright Lady.

Cyclops: We should still -

Jean: The Professor says to stand down.

Cyclops: But -

Jean: He says to stand down.

Cyclops: Powering down the Blackbird.

Jean: Scott, they're OK. They're OK.

Cyclops: For how long, Jean? We should never have let her leave with him.

Storm: They're all right.

Jean: The Professor will contact them.

Cyclops: And then what? Logan won't bring her back. She's not safe out there, Jean. You know it as well as I do.

Storm: She was not exactly safe here, either, Scott.

Cyclops: At least she had us. She had all of us looking out for her. What does she have now?

Jean: She's OK. They're both going to be all right. The Professor will talk to Logan. I don't disagree with you, honey, but we can't force them to come back.

Cyclops: Power down completed. Meet me in the Professor's office for debrief..

Jean: It will all work out. The Professor is looking out for her too.

Cyclops: I know. I'm just worried, Jean. She's like the little sister I didn't have. She's only eighteen for God's sake.

Jean: I know, dear. I know. I'm worried too. We just have to trust that it will work out.

Cyclops: See you in a few. Closing comm link, end recording.

Missionn 07x89
Date: October 23
Time: 14:40.