Baby Love

Title:  Baby Love
Author:  Terri
Rating:  PG-13
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Summary:  Sequel to Baby Mine.  Everyone loves Jules ;)
Comments:  This next installment of the Baby Mine series is due in large part to Tiffany's persistence and bunnies for this story (and I'm sure they're hers this time!).  She gave me the fabulous Jules and Logan playing bunny that you see here!  I hope to begin updating this series more regularly  I like writing Jules, I
can't help it ;)


I can do this.  I've faced worse things, that's for damn sure.  I can do this, and Marie's right  it's 'bout time the little guy and I spend some quality time together.  It's been almost  well, yeah, I guess it's been over eight months.  He was eight months old last week.  And Marie'll only be gone an hour or so.  I can do this. 

"Buh!"  Heh.  He looks kinda confused, probably wonderin' where Marie is.  After all, she's been with him for pretty much every second of his little life.

"Don't worry.  Your mom will be back in a few.  She wanted to run out to get the groceries herself today.  No comment on us, you know, but she hasn't really been outta this house ever since we got here.  She's gettin' kinda stir-crazy."

"Mmmm-aaaaa!  Mama!"

"Yeah, you probably don't understand a word I'm sayin', I know."  Marie said to just pick him up and hold him if he got fussy.  She fed him right before she left  still breast feedin' the little guy, which I find just fascinatin' to watch, but she said that we gotta think 'bout weenin' him 'cause he's startin' to cut some fangs.  I can imagine that ain't too comfortable when he decides to take a chomp or two on her. 

Interestin' thing is  when he did bite her or scratch her or somethin', she healed right up pretty quick. She said they musta given her some 'additions' at the lab, but I wonder why it took her so long to recover from havin' Jules if she did have some kinda healin' powers.  Who knows what they really did to her.  Makes my blood fuckin' boil to this day to think 'bout what she hadta go through there.  Still want revenge on those damn X-geeks for leavin' her there, but I guess the way things are goin' back in the US is takin' care of that on its own. 

It seems like everybody just went fuckin' nuts, you know?  Roundin' muties up, puttin' 'em in concentration camps, all that shit.  Glad Canadians have a little more fuckin' common sense than that.  Up here, hasn't been much of a fuss at all.  Lotsa muties comin' over the border now, and Canada's even been givin' 'em asylum and shit.  It's a damn good thing I got us here before all hell broke loose down south.  When we got here, Marie made me call 'em, ask 'em to get the hell outta there before it was too late.  Down to a man, they all said no, they were gonna stay come hell or high water.  Well, since then I put my ear to the ground and heard a few things.  From what I hear, looks like they got both hell and high water down there.  Most of 'em are still alive, though.  Not Chuck.  They just took him out  too powerful to take a chance on.  I haven't told Marie that I know anythin' 'cause  well, 'cause I know she already feels bad 'bout leavin' 'em, even with what they did to her.  She don't need to know just how bad it is.  That won't accomplish anythin'.  I'm not gonna ride in on some white horse and try and save 'em  they made their decisions, they knew the risks, and I sure as hell ain't gonna leave Marie and the little guy up here all alone, unprotected, even if it is pretty calm up here.  Plus, I know Marie  she ain't gonna try and save 'em either.  Uh-uh, no way.  She might wanna  she might even wanna help 'em real bad, but the kid comes first with her no matter what.  You can see that, plain as day.  Nah, tellin' her would only make her feel bad and she's had enough of that already.


Oh yeah, right  pick him up and hold him.  Gotcha, kid.  "Uh, don't worry none.  Your mom's just down at the corner grocery, gettin' you some diapers and maybe  what'd she call it?  A sippy cup?  Yeah, some kinda cup for you to try out.  You know, you're gettin' some pretty fearsome fangs comin' in there."  Maybe he does understand what I say a little 'cause he settled down there and when I said the thing 'bout the fangs, he smiled and showed 'em to me.  Got two on top and two on the bottom, but not too damn much else in the way of teeth.   

He's a cute kid  'course he is, he's Marie's  but he's definitely different, ya know?  And not what I pictured for my son.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I like the little guy a lot, and I'm gonna keep my promise to Marie to take on bein' his dad and all, but I always thought a kid of mine would, you know, be a little miniature version of me.  Same hair, same eyes, same build.  I sure as hell didn't expect a kid of mine to be blue and furry, and I guess Marie didn't either. 

God, how she loves this kid, though.  I think she probably loves him more than me, and I don't even blame her for that.  It's her kid, she's the mom, that's how it should be.  Like I said  he comes first with her.  You know, he got damn lucky, that it was someone like Marie carryin' him and not some asshole who woulda dumped him in the first trash bin they came to as soon as they got a good look at him.  I know what Marie said  she thought 'bout givin' him up and all  but that was just 'cause of the situation.  And she didn't wind up givin' him up  hell, she did everythin' she could to keep him and make him safe.  He got real lucky with her for a mom. 

Havin' me for a dad  well, I dunno.  Like I said, I am his dad.  I took that on and I'm gonna live up to it.  And I do care 'bout him, a lot.  It ain't that he's a bad kid or anythin', and it ain't really even that he's not mine and don't look like me.  It's that he reminds me, all the time, of how bad I failed Marie, of what a piece of shit I am for not bein' there when she needed me, for not takin' care of her like I promised.  I look at him, and every time I think 'bout how they musta got her, held her down, made her pregnant  God, it hurts so much to know she went through that, and because of me.  Because of my failures. 


"Fussy again, huh?"  I'm sure he likes Marie holdin' him better than me.  Well, she said pick him up if he gets fussy, but she didn't say what to do if he gets fussy *after* ya pick him up.  Hmmm.  "Wanna play with your toys?"  Just starin' back at me, grabbin' for my  ooof!  "Hey, kid, that nose is attached, ya know."

"Heeee!"  He thinks it's funny, huh? 

"You got a nose of your own, ya know.  It's here."  Now that's cute  him crinklin' his nose and blinkin' his eyes when I touched his nose.  He musta liked that 'cause he's smilin' real big.  "That's your nose.  This is your chin."  More gigglin'  he's entertained.  "And this here  well, that's an ear.  Ya got two of 'em."  Oh-oh, now he's got a death grip on *my* ear.  "Um, you wanna let go there, kid?  I'm gonna need that."  I'll just peel his fingers offa me. 


Oh Christ, that didn't sit well with the little guy.  Maybe some more playin' is in order.  I'll just put him down on the floor on his blanket. 

"Waaaaa!"  I'll never get usedta the sound of baby-cryin'.  I swear, it busts an ear drum every time. 

"Come on now, there's nothin' to cry over.  I'm gonna watch ya 'til your mom gets back.  You're gonna be just fine."


Not workin'.  Gotta try somethin' else.  "Look here  these are your feet.  You got two of those too."  Aha  no more cryin' and now he's got some kinda curious look.  You know, he is a real curious kid, and smart for his age, Marie says.  Once we found a house to rent and got settled up here, she made me take her to the library and she got damn near every book on kids that they had.  Read 'em all.  She knows all 'bout this little guy.  She's the expert, not me, that's for sure.  I just go out, do the fightin' and make the money for the family.  She's the one who's really raisin' him. 

She always makes sure to tell me she thinks I do a good job with him, but, ya know, I know by now that Marie  well, she sees me in the best possible light a lotta times.  I think I'm doin' an OK job with him.  I mean, I do talk to him and play with him and shit.  It ain't like I ignore him or leave it all up to Marie.  'Course, since she's still breast feedin' him, she kinda hasta take care of the mealtimes.  I help out changin' diapers and givin' him a bath  and clearin' out the drains when they get fulla his blue fur.  I think that's an OK job. 


"Bored with the feet, huh?  Well, take a look at this  you got a belly."  He's ticklish as hell and he's got a really cute laugh  got that from Marie, I bet.  "You got a ticklish belly."  There he goes, squirmin' and laughin'  lookin' at him like this, you can see why Marie's so in love with him.  He's a damn good kid, really.  "You like that, huh?  Ticklish in all the same spots as your mom, I shoulda known."  And when he looks back at you, all happy like this, it does kinda make you feel warm inside.  "You're a good kid, Jules."  Whoa  that was the biggest smile yet.  "You're a good kid."  And there's another one.

Reachin' up for me like he wantsta be picked up  well, OK.  Aw.  Wouldya look at that?  He's cuddlin' all inta me here, just like he does with Marie after a feedin'.  That's  that's cute.  I should probably rub his back  that's what Marie does when he does this.  And she talks to him too. 

"Yeah, you're nice and comfy right there, huh?  Well, that's OK.  I'm gonna hold ya just like your mom does.  You're gonna feel all safe and warm and nice right there."  Happy little sighs.  Eyes blinkin' open and shut.  Feet curled up and arms curled in.  Yep, he's gonna fall asleep on me.  "That's OK, you just drift off.  I gotcha."  

Marie said that one of those books she read told her that babies need to feel safe.  When they cry, someone hasta show up and take care of 'em.  When they're hungry, someone hasta feed 'em.  When they're wantin' to explore a little bit, or play, someone hasta be there to do that stuff with 'em.  Marie's usually the one who covers mosta that, but it's nice to know the little guy feels safe with me too.  Any kinda animal you can think of  humans, too  it hasta feel real safe before it'll sleep.  And this little guy is out like a light.  Hmmm.  Guess I have been doin' an OK job of playin' dad to him.  "You just rest little guy, daddy's gotcha."

Wh-where am I?  Good Lord, what godforsaken place is this?  And who in Hades are all of these people staring down at me?

"Hello.  My name is Jean.  I'm a doctor.  Just lie still, I think you've been injured."  Bright red hair  a very attractive woman, or she once was.  No one sustains their beauty in a place like this.  Human or mutant, I wonder..well, think, Hank old boy, they wouldn't keep humans in a cell like this, would they? She's looking at me so oddly  perhaps I should attempt some form of reply.

"Yes, I realize that."   Must try to sit up a bit, take stock of my fellow prisoners.  If this is like the last facility, they may very well be as dangerous as the guards.  Let's see  Dr. Jean looks normal, but from the shorn hair and scars tracing her temples, my guess would be that she is (or was) a telekinetic or telepath.  How they do love to peek into the brains of those mutants.  Bastards.  Next we have a quite lovely lady with all white hair  no idea what her powers may be.  Now on to the gentleman  one with a gauze bandage and tape around his eyes.  Perhaps he has some kind of optically located powers.  Hmmm.  And finally, a rather normal-looking young lad.  No idea what his powers might be either.  "My name is Henry McCoy."  I suppose they are all sussing me out for themselves, much in the same fashion as I have examined and evaluated them.  My mutancy is obvious and some of my powers  strength and agility  are easily guessed at from my appearance.  However, super-intelligence is not readily apparent, nor is my slight healing factor, and I shall keep that little bit of knowledge to myself for now.  No need to tell them I am a genius, a doctor, or a scientist.  But I suppose beginning with a polite approach would do no harm.  "Pleased to meet you all.  It appears that we will be cellmates for a while." 

"How long have they had you, in places like this?"  My heavens, Dr. Jean is still looking at me quite strangely.  I suspect she has never encountered someone with a physical mutation severe as my own. 

"Nearly three years now.  And you?"  A gasp is not an answer, my new friend.  And it is very impolite.  Even worse  now she is exchanging glances with the others  well, with the exception of the one with covered eyes.  He merely looks confused. 

"Three years, you said?" 

"Yes."  More looks.  Oh  perhaps they are relatively new to the camp, and are struggling with the idea of the possibility of that length of captivity.  Or perhaps they have done the math and realized that they were taking mutants even before our Congress did us the favor of making it legal to do so.  Perhaps 

"What kind of experiments have they done on you?"

Ah, I see.  "I assure you, my dear lady, that it was my own self-experimentation that prompted this appearance.  Do not worry.  I do not believe it can be replicated, even if they were to try to do so."

"Don't count on that."  The young boy, the plain-looking one.  I cannot make sense of his comment, but his demeanor is almost  almost  entertained?  Amused?

"Bobby."  I wonder if he is Dr. Jean's son, or younger brother.  She certainly scolded him as though he were.  "You see, Mr.  Mr.  "


"Mr. McCoy.  We've seen someone who looks very much like you."  More odd looks.  Goodness sakes.  Why don't we just get it out into the open, shall we?

"Are you suggesting that some kind of cloning experiment was done on me?  I admit, I may be unaware of exactly what type of  "

"Not cloning."  Ah, the white-haired woman speaks.  "A child.  We have met a child that looks very much like you."

A child?  That is not  they would not have wanted to make a  they could not have 

"Exactly like you."  Oh, dear.  This one, Bobby, seems quite certain of that.

"What?  What's going on, Jean?" 

"Scott  "  Ah, the blindfolded one's name is Scott.  Scott.  Very good.  And I have a child, apparently.  A child who looks *like me*.  Dear God, I must sit down a moment.  "This man is  well, he's blue-furred, with claws.  He looks just like  just like Jules did.  The only exception is his eyes  he has yellow eyes."  Jules?  Did she say the child's name was Jules?  "But that makes sense - brown would be the dominant color.  Jules' eyes are brown, like Rogue's."

"Please, I  this is all a bit much to take in.  Please, start over.  The child's name is Jules?"  Nodding.  I suppose that means yes.  Yes.  It means yes.  I have a child, named Jules.  A boy, I suppose.  But Jules could be a girl's name as well.  "It is  is it a boy?"

"Yes."  A boy.  A son.  My son.  "He was healthy.  We think the mother  Rogue  was impregnated in one of the labs, as an experiment.  She escaped a few days before giving birth to Jules.  We  she used to live with us, in Westchester, New York."

A million questions are running through my mind.  But there is one I fear most to ask, yet desire the answer to most greatly.  "The mother, did she  what did she do with the child?"  Please, please tell me she did not kill it upon sight.  Please tell me she  she gave it away, took some measure of pity on it, perhaps gave it to some mutant-friendly 

"She, ah, she left Westchester with him, when he was three days old."  Scott.  Scott knows the answer to my question.  "She left with  with an associate of ours, someone named Logan.  They were trying to make the Canadian border, before the legislation passed.  They left a  a few days before the hearing."

The border!  The Canadian border!  "Do you suppose  do you think she might've taken the child with her, then given it away to someone in Canada?"  He could be living there now, in safety, perhaps with other mutants.  She could've found someone there, where the prejudices are not so vehement.  She could've found someone, I know it.  She could've given him up after she crossed over, he could be safe! 

"Um, I don't think so."  No.  No.  No.  Do not tell me she abandoned or discarded him along the way.  No.  "I don't think she would've given him up, uh, Hank.  Can I call you Hank?  'Cause we're pretty informal around here, Scott's butt-rod notwithstanding."

"Young man  "


"Whatever."  Now is *not* the time for levity.  "Do you mean to tell me that the child may still be with her, that she  she kept him, to raise as her own?"

"Well, yeah.  I mean  yeah.  She was pretty insistent on that part.  It was her kid too, you know, and we offered to take care of it and all but she wanted to keep him  right, Dr. Grey?"

"Mmm-hmmm.  Mr. McCoy  I think that she and Logan probably did make it across.  He would've been very committed to her safety and she  well, she was very attached to Jules.  In all likelihood, they would have made it before the Act passed.  I think  I would bet that Jules is safe, with them, and in Canada." 

Oh, thank God.  Thank *God*.  Safe.  He could be safe. 

"I know it must be quite a shock." 

"Yes, it is.  It is, ah  what is your name?"


"Yes, it is, Ororo.  Please, I would like to know everything  anything you can tell me about the mother and my son and  and this man with her, Logan."

Look at them  that's a kodak moment, right there, if I ever saw one.  Jules, sound asleep on Logan's chest.  Logan, rubbing his little back.  God, how I love them both.  "Hey, sugar.  I'm back."

"Hey."  Just a whisper, so he won't wake Jules.  He really is such a good dad.  So different from my dad.  "Little guy's nappin'."

"I see that.  Did you wear him out?"

"Tried to."  I always kiss Logan when he comes home, and I want to start doing it when I come home too.  Kissing my husband  it's always a good thing.  This time, just a gentle kiss to his head  I don't want to disturb Jules.  I may not know everything about being a mom, but 'never disturb a sleeping baby' is rule number one.  "Get everythin' ya needed?"

"Mmm-hmm.  And I only spent forty-two dollars."

"Aw, darlin', I toldya  spend whatcha want.  I make plenty of money fightin'."

"I just hate that you have to support us that way."  I really, really do.  But it does bring in a good living and it does mean that Logan spends most of his time with us instead of at some job.  Still, I want to make the money go as far as possible so that he has to fight as little as possible. 

"I don't mind, Marie.  I toldya that."

"I know."  One more kiss wouldn't hurt.  "Was he good?"

"Oh yeah, real good, like always.  Fussed a little, missed you some, but Jules and me  we had a little male bondin' time.  And now he's tuckered out.  Just look at him  droolin' on me just like his momma does."


"Only you drool a lot more."

"Complaints won't get you any snuggling, mister."

"I didn't say I minded, did I?"  I don't think I'll ever get tired of flirting with him.  He's just got that look  that 'damn I'm sexy and I know it' look.  If Jules learns that from him, he'll be a heartbreaker with the little girls, that's for sure.  "'Hell, I don't mind bein' the family drool mat one bit.  All part of the deal, darlin'."

"You're a good guy, you know that?"

"It's what you tell me."  Oh-oh.  Jules heard us talking.  We woke him.  Yep  there are those beautiful brown eyes. 

"He's up, Logan." 

"Yeah?"  It always amazes me how gentle Logan is, for such a big, strong man.  Those powerful arms of his just shift Jules right around with the most delicacy I've ever seen.  "Hey, there ya are.  Have a good nap, didya?"


"Well, good.  Mom's home, ya know." 


"Hey there baby."  I think I'll take him now  he's probably hungry again, and besides, it's been a whole hour since I held him in my arms.  I just can't imagine my life without either of my guys, you know?  I don't know what I'd ever do if something happened to either one of them.  I love them both so much.  "You hungry, little man?  Did you miss mama?"


"I'll take that as a yes.  Come on, let's get comfy on the couch with dad, and I'll feed you."  I know we have it good  Logan tries to keep most of the news from down south away from me, but I know all hell broke loose back home, and I know that my friends are  well, they're probably not doing so well.  When it first really got going, before we even got settled in this place, I had Logan call the mansion and tell them to come up here, to find us.  No one did.  I admire their courage, I really do.  But, at the same time, I can't imagine putting myself and Jules and Logan through all that, I really can't.  I don't regret coming to Canada, even though I know that back home, my friends are suffering, maybe even dead.  I don't like to think about it, because the truth is, I'm not inclined to help them, not if it would mean risking my life or Jules'.  He needs me now, and he deserves a chance in life.  I don't think he would've made it to eight months if we had stayed back home.  But sometimes, like now, when I'm in a nice, warm, safe home with my son and my husband, I do feel incredibly guilty for having it so good when I know they have it so very bad. 

"Darlin', you OK?"

"Oh, sorry  just thinking. You know, about the old team, about my friends."

"I'm sure they're all OK."

"I hope you're right."  I think Logan kind of tries to find out some info on them  he doesn't want me to know because I think what he found out must've been bad news.  He won't say anything about it; he won't admit to it, but I think he knows something.  They were his friends too. 

"C'mon, darlin'  you got a hungry little baby in your arms."

"I know, I know."  Logan's right  we've got things to take care of right here.  I'll try not to think about it anymore.


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