Fic Recommendations To Match Your Mood!

NOTE:  A lot of these fics are archived at the Dolphin Haven.  The site is currently - and regretably - down.  I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you!

*If you’re looking for:

Something steamy, even if it is set in a place well above the Mason-Dixon Line?  Try Heather’s 'Black Velvet'.   Logan.  Marie.  Drinking.  Dancing.  Good stuff  :)

Something steamy that *does* take place below the Mason-Dixon Line?  Try Meg’s 'Bodyrock'. Repairmen Logan and Scott come over to, ahem, fix a few things …….

Some hot L/R Evo-verse lovin’?  Try Karen’s 'Sensual Interlude'. It’ll make you want to catch those WB cartoons just for the L/R subtext  ;)

An interesting L/M tale featuring an original new mutant?  Try Andrea’s 'Child of the Snows'.  This Smoke won’t result in any
nasty black lungs  ;)

A more L/R-friendly take on the movie?  Try Astyala’s 'Leap Before You Fall'.  Marie’s got a handy second mutation, or at least Logan thinks so  ;)

Some truly wacky fic?  Try Autumn’s 'Nature Trail to Hell'. And I’ll warn you - don’t try drinking any beverages while reading this one.  It’ll only end up on your monitor.

Both TeacherLogan and LearningThingsLogan?  Try tinhutlady’s 'To Know, To Teach, To Learn' series at the Dolphin Haven. 

Fic where Logan and Marie need a carpenter at the end of it all?  Try StellaMaru’s 'Not A Good Boyfriend'.  Watch that first step.  And the second.  And the third…………

Lyrical ruminations and wonderful Marie-thoughts?  Check out 'Rebecca’s 'Sick of Dreaming in Black and You'.

Warm, fuzzy L/R-ness that hits you right in the foof spot?  Try Autumn’s 'The Comforts of Sleep'.

Evocative and poetic fic with some new L/R insights?  Try Becky’s 'Broken Glass Confessions'.

A more somber take on the movie?  Try RedRazor’s 'Darkest Days'. Poor Jean….

Some sweet L/R wedding fic?  Try Captain Average’s 'I (Can) Do (This)'.

Fic with a movie character that never gets her own moment in the spotlight?  Try Caroline’s 'The Camper’s Tale'.

A little bit (but what a damn fine bit) on all of our favorite mutants?  Try Heather’s 'Shades of Black'.

A new twist on the R/L/J dynamic?  Try Catlin’s 'The Other Woman'.

Some L/R Christmas fic with a mystery at the center of it?  Try Catlin’s '12 Days of Christmas'. Just who could be sending all those presents to Marie?  Bonus JealousWolvie included with fic free of charge ;)

Song-inspired-fic that’s a little on the angsty side?  Try CJ’s 'Angel in a Dirty Gown'.  Nobody does songfic like CJ, and after
reading this one, you’ll see why.

Some beautifully poetic prose or the kind of poetry that makes you go ‘wow’?  Try anything by Darkstar.  Her works can be found at Dolphin Haven.  It was too hard to pick my favorites! ;)

A fic with Logan and Marie tied in knots (the naughty kind)?  Try Helena’s 'Bondage'.   WhooHoo!

Fic with more Bobby for your buck?  Try anything of JenN’s.  She can be found at Dolphin Haven. 

A good (not to mention superbly done) old fashioned AU?  Why not give Karen’s 'Fender Benders and Consequences' a test-drive? If only all car accidents led to something this good…….

A fic with some real answers to tough questions?  Try Jennie’s 'How the X-Men Eat A Reeses Peanut Butter Cup'. Come on, you know you want to find out ;)

A fic where love isn’t exactly what Logan needs?  Try Jewel’s 'Not ‘ILove You’'. No worries, though - Marie can still fit the bill ;)

Foofy Scott-fic with some Logan thrown in for good measure?  Try Jonas’ 'Scott’s Bad Day'.  There are things that can rattle even the fearless leader of the X-Men……..

Fic where Logan isn’t so invincible?  Try Joanne’s 'Shinin’ Armor, Mah Ass'.  Only Marie knows what he’s really like………

A POV roundabout on the movie events?  Try Autumn’s 'Through My Eyes'.  Great takes on each of our favorite (and some not-so-favorite) mutants.

Fic where Logan expresses his feelings through fish?  Try Judy’s 'Something Fishy'. No, I’m not kidding……..

AU fic with a few of the next generation pitching in?  Try J. Marie’s 'Shades of Grey' and CJ’s untitled series, starting with 'Another First'.   Aha - snuck a two-fer in there on ya... ;)

A story with a new twist on Rogue’s mutation?  Try Karne-age’s 'Mortal Fear'. Bonus Horny!Logan included at no extra charge ;)

A Logan-comforts-Marie-through-nightmares fic with a twist?  Try Kadyn’s 'Mermaids'. Logan makes an unfortunate analogy…..

Rogue gets some interesting new powers fic?  Try Kia Mira’s 'Linked' series.

A damn good FeralLogan?  Try Kristine’s 'No Choice' series at her archive, Agony and Ecstasy. While you’re there, beg her to
write some more ;)

Smart-Cookie Rogue and Getting-It-Together Logan?  Try Ransom’s 'Tulsa'.  Logan takes a little while to work through things, but
Marie gives him a nudge in the right direction.

A little X2-Logan/Marie lovin’?  Try Leah’s 'Comfort'. Nobody does sweet-yet-hot like Leah! ;)  

Dominant, playful (as in board games) Logan?  Try Heather’s 'Strip Chocolate'.  It’s downright yummy ;)

Something with a darker, more comics-inspired Rogue? Try Megs’ 'Every Breath You Take'. BadRogue, but it’s oh-so-good……….

Something from the Beast-y POV?  Try Mels’ 'The Tale of the FurryBlue Genius'.  Ya gotta love the Hankster.... ;)

Deep-thinking Logan and ArtistMarie?  Try Moswen’s 'The Shape of Her'. Some truly lovely insights and imagery here!

Some Remy/Jubes fic?  Try Nadja’s 'Sunshine and Beauty', and it’s sequel, 'Wine and Roses'.  These, and all of her wonderful Scott-fic can be found at her section of the Dolphin Haven.  PS - 'A Cup of Coffee at Lunch' is a really wonderful Scott/Ro fic……….

Some BunnyRevenge?  Try perch-and-creep’s delightfully wacky 'The Bunny Zone'. If you’re not laughing at this, check your pulse ;)

A NeatnessCountsLogan?  Try Rebecca’s 'Questionable Unsanitary'. 

AmnesiaRogue fic?  Try Renee’s excellent 'Transience of Memory' series.

A little of Logan’s best advice on love, women, and relationships?  Try Heather’s 'Wolverine’s Words of Wisdom'. He’s got more of it right than you might think………

A fic with musical-inspired (yep, that’s musical not music) pondering on the true nature of love with a minimally conversant Logan and Marie?  Try StellaMaru’s 'Being Careful'.

Christmas classics featuring our favorite mutants?  Try tinhutlady’s excellent ' The Night Before Christmas, X-Men Style'.

Some dark Logan and Marie lab fic?  Try Ramos’ 'The Lab'. and JJ’s 'The Cell'.  Heh - got another two-fer in!

*In the mood for a nice, meaty epic?  Well, there are tons of great ones, but here are some that I’ve given more than one long read:

Heather’s 'Holding Ground' 
It’s a post-MRA, post-Legacy, cast of thousands (OK, well, maybe half-dozens) festival of suspense, romance, familial bonding, and
meaningful necklaces.  Read it.  Then beg her to write more.

Karen’s 'The Road' series. 
Okay, so it’s not technically in her ‘Epics’ section, but it is one, and, again, a fic that you should beg her for more of.  Immediately.  I still say Sara should be a Marvel character! ;)

CJ’s 'Tales of the Road' series (it begins with 'Alumni of Alkali').  It’s an amazing exploration of what might’ve happened after the
movie.  Again, commence nagging for more right now.  

JJ’s 'Rain'. It’s an AU roller-coaster ride of L/M-ness, and JJ handles every climb and plunge with skill.

Joanne’s 'Lost and Found'. If you haven’t read any of Joanne’s fic, drop what you’re doing and head over to her site right now.  This one’s a tale of LostLogan and a kick-ass Marie who sets out to find him and bring him home.  If that doesn’t convince you to take a peek, there’s also some shower-lovin’….

J. Marie’s 'Symmetry' Series (the first installment is the wonderful 'Two Wounded Hearts').  AU takes on what might become of Logan, Marie, and the rest of our favorites in some wonderfully rich universes.  

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