The Fic Archive ~ X-Tras!

These are stand-alones, peep stories, and co-authored stories.....
some more odd than others! :-)

October Fools and April Showers
Bizarre Love Triangle
You Can Sleep While I Drive
Moments #2
Convincing Rogue
Spa Wolvie, or, Presents Large and Small
In August
Baby Girl
Friends and Lovers
Asserting Control
Two Lovers
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mutant
Tight Fit
The Burdens of Leadership
The Stars In Their Courses
Dueling Diaries
Ready or Not
Write What You Know
Love By The Letters
Holding Rogue
Christmas Miracles
Coming Out of the Dark
The Smoochie Initiative
Treasures Untold
All the Small Things
Hockey Night in Westchester
Out of the Cave
Tricks and Treats
Best Behavior
Not Your Usual
Just the Beginning
Ophelia and Not
One Night Only
Home For The Holidays
Not-Quite-A-Holiday Traditions
Holiday Specials
The Second Christmas
Three Spirits
It's A Wonderful (After) Life
A Logical Progression
What Comes After
In Dreams
Time and Time Again
The X-Men Weakest Link
Moving Day
Three Meditations On Marie
Complaint Desk
Characteristics of a Beast
Touching Thing
Leopold and Logan
The Real Thing
Early Birthdays and Late Presents
Jeopardy - X-Men Style!
Rules of the Game
Three Phases
Trading Spaces: New York, Greymalkin Lane
Inner-Marie To The Rescue
Teenagers In Love
Pretty Mutant
Playoff Season
Team Building

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