The Fic Archive ~ Alter-Eighteens

Keep on Driving
Poor Little Rogue
A Rougher Ride
After Eighteen - A Rougher Ride
I'm the Wolverine
Naked Animal Guy
The Pick-Up
Giving Up
The Cost of Things
Pot. Kettle. Black.
After Eighteen - Cellmates
Art Lessons
A Sort of Homecoming
After Eighteen - A Sort of Homecoming
My Girl
Finders Keepers
Nice People
In A Good Way
Good Weird
Mistakes and Stuff
Naked Thoughts
Speaking in Grunts
The Unexpected Life
Chateau Blanc  (By Guest Author Victoria P.)
It's a Small, Weird World After All
All Fall Down
A Bargain at Any Price
Seven Conversations
Cheating Loki
The Inescapable X  (By Guest Author, Victoria P.)
Ten Things I Know About You
Best Day, Worst Day
I'll Be Your Hero  (By Guest Author, Karen)
Taken  (By Guest Author, Lateo)
Eighteen Pieces of Dialogue and Nine Points of View

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