The Fic Archive ~ The Rules Series

Rule Number One: Never Pick Up a Hitchhiker
Rule Number Two: Trust No One
Rule Number Three: Honor Thy Father and Mother
Rule Number Four: Never Assume
Rule Number Five: Don't Talk to Strangers
Rule Number Six: Never Turn Your Back on an Enemy
Rule Number Seven: Nothing Good Can Come of This...
Rule Number Eight: Two's Company, Three's a Crowd
Rule Number Nine: Do Not Leave Child Unattended
Rule Number Ten: Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Rule Number Eleven: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Rule Number Twelve: Don't Make Mountains Out of Molehills
Rule Number Thirteen: Unlucky Thirteen
Rule Number Fourteen: The More, The Merrier
Rule Number Fifteen: Murphy's Law
Rule Number Sixteen: Good Things Come In Threes

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