Eighteen Things Learned Along the Way

Title: Eighteen Things Learned Along the Way
Author: Terri
Email: xgrrl26@yahoo.com
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Very brief sequel to Eighteen Songs to Converse By. What have we learned
so far class?
Series: Eighteen #10
Disclaimer: Not mine. Gosh darn it.
Archive: Ask, and ye shall have it.
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Comments: This is my idea of funny/cute. You kind of have to have read the previous eighteen fics to get most of these.



1.Never go anywhere on Tuesday. Every single time I've been kidnapped, I've been kidnapped on a Tuesday. Just stay home.

2.When your boyfriend buys 140 condoms the first time you suggest sex, you're in for some action.

3.Always check the restroom stalls first thing when you walk in.

4.That game Twenty Questions really, really sucks.

5.Burly, hairy men who like the way you taste - good; burly, hairy men who like the taste of your blood - bad.

6.Hitchhiking can lead to meeting lots of new and interesting people. Also lots of dangerous and scary people.

7.Check the spark plug wires before concluding any automotive purchase, no matter how in a hurry you are.

8.The Statue of Liberty - not as fun a tourist spot as you might think.

9.Even if you know a half-dozen or so superheroes, you still have to be prepared to kick a little ass yourself every now and then.


1.Don't trust the government. Not at all. I mean it. You know those people on the X-files? Too fucking trusting.

2.If you decide to pick up teenage girls and promise to take care of them, that's fine, but just realize that you could be gettin' yourself into some pretty deep shit.

3.Make sure you're really awake before stabbin' anybody.

4.There are two kinds of music, Country and Western, and the damn Backstreet Boys ain't neither.

5.Redheads are hot as hell, but you settle down with the brunettes.

6.It's not usually a good idea, but sometimes you learn some interestin' things by readin' other people's journals.

7.Cotton tights - best invention ever.

8.Sometimes people just don't stay dead, no matter how many vital organs you stab.

9.Silk feels better than cotton which feels better than polyester. Just in case you're goin' glove shoppin'.