Terri, Keli and the Peeps - A Love Story

Peep wearing a baseball hat

Hi there. I'm Terri. I like to write - lots of stuff - some of which is posted here at my Peep Hut.  Keli is my Beta-Reading Best Friend (BRBF). Shy, but brilliant. And talented. She makes the stuff I write readable and  about a zillion times better.

Peeps - well, peeps are those little easter marshmallowy candies. You know, the ones shaped like bunnies, or ducks. I liked them - in fact, I loved them - before I found out that they can be inhabited by plot bunnies. Once possessed by a plot bunny, there's just no telling what might happen. Weird fic, AU fic, smutfic, and ultra-angsty fic are just some of the more disturbing possibilities.

I used to try to fight the peeps, really, I did. But they're so hard to fight - there's just so gosh darn many of them, and you can't eat them. Well, that's assuming that you don't want artificially colored marshmallow in your digestive tract until you reach the nursing home years. So I decided to give in, and to build them this little hut. Where they can live in peace. Where they can frolic about. Where they can torment me into writing more and more.....

So enjoy. And hey - if you, um, know of anyone in the market for a plot bunny possessed peep, just drop me a line :)

All writing contained within is property of Terri & Keli. No peeps have been harmed in the making of this site. Do not steal. Stealing is bad. Thieves will be hunted down by the Peep Army. There will be no mercy.
Marshmallow Peeps © Just Born, Inc.
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